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Friday, January 6, 2017

Trance Dance Work Healing: Thanks to a reader!

UPDATE: I have Candida Yeast Infection! I just woke up from a nap while watching the cable show on Animal Planet, "Monsters Inside Me." I realized that what I mention below of the qigong master smelling my feet was not athlete's feet as I had assumed - it was CAndida Yeast Infection. I've been getting itchy feet lately but realized my feet did not smell like athlete's feet. I knew I had a strong white coating on my tongue when I smelled so bad at work a couple nights ago. The Candida flared up from eating the pancakes and also some other flour biscuits. Even last christmas I had Candida flare up from the same cause of eating flour. So this is the real main cause of the "bowel breath" - one of the main causes. All this is making sense - chronic Candida causes leaky gut syndrome, which obviously I have and acidic diet makes the Candida much worse which explains why coffee has been making it worse.

Amazingly tea tree oil kills candida fungi. Also garlic kills it. I have been not having garlic but will go back on it. Coconut oil kills it. I have that. Crazy that I have been using tea tree oil to treat a condition when I didn't realize that was the solution to something I didn't realize I had. I mean I knew I had it but not to that extent. So Candida has become resistant to typical antifungal medication and so that is why tea tree oil is considered so crucial to treat it. Amazing! I kept waking up to a "musty" smell and I couldn't figure out if it was from the room or me - and I finally realized it was not from the room but me. Now I know that the "musty" smell was from the Candida!! It had flared up.

I used to eat a lot of garlic but had stopped eating garlic. Now I just had some.I used to take a lot of vinegar that also kills Candida but then I stopped taking vinegar. So then eating yogurt every day with live cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus is the way to "cure" Candida infection.

So the Candida fungus goes into hydrae form and literally grows through the walls of the intestine. Amazing - truly a "Monster Inside Me!"
 Candida has the ability to stick to your cells and invade them. It does this with proteins called adhesins, which are found in the cell wall of Candida. (3)
Adhesins act like double-sided tape. They help Candida stick to mucosal tissue (this is the tissue lining the gut wall, the mouth, and the birth canal). Adhesins also help Candida cells to aggregate—or form—sticky, gummy colonies.
Even more troubling is what happens to the tissue beneath Candida once colonies begin to form. In some cases, Candida yeast cells invade human cells and bud inside the cell—undetected and unnoticed. (4) Other studies show that Candida may be able to do this because it turns “off” white blood cells that protect cells from invasion. (5)

The health benefits of spirulina should not be ignored

Mar 24, 2013 - Kills yeast infections – spirulina destroys fungal pathogens such as, Candida albicans. Moreover,

Wow so I take spirulina daily also. Amazing the battle inside me - my diet both feeds and attacks Candida. haha. Amazingly this is exactly the diet I have been wanting to follow:

Generally, the protocol for getting Candida under control is cutting out all sugar from the diet for at least six months. That sounds super easy right? No sugar of any kind for six months? Think again!
"No sugar" doesn't just mean no cakes, cookies or candies – it also means no fruit or starchy carbohydrates like yams and potatoes. Essentially, the only things you can eat on this diet are certain meats, green veggies and some nuts.
Sure enough Ginger is also one of the best antifungal treatments against Candida.

I almost quit my job but amazingly I got an email of support from a reader wanting long distance full lotus healing and this inspired me to continue the struggle of "integration" of qigong purification into mainstream society. haha. I had forgotten I had maple syrup for breakfast - which is super sweet - and then an organic grapefruit and orange at lunch - and so when I went to work I had not used enough antiseptic against the sugar. Gabriel Cousens said the key secret of his yoga training in India was to not eat fruit and so in my experience, with 2 years sorting organic fruit, I discovered that fructose activates the vagus nerve up the front of the body. Of course the small universe is supposed to go the opposite way - the energy down the front of the body.

It was the qigong master who befriended me who first informed me of the truth of my situation. He said - o.k. hang up the phone so I can go into the Emptiness and then visualize your blockages, I will watch you while you walk around your house. Then he told me to call him back ten minutes later or so. He then informed me that the problem was the energy was going up the front of my body and out of my skull. Wow! I had been thinking the energy was going up my spine - for years. haha. So then I returned to study the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality and discovered it detailed the exact same problem that the qigong master who befriended me had detailed.

Just today at work I was wearing this new face mask to filter out my impurities as well as the fumes of the work environment - it's a two way filter, unlike my previous mask that I did not filter out my own impurities. haha. So this coworker made eye contact with me and immediately I got internal tingling as my qi energy went into him. Suddenly I felt sorry for him since I knew he was tired and that's why my energy was going into him. I know this from years of experience. But he had been complaining about my smell from the previous day - he had gotten so flustered and he had made fun of my previous mask and then he ended up burning himself badly and then he got real mad. But today he was nice to me, told me to take the mask off to talk and then thanked me.

So then as I continued fasting while working - I ate twice as much ginger, or chewed on it like gum, but I still need to rely on the tea tree oil, as I know even when I fasted for 5 days with the qigong master who befriended me supervising my fast, I know that the impurities never stop, since the impurities are caused by the energy going up the front of my body and out of my skull. haha.

Anyway so I also was able to do horse stance practice while working and then I chanted "Ohm Mani Padme Hum" - or sang it as the Tibetan meditation C.D. I found this is a great way to pass the time when the biggest challenge of a job is how to deal with the monotony. On the contrary by chanting Ohm Mani Padme Hum then it transforms the monotony into a peaceful healing experience. As I blogged the past time, it is science now proving that the "coherent" brain waves occur during sleep to restore our energy while the waking "thoughts in our head" - the words of language are incoherent waves. So singing the mantra creates the coherent energy that resonates and therefore increases the energy as nonlinear feedback.

So I noticed my mind would waver a bit into other thoughts but my mind kept repeating the mantra and then I would become self-conscious of the mantra still going and then stop the wandering monkey mind to return to the peaceful mantra. And so in this way any thoughts I had did not disturb my energy but rather were like peaceful detours on the main trail in a serene forest walk. You notice something interesting off the trail but you quickly get back to the main trail before getting lost.

So then I noticed lots of yellow light around people's heads. This is what I'm used to seeing when I fast as the body switches over to the free energy system - but when I did the 8 hour full lotus meditation then I was "alone" in my room except I would see light and send light to the people I did healing on. So science, as I've posted, and people have read and reminded me, has documented how meditation increases the biophoton energy of people and by visualizing light internally we increase the biophoton light.

But the Emptiness itself as a spacetime vortex can not be seen, as Ramana Maharshi calls it the "ether" in the flame of the spirit. So we use light to go into the Emptiness but the experience of the Emptiness is always an after-the fact verification - or a "glitch in the Matrix" as precognition. From experience I learned that if a dream is more real than being awake - more vivid in perception and sensation, and the content of the dream is based on a deep emotional connection with information that is new to me, then this is most likely a precognitive dream or vision. I had the first one that I noticed in 1995 before I started official qigong training but most likely after I had met and experienced the energy of Effie P. Chow, qigong master. So that dream was very detailed - of my activist friends with Native American activists, standing on the roof of a house, holding a banner, to protect a sacred forest. I wrote I thought the dream was going to come true. That was 1995 and I forgot about writing it down until I saw a photo in 1998, a photocopy of a newspaper photo. I got this uncanny sensation and drove up to my parents where my journal was and verified the dream had come true from three years before!

Since then I've had at least a dozen precognitive dreams but I did not write them down when I first had the dream. Instead I analyze my dreams on my own as the dream reality is too complex to easily put into linear time writing format. The dream visions are very multi-dimensional in dealing with emotions and also since they record future events, then usually it's just a sensation that the dreams are not easily understood and are uncanny.

When I did the intensive qigong training I fasted for 8 days on a half glass of water so my perceptions were very purified but the qi energy kept increasing from the meditation. So I could smell cancer like burning rotting flesh - from an individual on the other side of a big conference room. I was shocked at how all the other people in the room could even handle staying in the same room with him. But the original qigong master could not only also smell the cancer but he knew that I could smell it - as he explained that "qigong masters can smell cancer like rotting flesh" and why would he explain that right when I was discovering that perception! haha.

He explained other things similarly by stating, "someone can see this so I'm going to explain it." That is how he explained how he healed dead people when they came to him in spirit form as that was what I was seeing! I saw yellow forms of light shaped as humans float into the room and hover around the qigong master while he was in full lotus. I had read of the Buddhist master of Thailand, Phra Achran Mun, having this same experience - so I knew it was possible but I could not believe what I was seeing, until the qigong master confirmed it. Of course I never said anything to anyone about what I was seeing.

So it is difficult for people to believe this, as I also saw the original qigong master sending out spirits to heal people - each would form over his head and "break off" - yellow shaped light as human forms of light. The qigong master who befriended me said he can not do this and it is a very profound level of healing and each spirit is individualized to heal each person it is sent out to. So that is when I realized it was "yuan shen" healing as the original qigong master recently explained it is when we activate our "yuan shen" that this deep transformation healing occurs and that he "embodies" the Emptiness when he does the full lotus meditation healing. He later said I had an "enlightenment experience."

But as the qigong master who befriended me said, "You can fall out of enlightenment" and that I have a "brain blockage." haha. It's true! As I said, I overused my energy and he explained what was happening and how to fix it - two hours a day of "moving of yin and yang" - to rebuild the "yin qi" energy channel from the bottom of the feet up to the "Ocean of yin qi." He did not use all those details but he explained that same concept, once again verifying the alchemy training.

But Master Wang Liping says 6 hours of full lotus meditation a day for a year also restores the "yuan jing" (yin qi) energy - and how so? When I studied this topic, as I blogged on it, the secret is when the energy goes down the front channel, this is from the jing energy going up the back into the brain increasing the qi via the pineal gland, with a unification of the spirit energy - and so this alchemical pill overflows out of the brain via the sinus cavity. I looked up the science on this as I knew it was true from experience. So that qi-infused cerebrospinal fluid goes down the throat and that's what creates the super hot sensation in the "pit of the stomach" as the original human culture described the N/om energy. And so by not eating for a half hour the energy is absorbed into the lower tan tien as the small intestines, the 2nd brain, the 2nd highest number of neurons.

So to learn to build up the lower tan tien, to "focus" on the lower tan tien, to stop the loss of energy, this is very very difficult. I did the training in my room and everything was great in 2000. But as soon as I opened my third eye then suddenly when I made eye contact with a female - suddenly I realized she had an orgasm! This was such a shock to me that my left brain could not understand what happened and I lost the alchemical pill that night - that was soon after I had done the fasting and intensive meditation. So in other words I did not understand this main loss of energy - even though the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" explains it.

So anyway also I began eating meat again and this increased the impurities in my body but I wanted the increased jing energy from meat, I also wanted to be like other people. I had been vegan and vegetarian since high school - mainly - so when I did the qigong alchemy training I even went off salt. haha. When I tasted salt to break my fast the salt tasted like poison. But as the qigong master who befriended me said, he also did a week long fast once but the energy was so intense he never did it again. He eats meat to restore his jing energy and said at one point in his training he couldn't eat sugar. I remember when he was adamant against ice water in 2005 but then I saw him drinking ice water in 2013. He explained that after a certain level he could do that now - that his diet is not as restrictive.

When an online qigong reader then visited the qigong center here in Minnesota and visited the qigong master who befriended me, then he called me up and said I knew this person already. haha. I figured if the qigong master who befriended me o.k.s him then that is good enough for me so then the online qigong friend stayed at my house for a couple nights. He's the one who suddenly noticed my eye balls pulsating as I sat next to him in full lotus. haha. I could always feel the eye balls pulsating but I was not sure if people could see it or not. But he said he never smelled me smelling bad - I explained the reason was because we were eating only vegetarian, we ate small portions, and I always added apple cider vinegar to counteract any sugar. The vinegar lowers the glycemic index. Finally since he did qigong and was young, then he didn't need my energy as much. When my eyeballs pulsated that was sending energy into him but it was just on a minor level and from sitting in full lotus next to him.

Anyway so I know from experience it is possible for me to purify the energy but it is also very difficult. As the original qigong master explained, "for qigong people, if they eat to much then the food goes to their head." When I heard him say that in a class in 2005 I was very shocked! I know he always said qigong people should only eat till they are 75% full but I didn't realize the consequences of not following that rule. haha. Being a "qigong person" is very strict indeed.

So someone on thetaobums posted a new science article about a "cognitive" scientist stating that even the human brain is ultimately an illusion and only quantum reality is the truth - and so the scientist gives the example of how cutting the corpus callosum proved that people really do have two independent consciousnesses in their bodies. This is exactly what qigong does for me - but as Gurdjieff said - we are "three brained" - and so the lower tan tien or the 2nd brain, goes then with the heart and the mind. But these three brains are accessed through the right brain of our mind, whereas the left brain of normal "incoherent" word language perception is cut off from this broader quantum reality of consciousness. The left brain is really for right-handed Matrix machine reality.

So in my waking word beta brain state, I can not smell myself, but I can feel internal tingling in my body and in my skull and so that is when I know that the qi energy is pulling up the lower body bacteria into the skull, as the skull leaches out impurities with the qi going into people around me, carried by the shen spirit light. I get the internal tingling.

So for example there was a female at my previous job who was chasing after me - well I guess I mean I sent her energy also. But I would notice when she stared at me in lust - I mean even with my back to her or my side to her when I could not see her, I could feel her energy pulling down the frequency of my energy via her eyes. I have had this happen with other females looking at me as well - I can sense their lust from across a distance like that. It reminded me of the "old skool" kungfu movies when the student is training in solitude and then says to the master - "hey someone is watching me!" and the master knows the student's girlfriend is there but tries to cover it up. haha.

But anyway so then this female at work would purposely present her body to me so that I would look it over since just the qi from my eyes would then go into her body - she would soak it up. She later joked that I was afraid of her when she tried to escalate the situation into being physical. haha. But I had that happen several times with females wanting to be physical - many times. But I always just relied on the "O at a D" psychic tantra mutual orgasms.

And so the qigong master who befriended me had to clear out the spirit blockages in my lower body from all the tantra "O at a Ds" I did - the mutual orgasms - based on the energy going up the front of my body. As he said, "I wish I had known" what I had been doing. But my take on it was I could not afford to pay to talk to the qigong masters at the time. haha. I was working part-time at an environmental nonprofit. Live and learn as they say.

And learning I am doing. The qigong master who befriended me said it took him a long time to recover from his injury - when he broke his knees - and he is still recovering but each step along the way has been from his qi energy. So when he first got the injury he actually used his qi energy to stand up again - even though that was physically impossible. haha. So that was an example of "Yang shen" healing he did on himself in an emergency situation.

When the qigong master who befriended me did a healing on me - he said he could smell this rancid smell as he was clearing it out of my arteries. I had been eating a lot of low grade factory farm bacon and so he recommended I don't do that anymore. Amazing that he was clearing out the rotten impurities deep in my arteries, turning that blockage back into the Emptiness. And when he cleared out the holographic spirit blockages I had taken in from psychic tantra, I could feel this strong "yuan qi" buzzing sensation as he moved through my nether regions - including my reproductive organ. I didn't dare say anything as obviously this was too personal. haha. But later I said I felt "lighter" as I really did - and sure enough my mind was no longer "weighed down" by those previous experiences.

But I kept having more experiences at the job I still had and even then as I mentioned, the qigong master yelled at me, to clear out those blockages. I couldn't explain since I had been at work I had taken on those blockages and that is what he was reacting to. Once he wanted to hang out and I declined because I knew I had needed to purify my energy first to clear out the blockages from work. He told me he had to quit his job since he could not make progress in the qigong training as he kept getting blockages from work.

Another time the qigong master who befriended me told me to put that tea tree oil I always used, on my feet and that would help clear out the blockage smell out of my skull. I was shocked to realize he could smell the fungus - what's it called - athlete's feet - as this is very embarrassing and I was very mad when I had caught that. haha. But now I put tea tree oil on my feet. As the qigong master who befriended me explained - he also can smell over the phone. haha.

Science now proves that smell is based on frequency of energy with the form of the molecule having the same frequency but a different "phase" - so that left-handed and right-handed frequency can have the smell of lemon or orange. Same frequency, different phase - and this proves how "noncommutative phase" works to change the physical perception of holographic reality.

So once I went to visit the qigong master who befriended me and when I walked in the cabin, the stench was so overwhelming I could barely keep from gagging. He explained he could not find the dead mouse. But I found it immediately and I thought he must not have barely looked for it. He was too busying doing long distance healing which means he would just leave his body, and therefore he could "leave" any smells behind. haha.

So we know that smell is based on the theta brain waves - which are the same as the R.E.M. heart brain waves of dreaming - and what happens then is our waking beta brain waves overtake the new theta perception of smell. So then we first notice a smell but then no longer perceive it, except the first breath when we wake up is still in the theta REM brain wave from sleeping and suddenly we can smell something, but the perception then goes away when our beta brain waves take over. But for the qigong master then he is in the dominant theta brain heart smell perception all the time - only since he perceives it directly via the spirit light energy that is coherent - based on frequency of light - and so it is just a matter of changing the phase or "turning the light" around to reverse the smell.

The qigong master who befriended me shared how he had recently (this was over a year ago), had been experimenting with this ability to have any question he asked to be answered - by simply returning the thought to its source, by reversing its direction. This again is done through the spirit light energy. So for example when we try to remember a person's name but we can not remember it - that's our left brain. So we "forget" but in fact our spirit light is then reversing to discover the answer. Then later on, "presto" - we suddenly remember the answer.

In fact our pineal gland transduces the information via the "yuan qi" of reality - this is how telepathy works which I experienced as qi emanating out of the center of the brain, as a vibrating wave across the room into another person's brain. It is very much a "glitch in the Matrix" experience - when in the movie suddenly everything gets wavy in the Matrix - so too the same happens to three dimensional space and linear time.

So I've had just beginner experiences but the qigong master who befriended me said I still have experienced more than over 90% of people on the planet - in terms of the shamanic perceptions - so even just a taste of real reality through the heart holographic qi energy is very rewarding. But as he said I "fell" out of enlightenment and so I have a "brain blockage." haha. The training is very difficult but then again we all die in the end anyway and so some of us are impatient I guess and want to train to transcend death. I directly experienced the qigong master "awakening" my "yuan qi" energy on the deep right side of my heart from the formless awareness of him leaving his body at will. So the qigong masters truly have transcended death.

I've posted a lot of information on this blog - about experiment aircraft for example, the big black equilateral triangle craft that I saw up close, and the sightings near by - and also the experiment science this could be based on, along with the similar science of quantum computing and the connection to the qigong training.

Certainly the suspense is overwhelming - will humanity learn about the truth of the big black equilateral triangle craft? Yet humanity already knows how to do spacetime travel into the future and to resonate with the source of reality - as the ancient trance dance training reveals - and yet this truth is hidden in broad day light as the training required is not easily mastered. The original qigong master is inspired by the Zhong Gong approach to the qigong training, as I discovered through my own research. It is very mind-blowing to think that the "qigong revolution" of China in the 1980s spread into the U.S. in the late 1990s via the original qigong master, as I call him. I use that term as the qigong master who befriended me called his kung fu training in the 1960s "original school" training. haha.

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