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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Throw that Sleep Thing at me again! Falling Asleep in Full Lotus

The qigong master who befriended me had a great line once, "Throw that sleep thing at me again!" He had been impressed that I made him go to sleep when I was driving the car and he was on the passenger's side. Another time he fell asleep in the car and so when we got to my house, I just left him in the car sleeping in the middle of the day. See he spends most of his night in full lotus meditation and so - when I saw him first at the qigong center during a Free Friday, he was actually falling asleep in front of me. But he was also doing healing as he fell asleep. Then he admitted something to me - he can also talk while he is asleep and once the original qigong master berated him for doing this! hahaha. The original qigong master said he you better not be sleeping when you are doing your qi-talks because someone might notice!

This sounds quite strange but maybe a year ago science declared that in fact we can have only part of our brain fall asleep while another part stays away. So you induce slow waves across the cortex.

According to other recent research, the thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) is responsible for sending signals to the thalamus and the brain’s cortex that slow some brain waves way, way down, leading to a sort of sleep state in parts of the brain even while the rest of the organ is fully functional. Whereas it was previously thought that your brain is either completely asleep or completely awake, the MIT team found that if they weakly stimulated the TRN, they could produce slower brain waves in just a portion of the brain’s cortex.
So that spacey sensation of being half-awake means part of your cortex is already asleep! And so when I was sleepy then I would talk in a monotone slow voice and my qi energy put the qigong master asleep! haha. "Throw that sleep thing at me again!" he said. I wasn't sure whether to take that comment as an insult or a compliment. So this research was at my alma mater - UW-Madison
As predicted, when the rats were awake, their neurons—nerve cells that collect and transmit signals in the brain—fired frequently and irregularly.
When the animals slept, their neurons fired less often, usually in a regular up-and-down pattern that manifests on the EEG as a "slow wave." Called non-rapid eye movement, this sleep stage accounts for about 80 percent of all sleep in both rats and people.
 So sleep is a coherent wave while normal waking - is irregular waves in beta brain waves. So when I talked slow in a hypnotic regular voice I put the qigong master asleep. haha. The qigong master said I was always trying to take his energy - but according to science sleep actually is from the neurons being over-worked. So I think the problem was I was overworking the beta brain waves of the cortex - being too conceptual - too much left-brain thinking.

Anyway I actually got "arrested" for falling asleep in full lotus - I was snoring loudly on this toilet in full lotus at the University of Minnesota during spring break. I needed a nap to return back to work but someone calls the cops and they "raided" the bathroom. I explained I had a master's degree but the cop instead barred me from the whole campus for 1 year. This had been ruled illegal - the "trespassing warning" can only apply to the specific property where it occurred. In that case the cops had the authority to "represent" the University of Minnesota as a private property - which is ironic since it's a public property and so what discretion do the cops have? haha. Students take naps all the time and it was during spring break but the cops made me try to prove I was not homeless. The cop said - can I call your job? I said no way as I didn't want to get in trouble at my job. haha. A classic catch-22 but the job of cops is to protect "private property." The university has its charter from before the state was even chartered - so anyway ....

Yeah another time I was asleep in full lotus on a bench at the University - and this young pretty female walked by and she woke me up. "Are you asleep?" she asked. She was of Indian - East Indian ancestry. She told me about her interest in meditation and clearly she was shocked - she said she had never seen someone sleeping in full lotus before. haha. She was a psychology major but she stood with female display behavior - with her legs apart - to soak up my qi energy. I thought that was highly ironic - that I knew why she was standing like that and since she was a psychology major - I knew that she knew why she was standing like that. Of course I couldn't just tell her that she was sucking up my qi energy based on subconscious desire. haha. Later on - years later - I ran into this lady when I delivered organic fruit to her - and she teaches meditation now among other things. I reminded her of our previous meeting and she kind of freaked out about it. haha.

So the past couple work days I have looked forward to going home to fall asleep in full lotus. Why? Because it's a great way to loosen up the muscles from working. Also it's quite strange to put the meditation c.d. on and then a few minutes later I'm gone and I wake up and the meditation c.d. is ending. haha. Wow! Time really flew during that meditation! haha.

One time I was listening to http://coasttocoastam.com and a caller talked about how they would sense a presence over their bed while they slept. I knew that in fact that was their subconscious spirit of their own body - as they slept they had a minor out of body awakening. So the person was afraid of their own spirit and they said as soon as they saw their own body asleep they would wake up again. So sure enough I fell asleep in full lotus on the bed and I woke up by first feeling this heavy presence on the body that was not me. I "opened" my eyes and suddenly I saw myself on the bed in full lotus - only I saw myself from about 10 feet away. I had "woken up" my own spirit to see my body asleep. As soon as I saw my own body then instantly my spirit went back into my own body.

The book Transcendent Dreaming by a local psychologist Christina Donnell details her experiences beyond lucid dreaming - when she has actual physical transformations and also precognitive dreams.

So the other day I had a psychic precognitive experience after doing some full lotus meditation. I began thinking about something very unique and then the next day someone at work suddenly mentioned this thing I was thinking about. They said it to shock me but since I had already been thinking about it - then I was not shocked. Instead the word they said immediately sent me into a minor trance as I realized I was having a "glitch in the Matrix" experience - a flash back from the future. haha.

And so this is called "dream yoga" by the Tibetans whereby having lucid dreaming leads to realizing that being awake is another type of dream and only the Emptiness is real - as the qigong masters say, the "holographic universe" is real - and so even physical reality is a type of dream holograph.

So we know now from science that 90% of our thoughts are actually from the cortex going back to the thalamus - and so they are subconscious thoughts from internal processing of information and emotions, etc. whereas only 10% of our thoughts are based on "external" perceptions from the thalamus going out to the cortex.

Also we know that 2/3rds or two thirds - about 200 to 300 million neurons - out of 400 million neurons - are used for vision while we are awake. So simply by closing our eyes then we are "turning the light around" of our coherent spirit light energy.

Our waking thoughts are incoherent beta brain waves but our spirit light is coherent biophotons - and that is the key difference - we are "turning the light around" of coherent spirit biophoton energy while we shut down the waking beta "language" brain waves.

So as the original qigong master says qigong leverages the 90% of our energy which is subconscious thoughts of the brain, turning it into superconsciousness. In other words the specific difference between subconscious and superconsciousness - is that subconsciousness is what our spirit holographic energy picks up as emotional imprints while awake, looking externally - and it stores that emotional jing energy internally as a blockage of other people's lower emotions. Whereas superconscious is taking the coherent spirit light and "turning it around" to the Emptiness of no thoughts - so it is pure light as healing energy of the spirit as a reference beam with a "noncommutative phase-space" of the "hidden momentum" or phonons that are superluminal. This is negentropic light as healing information energy.

That is the difference - that is how meditation turns the subconscious into the superconsciousness.

So then Master Hai-Deng, whom the original qigong master studied with - he told me personally he studied with the teacher of Master Yan Xin - and so I knew who that was. haha. So Master Hai-Deng is known for not sleeping at all for 60 years and how? Because he would produce more than enough deep sleep waves during meditation to make up for sleep energy and then the rest of the time he was in the REM theta heart vision holographic spirit brain waves.

We are told by the qigong master who befriended me that the Emptiness really is the Emptiness - there are no thoughts - and yet as Ramana Maharshi explains, in the "fourth state" or turiya - there is not the ignorance of deep sleep in trance - instead there is the light of the spirit while also the bliss of deep sleep. And yet Ramana Maharshi is clear that the Self is not the Light. This confuses people to no end - Ramana Maharshi says that you use the sattvic mind of light to get to the formless awareness and yet the formless awareness is "Mouna Samadhi" or listening in silence. Why? Because this is the "hidden momentum" of light as the noncommutative phase-space - it is the secret "yuan qi" of light - or as Ramana Maharshi calls it the "ether" in the flame of the spirit.

Well now I need to go back to sleep and to induce sleep when I know I need it - then I just go back into full lotus meditation to reverse engineer sleeping. haha. A lot of people can't get to sleep when they need sleep because their beta waking brain is too strong. This can be from too much salt which over-activates the adrenal glands increasing the brain dopamine when you want serotonin for sleep. Milk as night increases melatonin for sleep but serotonin converts to melatonin. Well our lower body is full of melatonin and serotonin and so using the full lotus and reverse breathing we then naturally increase those neurohormones into the brain. As the Taoist Master Ni, Hua-ching emphasizes, the Taoists "prepare" for sleep by first purifying out the subconscious lower emotional jing blockages that have over activated the sympathetic nervous system.

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