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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stopping the Internal Tingling? Antifungal Organic Coconut Oil Fast

So as I mentioned - even when I fasted for 5 days in 2014 I still had "internal tingling" and I get this internal tingling whenever I eat sugar or gluten - even milk does it and even green leaf veggies since as the qigong master who befriended me said, "well they have sugar too." Just a little bit.

So then - I noticed when I added vinegar to my food it stopped the internal tingling. Also coconut oil stopped the internal tingling - which I also get in my gums.

So as I mentioned both those things kill the mold - and so does tea tree oil - but since I kept eating food that feeds the fungus that it never dies off.

So I spent $90 on organic ginger root, organic coconut oil, tea tree oil, thymol oil, diatomaceous earth silica powder. I still drink nettle leaf tea as it is antiseptic with terpenes - and I have some root that is very antifungal.

So I can use the coconut oil as both antifungal and a food source as the keytones are converted to glucose by the liver but the coconut oil in digestion kills the candida.

So the goal is to stop the internal tingling - I've had this problem since I first dumpster dived as a newbie - I was following this homeless hippy lady and it was moldy bread. I didn't know better. She had some strange smell and later told me a friend put her on "ozone treatment" for the smell. I don't know what happened to her - she liked to read Rumi, sufi poetry, and said ever since she dropped acid, LSD, in the 1960s, then she dropped out of society. She was recovering from this sexist abusive homeless hippy dude Chester - they have lived in a car down by the river - they had the "bohemian gypsy" look but Chester met a better looking younger "bohemian gypsy" homeless lady so he physically attacked Penny to drive her off. But Penny was not her real name - she told me her real name but I don't remember it. She didn't like being called Penny.

Anyway so I did that first dumpster diving soon after my enlightenment experience when my reality was that I knew my body and my mind were not the real "me" but in fact the Emptiness was the real me. So also I figured that the Emptiness is the same in everything - even the most dirty substance. I still think this is true but now I know that the alchemy training relies on harmonic purification to a higher frequency of energy - and I was following my Western misunderstanding of Advaita as a static formless awareness that does not change.

I had been cross-collaborating Eastern philosophy and everything else as I do - and anyway so already I've been having what is described as the detox reaction -

These are the famous candida die off symptoms, also known as yeast die-off, healing crisis, detox symptoms, herxheimer reaction, or jarisch-herxheimer reaction. Most common symptoms of candida die off are flu like symptoms often with fever, joint, muscle and body pain.
Actually I had nausea - I had this before when I was purifying before my previous job. But again I kept going back on gluten sugar food that fed the "monster inside me." haha. The key is to fast with antifungals to kill it off.

So before when I had nausea - I thought maybe it was this virus from the compost humanure I had experimented in several years ago - maybe it was still lingering outside and I got reinfected. So I actually called the medical clinic about getting a "stool sample" to see if I had a viral infection but then as I looked into it more online - I researched and realized only a more sophisticated test could find that particular virus. My symptoms were not strong enough - and so very likely I would get a false negative result since the load was too low.

So also you can get a "stool sample" for candida - but since I know I have it from the symptoms I got then I don't need any medical test. haha.
  The Candida yeast cells actually release 79 different toxins when they die, including ethanol and acetaldehyde.
So that would explain the nausea I got.

But the tingling went away for now - as it does when I get the colon fully cleared out. haha. I mean I gotta clear out all bacteria overload from sugar in the diet also - not just the colon cleared out. That's the only way to stop the internal tingling.

But again as I fast while working then the internal tingling comes back and before I figured it was just my qi energy kicking in as the body switches to free energy instead of food energy - and so the internal tingling was the qi pulling up the bacteria up the front channel of my body. I knew it was wrong but I figured it was just from the wrong tantra practice I did.

Now I realize it was from the candida not being fed - and so the candida was over-reacting to not getting food - it was the "monster inside me" that was really the main cause of the internal tingling - not my energy going into people around me.

I mean I also get the internal tingling from my energy going into people around me as the energy gets pulled up the front channel and out the eyes via the pineal gland. As I described recently in email to a qigong friend - if I eat sugar then I get internal tingling that starts from the pineal gland and tingles on down my body.

 haha. It's actually pretty trippy to experience.

. Donna formulated LivAmend with herbs like milk thistle and wasabi, concentrated sources of antioxidants.
So that is the "liver support" treatment to take during the "die-off" of the candida. But the stinging nettles also is very concentrated in antioxidants so will work well for that.

 I’ve tried everything from conventional drugs to all the natural remedies including caprylic acid but have never experienced a die off reaction as I did when I took the coconut oil and aerobic oxygen for about one week. here

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