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Monday, January 9, 2017

On Po, Hun and Shen

I looked into this yesterday as I wondered if the Po is the "yin shen" then is the Hun the "yang shen" and if so then what is the "yuan shen"?

It turns out that Po and Hun actually refer more to the qi information force that powers the spirit-light as shen.

So Po is the qi-force that powers the spirit of the body and it's also the lunar etheric spirit.

As I mentioned recently the original qigong master gave a talk on sex stating that at conception the "yin shen" is attracted to the fertilization and grows the fetus and so it's important to have sex where the yin energy is good.

So I did not realize that this is the Po shen whereas the Hun shen is said to go into the body at birth.

This is quite fascinating since at birth indicates the "post-heavenly" state and yet the Hun shen is said to be the male solar energy and so is from the biological father spirit energy.

Another commentator has then claimed the Hun is the qi-force of the prefrontal cortex of our morality that guides our behavior and so can guide to the Emptiness also to increase the shen spirit energy.

So the psychic energy is the lunar po spirit also but we are told that the Hun force is the qi of the blood in the liver whereas the po qi originates from the qi of the air in the lungs.

So then the key as the original qigong master teaches is to first build up the kidney qi and then the liver qi and then the heart qi to then build up the Hun spirit shen.

This is then the key principle of Taoism - to restore and replenish the Po from the lung to the kidney energy in order to have it return to the Hun solar shen source.

So then the "yuan shen" is considered to be the Universal cosmic formless light that guides the overall spiritual training. So it is said that while the Hun is our deeper character of morality towards the Universal energy then the Po is our more immediate desires and lower emotional energy.

So that fits with what Gurdjieff calls the different "number" of persons based on where their "center of gravity" is focused in the body.

So the Hun is actually the qi-force of the mind that when focused on logical inference, listening, then increases the shen of the yuan shen connection. When this energy builds up strong enough then it breaks through the ego of the mind to the universal shen energy via the heart spirit going to the right side of the heart - the "yuan qi" source.

So I just watched the new NOVA show on the "sky tombs" in Tibet and the belief of the sky burials is that by cutting up the bones this prevents the spirit of a dead person from being confused and trying to reanimate its dead body, something considered very possible.

Now in our modern times we think that is silly but if you consider that people were doing alchemy meditation training then their qi force is much stronger so when they die their gui ghost is actually empowered by strong qi energy.

Alchemy admits that in fact "yuan qi" is just the "yin qi" built up into stronger more purified, refined, concentrated form. This is what it is taught alchemy begins and ends with Jing or lead energy.

So as I have stated, I personally saw the ghosts, lights shaped as humans, come floating in to the room where the original qigong master was in full lotus meditating and the ghosts, yellow lights shaped as humans, hovered around the qigong master. He then explained that he heals them by sending them back to the Emptiness.

So the original qigong master has also said that it will take him several visits to a room to clear it of the ghosts.

So I think we can now say clearly these are "po" ghosts of the etheric body that stays on earth, roaming around, held down by the lower emotional blockages of the qi at death.

The original qigong master says this is why a person should not have sex at a cemetery - because then the conception would attract these lower emotional blockage spirits.

So then we are told that a person who is moral will go to heaven and by this we mean a person who has their Hun focused on the Universal formless awareness.

But in fact as the Taoists realize then, like the Egyptians, there are these two aspects of the spirit energy - and we can then surmise this is based on frequency of energy. The Hun is higher frequency light energy.

So this is why blue light is the psychic lunar spirit energy but then violet is considered even better energy and it seems then that the Yang Shen is the golden light based on increased intensity of the light - the over all concentration of the energy.

And so most of us are "barrels of black tar" as the Ch'an masters joke or Taoists - we can not see inside our bodies which we could do if the third eye is fully open.

So that means our spirit Hun has not been developed and instead we exist in the lower frequency light realm.

The first stage of enlightenment is the lunar white light or yellow light - as the Po psychic energy, whereby the lower frequency etheric energy is built up and raised up in frequency as the blue soul energy is contacted via the lunar light.

That is the stage I reached but as Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality states at the first experience there is then confusion. So only with more advanced training does the experience happen again.

But as Master Nan, Huai-chin states most modern practitioners "fall back into worldliness" due to "heroic overexuberance" of using the spiritual powers that develop.

This training originates out of the original culture of humanity, the Bushmen of Africa and so the training is over 70,000 years old.

The Tibetans then believed that death was caused by demons stealing the spirit and so too do the Bushmen believe that it is ghosts of dead people that then cause the sickness of humans.

So then this "extra" energy of sickness blockages are then pulled out of the sick humans and sent back to the Po spirit ghosts to then send the ghosts back to the Emptiness.

This is, what I know believe, based on this analysis, I saw the original qigong master doing, as not only did he heal the ghosts hovering around him, as he said, "sending them back to the Emptiness" but he also sent out "yuan shen" spirits to heal the people meditating, each spirit individualized to heal each person.

And so this matches with what the original spiritual healers did - there is a cycling of the energy this way from energy blockages in the living to healing the ghosts of the dead - with the Emptiness as the mediator, the "yuan qi" formless awareness.

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