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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Delving into the Candida mystery

So I had been waking up with a musty smell and at first I thought it was mold in the room but then I realized it was from food I ate. I did not realize that the "musty" smell was from Candida mold. The Candida yeast is single cell but as it multiples it turns from "normal" yeast into mold hyphae that can grow through the intestinal walls. OMdetox Candida video youtube  So then I noticed, after eating wheat, that I had strong white tongue and it was too unusual and now I know that was also the candida mold - called "thrush." But amazingly I was already using tea tree oil which is proven to kill candida and so largely I already treated myself.
Subsequent research has demonstrated that tea tree oil and its active ingredients have a massive effect on the cell membranes of Candida albicans at concentrations as low as 0.25% to 1.06%. For the technically minded, tea tree oil, and its constituent terpenes, are thought to induce alterations in cell membrane permeability by disrupting the fatty acyl molecular chains that make up the membrane lipid bilayers. Of course this research is being done in the laboratory, and what was really needed for convincing proof of the effectiveness of tea tree oil as an antifungal agent is a study “in vivo”.
There have now been many such studies, including one in which fourteen strains of Candida albicans which were resistant to fluconazole and itraconazole were assessed for their susceptibility to tea tree oil. What would you expect? You’d be right if you said the Candida organisms were killed by the tea tree oil.
But I needed to learn more - I still got dry mouth - but that is not just from candida - but also from sleeping with my mouth open. haha. Also the tannins in red wine that I have cause serious dry mouth as does the caffeine in coffee. But again I was already eating a lot of ginger which treats the dry mouth and also kills the candida.

But still I wanted to learn more. So then I discovered that it is a certain acid in coconut oil that kills candida - caprylic acid. So you swish coconut oil in your mouth for 7 minutes and then spit it out. Sure enough the "tingling" I get in my gums after eating - that I thought was from bacteria? It went away after the coconut oil swishing. Also hydrogen peroxide kills candida and the tingling goes away after brushing with hydrogen peroxide tooth paste. So the tingling in my gums may be primarily from candida mold!

So then also eating coconut oil kills the candida. Luckily I have a big jar of coconut oil in my room that I use for dry skin and so also for eating now and swishing the mouth.

I discovered there was tons of information online about Candida as apparently this is a very common problem from the high sugar diet and high gluten diet - as bread now has more gluten in it.

So then I discovered another secret treatment I was already using!

Candida and Nettle root - Treato

https://treato.com › Conditions › Candida
"with Candida...stinging nettle root is very effective..
I have been enjoying the harvest of my wild stinging nettle tea. I had read it is very antibacterial and so drinking that tea also causes the tingling in my gums to go away. haha. I have several cups a day now.

So now I just add vinegar to my food - like I used to do - I add vinegar to the rice and beans (organic brown rice and organic black beans). I add vinegar to the milk along with the cayenne and spirulina with granola. If I eat organic fruit then I add vinegar water to it. Vinegar takes away the tingling.
>>>Spirulina is especially high in the sulfur-based amino acids cysteine and methionine. These protein building blocks help the liver and nervous system remove toxins from the body cleanly and quickly. Researchers generally consider Spirulina to possess valuable cleansing properties, likely due to the presence of these two amino acids.>>>
I used to use vinegar a lot but the original qigong master advised people to not use too much vinegar as it makes the body too acidic. This is true but more importantly the stomach has to be highly acidic to kill off the small intestinal bacteria and yeast - the candida - otherwise it travels up into the mouth and tongue via the throat. So this is why people think lemons are alkaline when in fact they are acidic - it's just that as with acetic acid of vinear, the citric acid neutralizes lactic acid in the body, making the over all effect to be alkaline.

This is an amazing secret of acetic and citric acid - acetic acid is converted to citric acid which neutralizes the lactic acid of sore muscles. So also the thing about unpasteurized apple cider organic vinegar is it still has the good bacteria that creates the acetic acid in the first place - so it is a probiotic treatment. Alcohol is made from yeast but vinegar is made from bacteria - a key difference - good bacteria.

So, Katy Perry Drinks Apple Cider Vinegar... | Glamour

May 3, 2016 - Katy Perry recently revealed the she drinks unpasturized apple cider vinegar daily for its probiotic effects. Experts say she might be on to ...
So you want those probiotics to then take over and kill the candida. First from the acetic acid killing the candida, then the probiotics growing to take over the place of the yeast.

Wow there is a lot of discussion about this on the interwebs - about pH and candida - but again the crucial thing is to make sure the stomach is acidic enough to kill off any small intestinal bacteria and yeast. And so any sugar eaten has to be eaten with acetic acid to kill off the bacteria and yeast that multiple from the sugar, along with the free radicals.

Also with increased yeast in the body there is increased alcohol - just as yeast creates alcohol from sugar, so too does the candida yeast create alcohol and this causes the "spacey" brain fog that people refer to. People are literally buzzed from the candida feeding off the sugar, thereby creating natural alcohol internally. Fascinating!!

Also garlic kills candida as it is very anti-fungal and raw organic garlic is the best. But most people don't want to mess with raw organic garlic as the hydrogen rotten egg smell is a type of shit smell that others don't like. haha. But it's a different type of shit smell then the rotten meat smell from candida yeast alcohol byproduct, called "bowel breath."
 Researchers have demonstrated that allicin inhibits the growth biofilm, which is part of the Candida cell’s mechanism for developing resistance to antifungal drugs. And one study has demonstrated that administering garlic paste is just as effective at suppressing oral candidiasis as a solution of clotrimazole.
So then to counteract the hydrogen sulfide rotten egg smell from garlic then fresh chlorophyll magnesium neutralizes the smell - and also citrus. But the irony that I discovered is that sulfur that prevents the liver from detoxifying the toxic byproduct of alcohol digestion in the liver. I never had heard of that one - but it also happens from eating "durian" fruit - with alcohol - it causes the body to get overwhelmed since durian is too high in sulfur and so the body can't process the toxin acetaldehyde from alcohol digestion. It is the high sulfur in durian that makes it smell so bad - but I've never encountered a durian fruit so I don't know. 

Just as with the acidic diet versus alkaline diet - some say sulfur feeds candida growth while others say low sulfur in the body causes candida growth. My guess again is high sulfur causes the body to not process the toxic byproduct acetaldehyde from the yeast alcohol production.
Acetaldehyde affects brain function, making sufferers feel fuzzyheaded and unable to think clearly.
O.K. so I realized that from reading people's reactions - I had already largely treated the candida but because of my qigong training I have to be very careful about bacteria and yeast/fungus as it travels with the vagus nerve sublimation of energy.

So another treatment that I had used previously is boron from borax. So I read how someone just applied that to their feet and the itching went away. So I just wet my feet and spread borax on the toes and put the socks back on. 

One doctor is so enamored with coconut oil for treating candida that he says it also treats autism! Why? Because coconut oil is made up primarily of medium-chain fatty acids that convert easily into "ketone" energy instead of glucose energy. So then the keytone energy is the key energy of the brain to cure autism whereas it is the glucose energy that spreads candida and related problems of bacterial infections, etc.

Another secret is that buckthorn bark kills candida - and I am surrounded by invasive buckthorn on our ten acres so I have a simple cure. haha. Buckthorn bark is a laxative but since it is so strong it first has to be dried to make it less toxic - dried for a year. But the toxicity is now being considered to kill cancer through apopsis of the cells - and also the buckthorn bark is antibacterial, etc. Some people consider cancer to be caused by fungus-yeast and so it makes sense that buckthorn bark would be effective. But then a person is not supposed to keep using buckthorn bark too long - maybe just 9 months as the longest time. If the bark is dried it doesn't clear out the colon until it reaches the colon but if the bark is fresh then it is very quick acting yet can be too toxic.

So I could go right now and harvest buckthorn bark and give it a go! Only it is very cold out. haha.

So what happened is that I began "dumpster diving" soon after my enlightenment qigong experience and the bread I ate had mold on it and it turns out then that having other types of mold in the body then helps the candida mold also grow. The mold triggers the immune system and so enables the candida mold to grow more easily while the immune system is fighting the other mold.
Iodine is a fatal enemy of single cell micro-organisms. When life first started to evolve as a single cell organism, iodine was not part of their makeup. It was only later, after it had become concentrated in seaweed, that it was incorporated into the more complex, higher life forms. It is for this reason that the simplest level of life, the micro-organism, cannot tolerate iodine. It kills single celled organisms by penetrating the cell wall and combining with the amino acids tyrosine or histidine. All single cells showing tyrosine on their outer cell membranes are killed instantly by a simple chemical reaction with iodine that denatures proteins.
So since I rarely have table salt that has iodine in it - this is very likely a strong factor in the growth of the candida yeast. But I have been eating highly salted meat lately and I have seaweed still that I can start eating again. And of course with increased vinegar then you need increased bicarbonate - baking soda - which is how the stomach neutralizes the acetic acid.

It is similar to balancing the antifungal acids versus the probiotic bacterias that will replace the yeast growth. You don't want to kill off the good bactera with the antifungal acids.
Curiously, cayenne is great with the caprylic acid [coconut oil] since it pushed the correct anti-fungal to the hidden spots candida was lurking.

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