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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How Guy Gets it Right - my own take on it and parallel experiences

Guy McPherson

That, sir, is quite a story. Thank you for sharing.

11:49 AM (3 minutes ago) Hi Guy: I did my master's thesis on "radical ecology" in 2000 - along with "sound-current nondualism." Thanks for your "connecting the dots." I finished my master's degree at U of Minnesota by training intensively with a Chinese qigong master - a Buddhist Shaolin-trained spiritual healer. I got the credits through the African-studies department from a female professor who taught the "race, class and gender" program. So I was challenging Western philosophy, the "Natural Law" from Aristotle and Plato, that creates a natural hierarchy. What I discovered is that spirits are real, energy healing is real and precognition is real.

How Climate Change Covered China in Smog

So Guy - here's the deal. I grew up in Minneapolis, son of a prominent attorney and him son of a Presbyterian minister. So in the 1980s I was fishing every day, communing with Nature in a trance, while also studying classical piano. I had this Pythagorean insight as I studied music theory privately with a former University music professor and my piano teacher, his wife. So from reading "Northern Sun News" - a local progressive activist zine featuring Winona LaDuke, and from Sting, the musician, talking about the Amazon rainforests, and from seeing my own local lake get polluted - all the crayfish, turtles, muskrats, and fish got killed off - I knew we were in deep trouble.

My first full time job was the summer out of high school, doing environmental door to door canvassing for Citizens for a Better Environment - we - a pesky female lawyer - sued 3M, one of the top toxic waste polluters - for the biggest fine yet - in 1989. Then I went to Hampshire College and I studied the Tao Te Ching, and Gregory Bateson's "Mind and Nature: a necessary unity." When I took quantum mechanics as my first physics course - the assistant was also reading Gregory Bateson's book. The physics professor taught us about quantum entanglement and this got me intrigued. He said everyone should take quantum physics as their first physics course since classical physics is not the foundation of science.

I had tested in the 98th percentile in biology on my ACT, 96% in social science, 92% in math but I bombed the English reading comprehension. I think I just ran out of time - but I had read advanced English literature in high school and did my high school paper on Thomas Mann's, "The Magic Mountain." I argued that we needed to confront death in order to properly understand life. At Hampshire College there is no grades and my dormitory had "clothing optional" and everyone dropped acid when it was someone's birthday. I hid in my room, studying music composition, and film and philosophy. But the student next to me was a cab driver from New York City who had been "studying" Buddhism for 8 years. haha.

So I switched to UW-Madison (less expensive, less isolated, more populist-radical) but in the mean time I was invited by two high school female friends to go to Alaska. We ended up, after working in a fish factory, hitch-hiking 9 rides north to Talkeetna, to work for a sled dog home-steader. We lived in a cabin in the wilderness - no running water, no phone, no electricity, no heat - for four months. Actually it was just me and the one female, the other returned. The man had been around the world; he escaped Philly when he got caught with LSD in the 1960s - not wanting to embarrass his dad, a big Jewish grocer in town. He joined the mercenaries against the Zimbabwe African revolution. Ironic since I had a professor in political economy at Hampshire who had supported the Zimbabwe revolution. So this sled dog trainer was reading our mail, and it was not safe. When the snow was 6 feet deep in December, with our beautiful view of Denali, we 'escaped" with the help of this Mormon couple who had moved into the old Bar, 2 miles south. They had met with us about the end of the world, reading the Bible, about how Saddam Hussein was the anti-Christ.

So at UW-Madison I was reading Noam Chomsky and I realized just how mass-mind controlled everyone was. I protested every day with the UW-Greens and even got paid as an office job. I studied Ecofeminism, and moved into a hippie-punk Commune Cooperative house, part of a 10 house collective. We have people from the East and West coasts - the counterculture scene. My dad gave me a Norwegian Arne Naess book on Deep Ecology - and I got threatened out of the music composition program. My transcriptions of Schoenberg from piano sonata to string quartet - were Communist! I was told to redo my work even though I had already gotten As and Bs. Gee maybe it was because I was constantly protesting against NAFTA and U.S. imperialism in Haiti, etc.

So I studied conservation biology and sustainable development in Costa Rica for a semester - the School for Field Studies in 1992 - I saw sloths and a flock of toucans and read E.O. Wilson. I confronted our "USAID" speaker about U.S. imperialism. Maybe that's when I was put on the "radar." haha. No - actually after I graduated and moved back to the  Twin Cities I was then put in the Earth First! Journal as the "local" contact and then I noticed that my phone was tapped by the FBI. We discovered out of Madison - that just a couple dozen activists had over 900 pages of FBI surveillance - but the FBI complained it was too much to "redact" all those pages requested via FOIA.

So then I was producing my own activist zine - and it got reviewed as the worst news possible - I called it PaddleFish First! - a species over 300,000,000 million years old about to go extinct. And the person reviewing it had their own "zine" - while they lived out of a trailer - the "Little Free Press" - and they got killed by their son in a murder-suicide. So I hope my zine didn't have too much influence in that tragedy. But soon I had prisoners ordering the zine and I mailed it out free and distributed it free - it connected all the "progressive issues." Meanwhile I studied Slavoj Zizek and Noam Chomsky. I worked full time overnights and i was a union steward for a local that formed out of worker's strike at the "relay service" for the deaf community.

But I saw a flier for a Qigong Master - a female from San Francisco - but a Chinese lady. Effie P. Chew. I was skeptical and so I called up asking for my fee to be reduced. She gave me half off - so it was only $10. At the time I was vegan and living with my girlfriend - we were estranged - and she had celiac sprue from eating wheat - she was Irish - so gluten intolerance. So when we attended the qigong master talk - she sent qi into the room - it was at St. Mary's University. I could feel strong qi force - a magnetic force pushing my hands apart. Then as everyone was leaving this obese female security guard wandered in, asking what was going on in "here" since the "fuse got blown in the room behind." I knew this qigong master was for real but my girlfriend could not feel anything. I think because she was sick, her energy channels were too blocked up.

So in 1996 I worked for Greenpeace and helped my girlfriend go to Africa - to Morocco to do conservation biology through the Peace Corps. So then Greenpeace sent me to an invited tabling at Pine Ridge Reservation. A music show had been organized with Chuck Berry driving up to perform. He sat in his Caddy alone - and no one hardly was in the audience. Buffy St. Marie performed. Chuck Berry - even though he was what 70 years old? he had more energy than the rest of the audience combined!! But Sturgis was going on - and so the outreach was too limited. But the organizer was also a traditional Shaman and he had tried to join the Green party but dismissed it as too white and too mainstream. He gave us a tour of Pine Ridge and showed us the uranium water pollution from uranium mining.

So in 1996 my Greenpeace "boss" - really the same age or so - said his biggest concern was global warming. We had been protesting French nuclear testing. But Germany shut us down! Greenpeace International said they rely on volunteers for activism and so don't need paid canvassers in the U.S. I had written a "manifesto" called the Fundamental Force that combined music theory, parapsychology, ecofeminism and radical social analysis. Slavoj Zizek sent me a postcard saying it looked very interesting and he would read it and get back to me. His next book "The Plague of Fantasies" was an attack against ecofeminism and parapsychology - the "New Age." He threw in music theory too. haha. He had misunderstood my arguments but attacked me, not mentioning my name of course.

Meanwhile I was interning on an organic farm - learning that farming truly is very hard work. I was reading Carl Sagan's skeptical attacks on the paranormal and also reading Jim Schnabel's book on remote viewing. We were eating these big organic green salads and a female farmer coworker demanded I go into town to the farmer's market. The deal was we got weekends off - but one of the farm managers was pushing us to do marketing. I got mad and refused to go - I had worked very hard all week. Suddenly - I didn't even say anything - i was so mad - but the female suddenly reacted with a shock - she yelled out. I could feel this electromagnetic energy shoot out of me when I got very angry and she reacted to it.

I thought that was strange. Oh I forgot to mention that in 1995 I had been keeping a journal and I woke up at 2:30 am from a dream that was more real than being awake! I had dreamt of my activist friends standing on the roof of a house, standing with Native American activists, holding a banner to protect a forest. A very specific dream and I wrote - I think this dream is predicting the future!

So then I got into graduate school and I began practicing qigong with the Chinese community while I also organized sanctions against the U.S. corporations doing business with the military regime in Burma. I visited this Tibetan monk and I was listening to him very intently. When I got home - I thought I had a headache but I realized it was focused exactly in the center of my forehead. I realized I had activated that "chakra" point. And when I first began the qigong I felt strong heat in the lower tan tien. I kept up the vegan diet and I fell in love with this Venezuelan indigenous female from the Andes who lived in the same house with me.

So I had to cry in public to get the University administrators to finally consider the slave labor military regime in Burma as a problem and the University then divested $1.5 million in stocks from Total Oil. But the Treasurer was a female African-American and she told me she was going after tobacco stocks next. The University administration targeted her emails and personal files and charged her with having financial difficulties in the past and fired her. She filed a civil rights lawsuit but the judge threw it out. Years later I noticed her son had got arrested for buying a "hot" car on the internet.

So I was working, washing dishes, at the Resource Center of the Americas - and I got involved then in sweatshop activism. Then in 1998 I went to Venezuela to the Andes to study the conservation biology of the Paramo - the mountains. But I was still in love with the female indigenous activist friend - she looked Tibetan. She brought her son and we were just all Platonic but I got super hot heat in my heart. So I sang at night to try to dispell the love-heat that was overwhelming and suddenly I went into this trance vision that I could not stop.

Suddenly my whole life flashed before me but not chronologically - it was psychologically. So I could see how one event had "resolved" an energy blockage from previous years - but had done so subconsciously to me. As my life deep meaning poured out of my heart as a vision in the Andes - it must have lasted maybe 20 minutes - I was too stunned to be able to tell my friend. I sat by this creek the next day. I never told her about the vision. But I did meet bare-footed peasants who had never voted before but said they were going to vote for Chavez. My female friend called up her other male friend and had us clear rocks from a field so we could plant traditional pink corn that a friend had given me. She told me later that the pink corn had grown.

So then back in 1998 there was a Native American "encampment" to protect a sacred confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota river with still primary maple-basswood forest. It was considered the spiritual origin center. I got arrested doing civil disobedience. By now I had gotten arrested several times - protesting against Project ELF, a first strike electromagnetic nuclear submarine transmission system that killed wildlife from electromagnetic pollution, I got arrested against nuclear waste being stored on the Mississippi river, I got arrested against depleted uranium and land mind production. Minnesota is considered - or Minneapolis was considered to be "liberal." haha. I got arrested three times protesting against genocidal sanctions on Iraq....

Anyway - so I was looking at this newspaper photo - and guess what - it was of my activist friends standing on the roof of a house, holding a banner, with Native Americans, to protect the forest. My dream had come true - and the Minnehaha State encampment had been the cover story of the Earth First! Journal several times. I got arrested there and I told the judge, citing my research, that in fact that 1805 treaty was not valid, according to Professor Fowell who wrote a history of Minnesota. (Fowell also praised Hitler and promoted eugenics). In other words the Indians still owned that land. The Native American activist thanked me and wished he had known earlier. I had taken a class from Winona LaDuke and did my research paper on the Minnehaha Free State and I brought it down to the encampment. I told my white activist friends to give the paper to the Native Americans - but I guess they were too busy to read it. haha.

O.K. later on they began lawsuits to get their land back. But I began working at Clean Water Action but I knew already that it was "retirement" - I worked part-time and I continued my sweatshop activism. Paul Wellstone regularly visited our office - and we worked with him - until he, as a senator critiquing the CIA in Colombia - got "disappeared" in a plane crash. The I discovered that my Liberal Studies graduate program - my advisor was promoting Werner von Braun as his personal mentor with no mention of the former S.S. Major having supervised mass slave labor. When I pointed that out in my paid activist Op-Ed column for the MN Daily, serving some 50,000 people at the U of Minnesota Twin Cities campus - the professor emailed me a threat stating only this: I will personally make sure you are never published in the MN Daily again.

It didn't matter since it was the end of the semester and my final activist expose op-ed was "Truth Repressed by Psychic Vampires." I connected qigong training with Western philosophy, etc. haha. No one understood me - but I had been reading Professor David F. Noble. My master's thesis was about radical ecology being dismissed as a religion but in fact Western civilization is a religion based on Freemasonic philosophy going back to Plato - as David F. Noble exposed.

So finally after I threatened to go on hunger strike - the U of MN President emailed me asking me not to go on hunger strike - "unlimited" - and that I had "done enough." I had written a detailed expose of the 300 corporations doing "business" as science at the U of MN. An adminstrator was exposed - "for enough money will give you tomatoes as big as basketballs!" he told Monsanto. A U of MN biology professor - Phil Regal - said he thought there were "six" of me when I asked him a question at a Greens party meeting. He told me how Monsanto had taken over the biology department at the U of MN. I had protested the U of MN "State of the Union" address by passing out my expose of the U of MN to all the professors. A professor complained - but this goes back to the founding of the University! I said yep - I exposed how the founder Pillsbury had been in Skull and Bones. haha.

Also I exposed Cargill - with their Freemason connections - the largest private corporation in the world spreading starvation by "dumping food" that wipes out local farmers in 100 countries. And then my "Liberal Studies" department organized a JFK assassination conference and Peter Dale Scott attended but he and other professors rejected the claims of the organizer - Jim Fetzer. Fetzer was the the liberal studies advisor at Duluth campus - up north - but he also had a military background, just like the advisor Art Harkin who had praised Werner von Braun. So then it turned out Fetzer not only had all of his books published by the Moonies - but the Moonies had moved their publishing office and professor network to just off the U of MN campus!! Paragon House Press. I went to their office to look for a Ken Wilber book since I was critiquing Ken Wilber in my master's thesis.

So then I emailed Peter Dale Scott and he told me to be careful. When Fetzer published a book about how Paul Wellstone had been killed by the CIA - I considered it to be a "taking the velvet glove off the iron fist" moment. After 9/11 when one of the generals announced he was told by the White House we were going to attack a list of 7 countries - I knew it was game over for activism. Then John Judge came to town and gave his talk about how his parents had worked for the Pentagon and that Vietnam had been planned decades in advanced with the numbers of U.S. soldiers to be killed all planned out. Judge knew about the secret military UFOs that he called Unidentified Fascist Objects. In 1997 I had a close encounter with one of these secret equilateral black triangle craft that go Mach 9 but also go very slowly over the tree lines. I could have hit it with a rock but I didn't dare take my eyes off it! haha.

So meanwhile my ex-girlfriend had been in Morocco and when I visited her we went to the most traditional Berber village - and it was controlled by the females. The government had just put in a gravel road but the Berber dialect needed a University professor to decipher. They spoke in rhyming verse like Shakespearean English! The Berber females used humanure compost to grow their vegetables and potatoes and wheat. Wild sheep were herded for wool and meat and the females made all the clothing. The houses were all adobe in funky designs to slow down any invaders. The females had tattoos from when the Arabs would kidnap the females - they got tattooed when the females were "used up."  So instead the females all just preemptively tattooed themselves to prevent being kidnapped, even though that was from hundreds of years ago.

So anyway I knew people could live off the land and I had some taste of it. But when I finished my master's degree - I had dropped out of the University since i was so disgusted with the corrupt administration that censored the professors. Even all my emails had been wiped out when I exposed the attorney who controlled the university "joking" about how the professors on the sweatshop committee "better have tenure." I knew the whole system was a joke. In 1999 I was at Seattle protesting for the WTO Shutdown - and I stayed in a hotel room with two young beautiful females - activist friends. One I had already broken up with - a 19 year old. I was almost ten years older than her! The other was a sweatshop activist and we began dating. But I broke up with her also - since she was not radical enough. Actually she broke up with me first.

So when I first attended the qigong master class - he had given a talk at my Spiritual Healing class through the Liberal Studies department - and he walked past me, sending qi in me and I saw bright yellow light and I felt this amazing love - better than any sex I had. haha. So I knew this was very real. Then I began studying qigong and Taoist alchemy and I dropped out of school but my parents wanted me to finish the degree. So I joined back by doing the intensive qigong training as "self-designed" credit. I went a week on just a half glass of water but the qi energy kept getting stronger. I attended the Level 3 healing retreat and the qigong master in full lotus was sending out spirits out of the top of his head - they were shaped like humans and would "break off" and float out to heal the students. Then I also saw spirits float in - yellow light shaped as humans but float in from outside the room. They hovered around the qigong master!

I never said anything to anyone about this but the qigong master said that since someone in the room could see these things he would explain what they were - and he corroborated what I thought they were. He also said qigong masters could smell cancer as rotting flesh - and I could smell that as well emanating from this one man in the front of the room who had traveled up from Arizona just to get special healing. I had been studying the biography of the most famous Buddhist master in Thailand who had similar experiences. The qigong master I studied with is http://springforestqigong.com - Chunyi Lin.

So then I healed my mom of her "smoker's legs" - and she no longer needed surgical stockings. But she screamed bloody murder at me for having fasted for a week. I was very emotionally sensitive and the energy got so strong. This female at the local anarchist cafe - when we made eye contact from 15 feet away - suddenly energy shot out of me and I had this internal orgasm shoot up my spine and I knew that she had experienced the same thing. But I repressed that experience, not able to process it. So then I tested the third eye opening - I stopped training when in full lotus I experienced this strong spacetime vortex as the room spinning around me. I had to know what that was - it was the Emptiness. The qigong master told me I had an "enlightenment experience."

I had already ate some food - and this spinning was from my spirit leaving my body with out enough qi. I had "lost" the qi after the female had made eye contact with me. I didn't understand the necessity for the celibacy - and how difficult it was. haha. I knew that the Emptiness was equally in everything - and so I began dumpster diving with this local hippy homeless lady who had dropped out of society after she had dropped LSD in the 1960s. I ate "bad" bread - with fungus - and I then healed a local activist of scabies - by sucking up his disease. Then I sucked up my data computer manager at Clean Water Action - his illness of some kind of bacterial gum disease that gave him horrid stench. haha.

But I had females chasing after me - and I experienced telepathy at work - electromagnetic qi emanating out of the center of the brain. I gave a talk on qigong healing and then I took all my African-American coworkers out to eat at the local Chinese restaurant. They all ate meat and I thought I should eat meat too to increase my strength. So that closed up my energy channels more. I stopped practicing since the energy was too intense but the qigong master stuck his finger to my forehead and charged up the center of my brain with magnetic bliss. I wanted to see if it was permanent so I stopped practicing for 2 months. Yep - it did not go away. I could "flex" my pineal gland now - permanently.

I decided to study Western science to translate my experiences back into science so that my family would not think I was schizoid. haha. I promoted quantum biology and qigong on PZ Myer's blog - the "top" science blog. I exposed the "salaried sell- outs" - I had blogged the Actual Matrix Plan on GNN - an activist website forum. I had stated how science would always under-predict global warming because science did not take into account the feed backs - the nonlinear feed backs. I continued dumpster diving while sitting in full lotus several hours a day, sending out love energy to strangers in public. I had strangers thank me for the healings. But mainly I used up my energy for free psychic healings. haha.

I had to quit my job due to a female coworker stalking me for my energy - and also I had to keep eating antiseptics like garlic and tea tree oil - because the energy was sucking - pulling up my anaerobic bacteria into the skull. Also my job had been replaced by a "speed dialer" and I had exposed how my environmental nonprofit was funded $1 million a year by the Rockefellers and was fake - since the IRS had cracked down on it after protesting nuclear waste.

That was in 2009 - I had been riding an old 3 speed bike from England - all winter long in Minnesota - for 10 years and after the RNC protests, my friends had been "pre-arrested" having their cell phones tracked. I never had a cell phone since I knew the electromagnetic pollution hazards and also the tracking hazards. My cousin, same age as me, has a big real estate business and now a fracking oil train shipping yard - but he is recovering from brain cancer. Too much cell phone use! I biked out of the city and I toured the local Theravedan Buddhist monasteries. My Burmese refuge friend was now a well-paid hospital adminstrator who started a monastery - but the monk he brought over was fake!

I had to leave his monastery in the middle of the night after his monk perv attacked me. It was freezing cold rain and I dumpster-dived some food and burned toilet paper in a porta potty to get some heat. Then I went to more monasteries farther south - sleeping outside, on my old three speed. I went to a hospital about 200 miles south of the Twin Cities - to see if I could get free money for being schizoid but instead this very beautiful blond young nurse seductively asked me to stay at her place for the night. I turned her down and finally I returned to my parents who were living on a 10 acre forest tract.

I began removing the invasive buckthorn with a pick axe. My dad had fried his brain from his far-right world view - from too much chain smoking and drinking. I continued having precognitive visions and doing psychic healing. When I had this thought that my dad just died, as I was in full lotus - I ran up to his room but I didn't want to disturb his sleep. The next morning I found his dead body but when I saw it, suddenly I was filled with the greatest love energy I had ever experienced. I knew he had experienced that love when he left his body. He had done a lot of good charity work supporting his family and he over all was a honest man, despite the system being bad.

Then my mom got very sick in 2013 so I took her to the assistant of the qigong master, an African-American and part Native-American healer - Jim Nance - http://guidingqi.com - and he befriended me for a couple years. He showed me - he went into my soul - by leaving his body and I could feel this strong electromagnetic force on the right side of my heart. He had healed my mom while he talked to me on the phone and she was asleep! She had barely been able to walk but the next day she had so much energy that the day after she walked a half mile on her own! That was in 2013.

I kept doing more Taoist alchemy research and shamanic research and studying quantum biology - and I had read one scholarly book a day for over 10 years. I posted all my research online - along with my psychic healing experiences. http://voidisyinyang.blogspot.com is my website. I had worked 2 years for an organic fruit company and my coworkers spoke no English so I had to speak bad Spanish. We worked in a Chinese warehouse - so I realized that most Chinese think qigong training is not real. haha.

Take care,
drew hempel, M.A.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The End of Civilization is Officially Here: A 2 million year landmark approaches

The new report by the World Meterological Society on global warming - still is not enough "evidence" to convince the onslaught of corporate-funded deNile responses.

 found that CO2 levels have not been as high as they are now for at least the past 10 to 15 million years, during the Miocene epoch. right

What are we dealing with here? It is ejaculation addiction writ large - left brain dominance is a primate trait - it is deeply engrained in our primate brain. The rate of carbon dioxide increase is faster than any other time in Earth's history.

Rational analysis and "evidence" just fuels the left-brain right-hand "techno-fix" mentality.

So for example even some of the climate scientists who know we are in crisis think that massive geo-engineering could "fix" the problem.

So based on those estimates - we hit 2 degree Celsius global average rise by 2036. But that is not considering a nonlinear, exponential increase in global warming.

The "models" do not fit the empirical data - as Peter Wadhams, the top arctic field ice researcher got fired from Cambridge and censored - he says the Arctic will be ice-free most likely next year, if not, then in a few years at most.

When the Arctic is ice-free - and believe me - we lost half of our winter here in Minnesota already - the "albedo effect" that reflects 90% of the sun's heat - on the Arctic - will be gone. That has not happened in over 2 million years. So all the permafrost methane that was frozen will escape.

The other Arctic ice field researchers - the Russian scientists studying methane - have also been censored. In 2008, just as with Wadhams, the Russian scientists were on record stating a huge gigaton methane release could happen at any time: Immediately causing a huge temperature increase worldwide.

Even just the carbon dioxide increase from the positive feedback of the permafrost melting, plus water vapor increase, pushes global temp past 2 degrees sooner than 2036 - and humans can not survive much higher than a 2 degree increase. Farm agriculture will not survive, as the center of continents where all the soil is will be much higher than 2 degrees.

Now one of the Russian scientists, teaching in Alaska, has insisted she didn't say those things - even though the statements are on record - in published research and on video.

So there is some heavy-hitting censorship - professor Guy McPherson, in ecology, quit due to being censored. Some people think he is being conspiratorial when he reports that he was being monitored by a spy in his class - from the NSA or Homeland Security. Trust me - I got threatened and my email was all deleted, phone bugged, etc. just from my own "volunteer" activist as a graduate student. The senator who visited our nonprofit environmental office - Paul Wellstone - got "disappeared" in an "accidental" plane crash. When a book got published stating the crash was no accident - I knew the leather glove had been taken off the iron fist.

Fascism as now officially exists in the U.S. is due to ejaculation addiction. It's an extreme commodity fetish based on closeted homosexuality. I blogged about this already regarding Drumpf and his mentor Roy Cohn. Now we are told that the Russians have Drumpf on video doing "leaks" as a fetish and Drumpf is now obsessing over "leaks." Indeed, as I posted, his insistence on a 10% military increase with threats of nuclear first strike already are the epitome of "missile envy" as he bragged about his "size" during the "presidential debate."

In other words the biggest Empire in world history has been reduced to the truth: we are patriarchal primates controlled by ejaculation addiction. Dr. Helen Caldicott is writing a book about this right now. Her book Missile Envy could come true - at any moment - Drumpf having a hissy-fit due to his small hands and then pushing the button - launching the nuke codes.

So then Health Care is the biggest domestic cost, after the military - and the U.S. has a military almost as big as the rest of the world combined. It's bigger than the next 7 largest military budgets - and most of the weapons are also exported by the U.S. But in the corporate mass-mind control media we are told the military spending is only around 20 to 30% of the government budget - but that does not include the debt spending payments for the military nor the healthcare costs on veterans, nor the military "research" in other departments like Energy, NASA, etc. So in fact the military is over 50% of the budget.

For example whenever a u.S. solider is killed in combat that soldier cost the taxpayers $1 million dollars already in spending costs. More soldiers commit suicide than die in combat - why? Because as General Smedley revealed - the u.s. military works for the global empire elite.

So obviously - the U.S. also has the most expensive health care in the world and the U.S. is the only industrial nation without universal health care - why? Because since it's not military spending then there's no reason for the rich to subsidize health care. But when you take into account the "unrealized capital gains" of Wall Street wealth that is untaxed - and if it is taxed then only at 15% - the rich pay a lower tax rate than the poor, who, including state and local taxes, pay at least 25%. Also the rich are just subsidizing themselves - through the corrupt corporate medical Big Pharma insurance scam.

So ever since Aristotle - who recognized that Democracy was the best form of government but the masses would threaten the wealth of the minority - and so the solution should be a progressive tax system that generates equality of wealth - this progressive tax concept has been suppressed.
 HANS J. MORGENTHAU: Aristotle argues that of all the types of rule, perhaps the rule of the many, democracy, is the best.
The U.S. was founded as a slave colony that rebelled in order to maintain its slave system, since Britain was already freeing its slaves. The U.S. constitution was only passed by votes because it had the Bill of Rights added but then the problem is these rights are considered "given" by the elites, when in fact the rights are "inalienable." Already there was a tax rebellion since the soldiers who fought in the revolution were not paid their back wages and local farmers were over-taxed.

And so the problem actually goes back to Plato, when each citizen was valued as a symmetric ratio - 9/8 - based on music tuning, as Ernest McClain reveals (and promotes). So the "left" and "right" divide goes much deeper - as the real problem is symmetric math and divide and average logic itself as a deep mind control reality. The CIA, through William Sargent, actually studied shamanism around the world - his U.K. torture studies were part of the CIA's MKULTRA that was an extension of Nazi torture/mind control. And this goes back to the Inquisition and the secret occult societies of the West.

It's like in the Matrix - the sell-out dude tells Agent Smith - how he "knows" the steak is not real but he can not resist what his senses are telling him. The older philosophies of the East knew that the mind's perception of the senses was an illusion of a deeper consciousness that still exists in deep sleep. Pythagorean philosophy knew this as well - but Plato and Archytas repressed this truth.

The biggest cause of job loss is automation. So people think if they just train in technology skills then they can be civilized with all its merits. The masses lose their jobs to machines, the elites get their sensual perceptions "enhanced" by technology. The Actual Matrix Plan in action.

So as I call it - the Alchemy of DeNile is deep. When I worked for Greenpeace in 1996 - my "boss" said his biggest concern was global warming. I looked up that activist-friend and he just got some farmland from H.U.D. - in other words it had been bankrupt land - foreclosed land. But based on Guy McPherson's analysis we are going to hit a 2 degree rise in global warming average much earlier than 2036. McPherson thinks very soon - a few years away at most.

McPherson thinks we have ten years left for the human species. The elite have underground "cities" that they can escape too - Dick Cheney escaped to one after 9/11. Continuity of Government was enacted after 9/11 and it is de facto fascism. The constitution is repealed. But even living underground, like Zion of the Matrix, will not last long if global warming is that bad. Humans as primates can not adapt that fast.

The War on Drugs was started as mass imprisonment from the CIA dumping drugs on the poor people of color in the U.S. - so the CIA could fund secret fascist terrorism in other countries. The U.S. now has 800 military bases in 80 other countries. But you can't "eat" money. Even though the central banks of the Trilateral Commission, etc., created over 12 trillion dollars after the global financial collapse - in 2008 - the U.S. Fed has 4 trillion as assets - which means it has to pay a higher interest rate to the Banking Elite, then the U.S. government pays to the Fed. That means the U.S. Empire is de facto officially bankrupt by the global capitalist elites.

It works like this - the U.S. Fed elite bankers (Rothschild, the Rockefellers, etc.) create trillions of dollars for free - and "buy" U.S. treasury bonds. The taxpayers then enable the U.S. government to pay the Fed some 2.5% interest on the bonds - and the Fed in turn loans out the money to banks for about 2% interest. Any money earned - about 100 Billion a year by the Fed - goes back to the U.S. treasury supossed. But the Banks that make up the Fed then deposit all that money that the Fed loaned to them, back in the Fed where it earns 4% interest. In other words that's the "operating costs" of the Fed - the parasitical siphoning off of free profits in the hundred billion dollars a year. The only profits that compete with that is big oil.

The Banks (that create the Fed) in turn lend out that money at about 4% interest. Wall St. corporations then take out the money as loans and use the money to "buy back" their stocks (something that was recently illegal). This then props up the value of their shares, so that the elite stock holders get wealthy. Even standard economists admit that Wall St. Fed parasitical "financialization" free money is quickly bankrupting the U.S. economy - at a rate of 2 to 3% per year. The only way the corporations then make actual real "wealth" is by working people to death, and raping the planet.

And since 40% of U.S. workers make less than $15 an hour - and including local and state taxes, pay an effective tax rate as much as the super-elite rich - the U.S. with the worst economic inequality of any industrial nation - can not take blood from stone. Effect real wages have not rising in over 40 years while rent has quadrupled since then, along with food costs. So 15% of the U.S. is on food stamps - considered to be an "entitlement" and meanwhile the rich get tax-free capitol gains that at most are taxed at 15% when cashed out.

But with the increased privatization of prisons, and the largest prison population on the planet, the U.S. has internalized its empire, going back to slave days, with the increased profits now extracted from the planned doubling of deportation private slave prisons. Drumpf says how the white working class will get its jobs back once the undocumented workers are put into prison and deported. But who wants jobs that do not even cover the costs of living? Get worked to death for starvation wages - and no health care now.

So the only reason money has value is because it's enforced by the military. The first paper money was enforced - taxes paid - by the Chinese empire. Now the Chinese, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, are the biggest "investors" in U.S. debt - buying up treasury notes - because of all the U.S. money received from their export of goods to the U.S. In fact these Chinese exports are made by U.S. corporate elite partnerships - so there is a tiny global elite that runs the U.S. Empire.

But with 40% of the U.S. workers so poor that they can not afford to buy even cheap goods - now you have the retail chain stores closing. The global financial collapse never ended - it was just extended by the infusion of free money for the elite, to be enforced by the military creating more slave labor.

So that means - just as the U.S. elite who created the U.S. constitution knew that their wealthy minority needed to be protected to "rule" the U.s. - James Madison, James Jay, etc. - they quickly, via Alexander Hamilton - set up a Central Bank - and soon the global banking elite were in control. As long as there was free land, more or less, that the U.S. government could hand over to the parasitical white ecological imperialism spreading around the world - first in the lower 48 states, then into Philippines, Haiti, Cuba, and, after World War II - the rest of Latin America, and the socialist movements in Europe had to be attacked - in Italy, etc. through CIA-Nazi collaboration. This history is documented by Noam Chomsky - but how many people actually read Noam Chomsky? Haha. I spent a couple years studying his work - when I was not in graduate school and after my college degree.

What gets left out is that the Soviet Union was also created by Wall St.-global banking funding, as Anthony Sutton exposed in his books by the Hoover Institute - the Nazis are funded by Wall-Street global banking money. And so global warming is very much a global financial juggernaut - just as Kissinger is part of the Chinese Petroleum profits - and now Drumpf-Exxon is moving in on Russian-Arctic oil drilling.

The original human culture survived the "bottleneck" of humanity - modern humans were only a few thousand living due to the Mount Toba volcanic eruption around 70,000 years ago - by the original human culture relying on the deep mind-body transformation of trance dance training. It was not anything like the "deep driving" of CIA mind control torture. William Sargent traveled the world studying shamanism but he did not really uncover the secrets because he was the one already mind-controlled. haha. Similarly the corporate culture mass mind control that cut us off from ecological balance causes the Alchemy of DeNile.

We had about 2 million years - around 3 million years since we began to leave the forest trees were listening was the dominant trance perception. We, as primates, began walking upright and so left-brain, right-hand dominance increased as the African Savannahs extended due to the precessional wobble of the Earth-Sun-Moon resonance. We modern humans have had a good run, extending our use of the ecology of Earth - feeding of the Earth to create our own techno-dream reality of first the written word, and anthropocentric art - math, the printing press, paper money, and the so-called "evolution of technology."

Funny how people use the term "ecosystem" more to describe technology or human civilization than to describe actual ecological nature. Modern humans have managed to create the fastest extinction of life on Earth in billions of years of life on Earth.

Awesome "first time" healing report: The difference between Night and Day

I continue to do healing on my mom - and then the rest of my family - but I just use my third eye to do healing, sending the yin qi energy out of my eyes that pulsate. This is not as dramatic as the below healing, posted by someone who also posts comments on this blog. What I like to do is meditate in full lotus for an hour or two and then the first thing I do afterwards is go "hang" with my mom and send the stored up qi energy into her. A month ago my mom returned from a trip to D.C. and she was very sick, so I had to "flex" my pineal gland to send out stronger energy - once - but mainly I relied on the more passive method of just letting the energy "flow" out of the pulsating eyeballs (instead of the pulsating pineal gland). haha. I told her I had to send her lots of energy to heal her and she thanked me. But mainly she is not aware I am healing her.

But amazingly her sickness originated from emotional blockage - from the stress of people around her, pulling the frequency of her energy down. Preventative healing is ten times easier than healing "after the fact." So that is why I say I also heal the rest of the family as well. As Yan Xin qigong master says, healing cancer in its early stage is like healing a cold in its early stages. So when my mom returned home fully sick - it was not her physical sickness that was as hard to heal as her mental-emotional sickness. People when too stressed out, are inherently against relaxation that is also natural healing. And so she had fallen "under the spell" of the lower frequency stress of the people around her. Or as the qigong masters state - the last thing to get healed is the mind, and what can happen is that a person's mind will bring the blockage back. That's why it's easiest to heal people when they are asleep.

I finally actually picked up the illness of my mom because I was so focused on healing her, as my mom refused to stop being active - she went on her walks and went to meetings, and to a birthday party, etc. She didn't notice that I had picked up her illness since I was able to minimize the symptoms and she herself had healed. I also used essential oils and ginger for healing myself. So even on myself - preventative healing is ten times easier. haha. Once I had gotten sick, I had to really force myself to do the qigong training.

As the qigong master who befriended me said, it would be best if people were still glad they got healed, six months after the fact. If they gave their testimonial then. haha. Or a different way to put it is when he said he doesn't do "qi demonstrations" because it doesn't change people's hearts. So if a person doesn't believe in qi healing, this is because of their latent intentional blockages in the heart. So what that means is that people rarely truly appreciate it consciously when they get healed - for example the ability of the qigong masters is greatly underappreciated, as they actually transcend death when they do their healing! 

For example when the qigong master who befriended me healed my mom - over the phone, while she was asleep - she went from barely being able to walk, to having so much energy she walked a half mile on her own, no one "telling her" to do so. So I didn't say anything to her since I didn't want her "mind" to resist the healing. My sister was shocked and wondering what had happened to my mom. My mom's friends were also shocked and wondering what happened. Why did she have so much energy? 

Finally a week went by and she still felt great. I talked to the qigong master on the phone and he confirmed that he had to send her energy "several times" while he was talking to me and my mom had been asleep - in order to permanently heal my mom. My mom's response: Well it must have been Jim, who else could have it been? But then a few years later when I reminded my mom of the healing that she got - her response was: "Well I would have healed myself anyway." haha. Possibly. 

Her sickness had started out as a simple cold that she ignored and then she went into the city where she was submitted to a mind-controlled low frequency stress situation of the "evil eye" by Number 1 perv attacks - that turned her cold into life-threatening illness. Then the Western hospital gave her medication to change her brain - so that made even continued to be sick. She could barely walk and was in a vulnerable state, so much, that she was willing to even go to the qigong center with me, so that Jim could do "sample" free healings on her. haha.

So we are immersed in a culture based on the materialistic ego - I call it Freemasonry since that reveals the mathematical origins of the problem going back to ancient times. The most amazing healing I did was when I thought I might get attacked - as my liver got burning hot - I knew I was sucking out a person's anger blockage. The person was a large Native American man, and after my liver cooled down from sending him energy, he actually walked up to me, from behind, as I sat in full lotus in a fast-food booth, "reading," and he said, "Thank you." 

But that is "psychic healing" whereas the healing that SFQ teaches is the spiritual healing so that blockages should be sent to the Emptiness via light energy. That man, being Native American, is from a culture that is based on the spiritual healing and so he actually was aware of what had happened and he was not egotistical about it, so he thanked me. I just smiled back, as I had to use essential oils since I had also leached out internal toxins out of skull and gums when I did the healing on him.

Even on the contrary - as I post Wilhelm Reich in the "side bar" talking about "negative transference" - when a person gets healed, this can mean all their negative emotional energy is "exorcised" - so for example their rage manifests. I call this the fear-anger-sex cycle that many people are stuck in. Or the dopamine-cortisol positive feedback cycle of modern Western civilization: ejaculation addiction. China's Unnatural Disaster - 10,000 children killed from corrupt school bldg construction - documentary

When we sleep, that is natural healing meditation, so a person will wake up usually in a good mood from the bliss of their sleep. But as we "think" in our left-brain dominant waking state then the lower emotional blockages take over. But music is the key "accepted" experience that heals these emotional blockages. Some people can not handle music since it is too powerful healing energy. For example the "fundamentalist" Muslims are against music. Similarly most people are against trance meditation healing - and so I will get attacked. The only solution is to build up my energy more.

As the original qigong master said - what he has seen a lot, and what happened to me also, is that a person opens up their third eye and then overuses their qi energy for healing, and so that is psychic healing. He said then those psychic healers get fat because they have to rely on food or post-heaven qi to restore their energy. So this is what I've had to do lately just because relying on the Emptiness itself to build up the energy requires a deeper spacetime exorcism of the emotional blockages - and so it is more dangerous. haha. Originally the qigong master said, " the more you heal others, the more you heal yourself." He doesn't say that anymore. haha. Why? Because I think - this confusion between psychic and spiritual healing via light.

So this is also another reason to "call on the Master's energy." I have been reluctant to do so because in the West we are too easily dismissed as being in a cult. Even in China - relying on calling on the qigong master's energy can be considered "qigong deviance" against modern Western materialism. But after studying the Taoist alchemy more and more - I realize that what we are really calling on is the noncommutative phase-space - the Emptiness. As the Taoists state - anything can be your "master" - if it becomes this connection - this strong light being "turned around" into the Emptiness. And so the qigong masters are persons who have trained to have that permanent connection to the Emptiness and that is why we call on their energy.

Like the qigong master who befriended me said - he also did a 7 day fast during his qigong training but the energy was just too powerful. The strongest qi healing energy I had was after a 7 day fast! Not only could people not believe that but my mom went ballistic on me. I didn't realize till years later that the reason she was screaming so much was because I had exorcised her liver blockage from alcohol. Then she calmed down and when I healed her she fell asleep. She called me back two weeks later asking for another healing, and saying the healing she got was the "difference between night and day."

A regular reader of this blog  posts their amazing healing testimonial:

Posted Yesterday, 06:13 PM
I dropped in on some old friends today as I was passing through the area and it turned out one of them was crying in pain because she had some kind of skin infection. She'd been to the hospital and been prescribed two sets of antibiotics and finished the course, but her leg below the knee was still very badly swollen and purple. She said she'd been in pain for weeks and was moaning in agony and was about to go back to the hospital.

So I said I could try and project some qi and pull out the blocked energy even though I have no training and have never tried such a thing before.

So, I pulled out some energy and threw it on the floor but only at about 7 or 8 places in the leg because I really didn't have much idea about that, I only saw it on a youtube video once tbh. Then I got her to put her leg on a stool and I focused on the heat in the stomach and with my eyes open tried to project qi with the palm of my right hand a few inches away from the leg in to the areas that looked like they most needed it.

She said she could feel the heat pretty quickly and also began to feel very relaxed. The colour started to come back into her leg too and after a while she said she felt no pain for the first time in weeks! After about 1 hour full of maybe 6 4 minutes goes at a time most of the swelling had gone and most of the purple too and she was in a very mellow state with her eyes closed completely without pain!

I am in total amazement. Although I knew qi is very real and tangible, actually seeing and experiencing its effects first hand for the first time is almost unbelievable, it literally brings tears to my eyes thinking about it!

I am wondering if what I did is good practise and whether it's okay to do the same thing again next time I come across someone unwell, or what?
So from what I posted above - hopefully that answers the person's question. As the person had reported below - they have been feeling heat regularly in their lower tan tien. My understanding is the person is younger - and so it is easier from having more life force energy to build up the generative force. Only when the generative force - the yin qi - is restored to the age of puberty - 16 years old - is then the third eye able to open up again as the Tai Chi experience. So before that stage the heat in the lower tan tien will get very strong, the body will fill up with qi energy - the hands and feet will pulsate with qi, and physical breathing will be less needed. The center of the brain will get hot, the pineal gland, and the thymus will get hot, as the qi energy builds up into the "yuan qi" originating out of the heart.

When we heal others this energy goes down, as Master Nan, Huai-chin says, we the spiritual powers manifest then we get "heroic overexuberance" and "fall back into worldliness" - this is what is most common for modern people. As the original qigong master states, to get to advanced level of meditation requires going on retreat in a place with lots of natural harmony. Otherwise we can use the energy to heal ourselves and others as well - on a lower level. But for me, I overused my energy and as the qigong master who befriended me said, it can take years to heal a deep blockage like that. I don't have regrets, since I'm not even sure humans will be around for "years." haha.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Equinox Increased Energy: St. Patrick's Day and the Matrix

Since the last Full Moon, the energy has increased, in lieu of today being Spring Equinox. It is very reassuring that despite modern Westernized civilization kicking out carbon dioxide at a faster rate than any time in Earth's history, if we do the "original human" alchemy training, we can naturally resonate the heart-pineal gland third eye with this cosmic Sun-Moon-Earth harmonics.

Because my mom is proud of being 1/16 Irish, her Grandmother being quarter-Irish; my mom's great-grandmother was born in Ireland. So then every year for St. Patrick's Day we have corned beef and cabbage that she slow cooks. But I realized this year that in actuality St. Patrick's Day is from the Celtic pagan celebration of Spring Equinox

It's a bit ironic since "corned beef" is heavy on the salt yet Fairies or Feys despise Salt. Evans-Wentz should be a good source 1911 book archived on Celtic Feys.

Yep p. 177 says that people spread salt around their cows to protect them from Pixies, much like Fairies, smaller than Dwarves.

We had a bear on our deck last night - woke up from hibernation very hungry, so scoured the deck with claw scrapes - for the bird seed I had tossed out for this lone turkey with a lame leg. There is no grass out yet - at least not much green survived the winter - so maybe the bear will find some carrion - dead animals to scavenge. Or maybe kill a deer.

Watching the Matrix again last night - so the "one" has to use "the three" - Trinity - through love to transcend death. This is in fact what real shamans do, as the original qigong master did and the Bushmen do. Their heart's really do stop, from the deep vagus nerve activation - the right side vagus nerve that goes from the kundalini "freeze" reaction as samadhi - for reptilians.

And so after the Tai Chi enlightenment experience it is true that "coming back to the Matrix" is based on a permanent realization that anyone can become an "Agent Smith" - or what I would classify as a Number One person. For example Drumpf is a Number One Person - like a black hole, based on ejaculation addiction, just sucking up the world's energy.

So then Keanu Reeves did the actual real Tai Chi training to leave the Matrix for real.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nick Herbert: Quantum Relative Entropy is reverse entropy from "turning the light around"

So the other day I decided to "test" my "Unending spiral of fifths" article by googling the last couple sentences laden with heavy science terms. Was I just spewing woo-woo science? Nope - sure enough research published less than a month ago confirmed my claim! See below. I then discovered that "reverse entropy" is called "quantum relative entropy" now. 

Nick Herbert is a quantum physicist whose book I read - Quantum Reality

I cite him several times in my master's thesis.  I.e.:
Physicist Nick Herbert makes an encompassing pertinent new paradigm recommendation:
Religions assure us that we are all brothers and sisters, children of the same deity; biologists say that we are entwined with all life-forms on this planet; our fortunes rise or fall with theirs. Now, physicists have discovered that the very atoms of our bodies are woven out of a common superluminal fabric. Not merely in physics are humans out of touch with reality; we ignore these connections at our peril.
 I posted the below comment on Nick Herbert's Quantum Tantra blog

You cited Noether's Theorem before to explain Joseph's levitation. I know a Chinese qigong master who also levitated once when he was in deep meditation at a sacred mountain. He said he spiraled up nine feet while he was in full lotus meditation.

The quantum relative entropy (negative entropy) is now considered feasible as a work source.
"The scientists also point out that this process of erasing information with spin has already been experimentally demonstrated, although it appears to have gone unnoticed. In spin-exchange optical pumping, light is used to excite electrons in an atom to a higher energy level. For the electrons to return to their lower energy level during the relaxation process, atoms and nuclei collide with each other and exchange spins. This entropy-decreasing process can be considered analogous to erasing information at a cost of spin exchange.
Overall, the new results reveal insight into the thermodynamics of spin and could also guide the development of future applications. These could include new kinds of heat engines and information processing devices based on erasure that use inexpensive, locally available resources such as spin angular momentum. The researchers plan to further pursue these possibilities in the future.
"The erasure mechanism can be used to design generalized heat engines operating under the reservoirs of multiple conserved quantities such as a thermal reservoir and a spin reservoir," Bedkihal said. "For example, one may design heat engines using semiconductor quantum dot systems where lattice vibrations constitute a thermal reservoir and nuclear spins constitute a polarized spin reservoir. Such heat engines go beyond the traditional Carnot heat engine that operates under two thermal reservoirs."

More information: Toshio Croucher, Salil Bedkihal, and Joan A. Vaccaro. "Discrete Fluctuations in Memory Erasure without Energy Cost." Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.060602, Also at arXiv:1604.05795 [quant-ph]

My full lotus meditation alchemy training indeed encountered a "spacetime vortex" as antigravity energy - this is the Emptiness. Yan Xin, qigong master, calls it a "virtual information field" that is the secret to his mass healing 7 hour meditations.

http://voidisyinyang.blogspot.com has my research.

Last I refered to Herbert - was his "debate" with Sarfatti about retrocausality.

So then Nick's blog has a great exchange between 3 quantum physicists!

Jack Sarfatti said...
We spent a lot of mystical nonsense on Bell's theorem back then. Webnow know what it really means is that there are future causes of present effects in addition to the usual past causes of those same present effects.
January 7, 2017 at 7:19 PM
Blogger Jack Sarfatti said...
We now
January 7, 2017 at 7:21 PM
Blogger nick herbert said...
Bell's theorem has spawned a great variety of clever speculations concerning the nature of quantum reality. To cling to one ("we know") is to show oneself uninformed concerning numerous equally viable alternatives. To say "we know" about one's pet conjecture is very shoddy thinking indeed.
January 7, 2017 at 8:10 PM
Blogger Brian Josephson said...
Perhaps it was merely the 'royal we', as in "We have become a grandmother"
 So now onto Nick Herbert's analysis of Noether's Theorem to explain levitation
 But Noether's Theorem proves that these two conservation laws derive from two basic SYMMETRIES in Nature -- the symmetries of TIME and of PLACE.
 Conservation of Energy derives from the symmetry that as far as physics is concerned, ALL MOMENTS OF TIME have the same nature -- in physics there are no magic moments.

Conservation of Momentum derives from the symmetry that as far as physics is concerned, ALL LOCATIONS IN SPACE have the same nature -- in physics there are no privileged places.
 However, our conscious experience does assign a special time and a special place to the world. We experience the world in the HERE and NOW. Conscious experience seems to break the universal time/space symmetry of physics and hence (via Noether's Theorem) opens the way for Mind to violate the laws of conservation of Energy and Momentum.
 But perhaps human minds in their normal state exercise only a insignificant influence on Nature's basic time/space symmetries but in Mesmeric trances, sexual transports or religious ecstasies, the powerfully experienced here/nowness of consciousness might induce extraordinary acts that violate the cherished laws of physics over and over and over again.

Thus Emmy Noether can explain St. Joseph of Cupertino.

The details are left to the student.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Unending Spiral of Fifths: How Music Explains Meditation, Metaphysics, and real Magic

The Unending Spiral of Fifths:
How Music Explains Meditation, Metaphysics, and real Magic


Drew Hempel, M.A.

All human cultures, the tens of thousands that existed before Western colonialism, all relied on music as being the unifying force of social and spiritual strength and healing. In terms of what type of music, all human cultures use the basic natural harmonics from the natural numbers, so that 1:2 is the octave and 2:3 is the Perfect Fifth, and 3:4 is the Perfect Fourth. The octave is C to C' with the Perfect Fifth as C to G and the Perfect Fourth as C to F.

This seems very simple and everyone who learns basic music theory first learns these ratios. But there is a great secret that is not realized in this simplicity. It has now been rediscovered. The Perfect Fourth, in fact, does not arise from the natural number harmonic series, starting from 1. In other words if the first music note is 1 and the octave 2/1, the third harmonic is the Perfect Fifth as 3/2 because 2 is a common factor of the 1, as a ratio to the original note. But 4/3 as the Perfect Fourth is not possible since 3 is not a multiple of 1 and 2. The Harmonic Series ascends but has to maintain the multiples of the original note.

This is usually just considered a "technical" issue without any deeper meaning but in fact as mathematician Alain Connes points out, the Perfect Fifth and the Octave are noncommutative since 2 does not go into 3. What this means is that Western music theory does not allow the subharmonic of 2/3 as the Perfect Fifth, which geometrically is C to F. Instead it is "doubled" as 4/3 as C to F, overtone, but this conversion of the "subcontrary mean" to the "harmonic mean" by Archytas, in the 5th Century BCE, was a cover-up of the noncommutative empirical truth! Alain Connes says the noncommutative harmonics as (2,3, infinity) is the simplest "universal scaling system" that unifies quantum mechanics and relativity, in his "Music of the Quantum Sphere" analysis.

So most people learn that the Perfect Fifth plus the Perfect Fourth equals the Octave but this assumes that C to G is 3/2 as the Perfect Fifth overtone, and not C to F as 2/3, the Perfect Fifth undertone or subharmonic. Both are true empirically, as Sir James Jeans points out in his Science and Music book. People are told that the natural ratios have to be "compromised" so that a music scale can be created for polyphonic harmonics. But that is simply a cultural bias imposition! Only Western music has this polyphonic harmonics based on the logarithmic scale, so that the Perfect Fifth "plus" the Perfect Fourth "equals" the Octave is actually 3/2 x 4/3 = 2/1.

In music theory this is called the "Phantom Tonic" because in fact the home note of "1" is changed when we realize that the Perfect Fourth as 4/3 is not part of the harmonic series but in fact originates from 2/3 as the Perfect Fifth subharmonic. This 2/3 subharmonic then does not enable the logarithmic tuning set up when Archtyas converted the subcontrary mean to harmonic mean. And so this again is the noncommutative phase-space secret of real empirically true music theory whereby F=3=G at the same time, when time is "zero." As the Pythagoreans taught, "there is no 1." One is not a number but instead this secret gateway to what the Taoists called the "Unending Spiral of Fifths."

Pythagoras is considered to be the founder of Western science because he realized that frequency is inverse to time or wavelength. But we can't "see" time and so the mathematics from the music theory was covered up. This is called the "negative judgment paradox" by math professor Luigi Borzacchini who published how the music cover-up of the origins of Western math is "really astonishing" and "shocking." In other words since the Perfect Fifth and the Octave do not line up then to create a wavelength scale the frequency has to be compromised into "alogon" or irrational magnitude as the Greek Miracle continuum.

So for example when we learn the Pythagorean Theorem in school, this theorem of irrational magnitude is actually from the wrong music theory – it's from the commutative music theory that does not allow the empirically true Perfect Fifth as the subcontrary mean or 2/3, C to F. So Archytas discovered the equation from Babylonia stating that the "arithmetic mean multiplied by the harmonic mean equals the geometric mean squared." This can only use ratios with values above 1 so that 3/2 x 4/3 = 2. So then based on that equation when the Perfect Fifth is squared as 9/4 it is then halved back into the octave as 9/8 but then cubed as the square root of 2, or the tritone, Devil's Interval.

This symmetric commutative math by Archytas meant that the original "orthodox" Pythagorean Tetrad or Tetractys could then be expanded from 1:2:3:4 into further logarithmic magnitude values. So, then 3/2, as the geometric mean squared, is divided into 5/4, the major third music interval approximation, and 6/5, the minor sixth music interval. 5/4 then is from 9/4 halved to 9/8, doubled a major 2nd music interval to 10/8, which then approximates the cube root of two. 8/5, the major sixth, then approximates the Golden Ratio. As several analysts have documented Plato then promoted this irrational magnitude analysis of Archytas from the wrong Pythagorean philosophy.

It was these ratios that were rediscovered during the Renaissance use of the Arabic math from the original Greek studies of Archtyas, Plato and others. But the Orthodox Pythagoreans only used the Perfect Fifth, Perfect Fourth and Octave from 1:2:3:4, not the ratio 9/8, etc. For the Orthodox Pythagoreans, there had to be several years of silence in cave meditation, called "incubation," as the purpose of the music was the same as the Taoists, the "unending spiral of fifths" based on complementary opposites that are noncommutative. So then sound continues to resonate into higher and lower frequencies, as mind-body transformation, through the philosophy of the Logos, the divine word of God that can not been seen, but is the creative spirit or fire energy.

Meanwhile in the West it is assumed that because the time-frequency intervals are infinite based on noncommutative resonance, it would then take an infinite amount of time to make the measurement. Therefore the question is not even valid and also it serves no purpose in constructing a "practical" music scale that enables polyphonic tuning based on wavelength. 

But this approach to music tuning is not based on the actual practice of a musician, who does deep listening to the sound! The question, in this training of deep listening, has to arise: Who is doing the listening!? Again as the Pythagoreans taught, there is no number 1, so the "no one is listening." Instead the number 2 appears to be the first creation of matter as the octave wavelength, but in fact the number 2 is the resonant reflection of Apeiron, the Cosmic Mother Emptiness that can not be seen: pure time as consciousness.

Meanwhile in the West Kepler is inspired by the music harmonics of the inverse ratios of time and wavelength, as is Galileo and most importantly Newton rediscovers this "inverse square" value of the ratios: The same weight or tension on a string half as long produces four times the force (gravity) or an octave increase in frequency. If the string is twice as long and the weight 4 times as great then the frequency is the same as the string half as long. Weights (mass) are inverse or reciprocal to the square of the string length. Newton cites Plato's Timaeus as his source. The original noncommutative time-frequency secret was not rediscovered until de Broglie was analyzing Einstein's relativity that was actually just an extension of the Pythagorean Theorem from Archytas.

So Louis de Broglie realized that if energy goes up in frequency as it goes towards the speed of light, then as per Einstein's relativity, time slows down, which means the wavelength also gets bigger. This goes against the fundamental principle discovered by Pythagoras and that had guided Western science ever since: Frequency inverse to wavelength as time. But since de Broglie knew that Einstein's relativity was correct then he reasoned, in order to explain quantum mechanics, there has to be a reverse time from the future – at the same time. He called this the Law of Phase Harmony. In fact it is the rediscovery of "noncommutative phase-space" that had been covered up ever since Archytas.

De Broglie's analysis was quickly covered-up just as real Pythagorean philosophy was also covered up. De Broglie realized this reverse time from the future was secretly "guiding" the movement of matter and so he called it the "pilot wave." He wanted to think it was fiction at first but then he realized it must be real. Of course no one else wanted to think it was real – a pilot wave from the future that is superluminal or retrocausal. And yet quantum mechanics, the new foundation of physics, persisted in confirming some kind of instantaneous correlation between entangled particles that Einstein dismissed as "spooky action at a distance."

It was not until experiments could be devised that used just one photon, to finally "disprove" Einstein and confirm de Broglie – there really is an entanglement wave that is non-local, and instantaneous, at any distance. But then scientists insisted that this wave can only exist after the fact of an experiment created by the scientists, therefore this "foundation" of reality must not exist at all if scientists don't devise the experiment. It must only be a byproduct of the experiments that induce the entanglement. The problem is that most scientists then ignore this "foundation" of physics, insisting instead that the non-local entanglement wave is just an abstract mathematical statistical construct. Retrocausality is the latest attempt to explain real "magic."
 Just last year, three new experiments claimed to close almost all the remaining loopholes. ‘The most rigorous test of quantum theory ever carried out has confirmed that the “spooky action-at-a-distance” that [Einstein] famously hated… is an inherent part of the quantum world,’ as Nature put it.
The problem is then how could scientists explain this reality of quantum entanglement, and so now de Broglie's pilot wave is beginning to be embraced again as a solution. Even though we can not measure the pilot wave externally, we can logically infer it exists before the measurement takes place. This means when time is zero, there is this non-local quantum entanglement reality that some quantum physicists consider to be consciousness. Also since time is noncommutative to frequency, this is the origin of the inherent "uncertainty" in the measurement.

In other words physicists, reluctantly, had rediscovered the original secret of Pythagorean philosophy. But, again, the Pythagoreans applied this philosophy as music theory for meditation, through the concept of the "unending spiral of fifths." So for example the 12 note music scale is constructed from the Perfect fifths, but in the symmetric math it is called the "circle of fifths." In Taoist philosophy, with Yang as the Perfect Fifth and Yin as the Perfect Fourth, this 12 note music scale is the basis for meditation as the unending spiral of fifths, called the "small universe" or "small heavenly circuit" meditation. So the person closes their eyes and listens to an OHM sound at each of the 12 points or harmonic nodes along the body-mind, visualizing light energy.

So then we now know from quantum relativity, applying the Law of Phase Harmony, that light when it is "turned around" as in meditation, is actually "heavy" or has relativistic mass. That means there is actually negative entropy or reverse spacetime by turning light around. So for example science has just proven that the vacuum as "friction" when light is emitted the opposite direction of an atom. Why? Because the atom appears to lose velocity speed but in fact it is losing phase, as noncommutative time-frequency – it is losing momentum as relativistic mass. Light has momentum but no rest mass. That means there is eternal motion of spacetime relative to light as spiritual consciousness. That was the secret that the Pythagoreans and Taoists knew through meditation but was covered up by the wrong math of Western science.

India also figured out this secret of the 12 notes as the small universe meditation, as practiced in Kriya yoga. The oldest philosophy of India is Samkhya with sattva as the Octave, raja as the Perfect Fifth and tamas as the Perfect Fourth music intervals. These are the "three gunas" as the secret of the OHM sound of the Universe. Instead of calling it the "unending spiral of fifths" the OHM sound originates as the "unstruck sound."

And in fact, again, all human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals and practice shamanic healing based on this secret of the infinite noncommutative time-frequency resonance. So then there are inherent complementary opposites to reality – the number 1 is male, the number 2 is female, and the origin of reality that can not be seen, but can be heard is also female – in Pythagorean philosophy it is Apeiron, in Egypt it is Nuit, in India it is Kala. They all refer to the consciousness of the Universe that can not be seen but is from time that is eternal harmonic motion of destruction and creation.

What this means, as physicist Raymond Chiao explains, is that from the perspective of light, you would be in two places at the same time. This, again, is called "noncommutative phase-space" that is time-like and actually creates spacetime and energy-mass. Or as physicist Gerard 't Hooft explains, there is a "timelike moebius strip" that creates micro quantum virtual black holes everywhere in space time, as quantum entanglement. Astrophysicist Paul S. Wesson explains that from this fifth dimensional noncommutative phase-space, the Law of Phase Harmony of de Broglie has to be real. It is not just some product of experiment.

Because people learn by rote they don't think about the basic concepts taught in education. So people just accept the Pythagorean Theorem without considering its origin from the Western "Greek Miracle" continuum and how that is connected to "incommensurability." As Math professor Luigi Borzacchini states, there is a "deep pre-established disharmony" that guides the evolution of Western science, based on this irrational magnitude foundation from the wrong music theory.

When there is reverse entropy created by "turning the light around" then the frequency is increased towards the speed of light, by the matter of the body, while time slows down, externally, and at the same time, there is a guiding phase wave from the future that enables precognitive visions, levitation, healing at a distance, seeing inside other people's bodies, spirit communication and even physical bilocation. Of course the energy has to be stored up as this reverse entropy phonon energy – acoustic antigravity waves or "spin" – the hidden momentum of the relativistic mass of light. From the perspective of the 5th dimension, everything happens at the same time in the 4th dimension as quantum entanglement. So the 5th dimension is the noncommutative phase-space of spirit-light experiencing changes in spacetime or mass-energy. We are eternally always-already within the 5th dimension as the black hole of the Universe that created 4D spacetime from a noncommutative phase-shift.