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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Gimmel of Triadic Vortical Paradigm: Neppe and Close

I was looking up the "board" of neuroquantology - the various researchers - and discovered the quirky collaboration of Neppe and Close. Neppe is a neuropsychiatrist who also investigates paranormal research while Close is an environmental management engineer with an "essential oils" anti-mold business with his wife.

Listening to Neppe was a bit frustrating since it is Close who developed the math of their unified field theory. Close started out developing a new type of calculus using three dimensions of time, that he sent to Stephen Hawking in the 1980s. Neppe then builds on what this three dimensions of time means - in terms of consciousness. So the "gimmel" is a term from Kabbala I guess - and they use it kind of like Colin Wilson used the term "Faculty X" - for consciousness. So they have revised their book of "unified monism" called Reality Begins with Consciousness.

I was trying to get a sense of where their theory got traction in terms of "academia." The editor of Neuroquantology who replied to me yesterday, he has a book published, that looks very interesting, but gets dismissed by one comment as "new age." It's quantum biology consciousness research and several of the articles for that journal plug the "golden ratio" answer for everything - with fractals. It's a model that gets dismissed as not real science since it's not falsifiable or the data is fudged, etc. But on the other hand several of the articles published in the journal are actually critiques of other quantum consciousness models, like the debate and critique of Henry Stapp's use of the "Quantum Zeno Effect" to explain quantum consciousness.

But for Neppe and Close most of their articles are published in some obscure fanciful titled journal, that I realized is a society along the lines of MENSA  - defined by "I.Q." test scores. haha. Personally I'm not a big fan of I.Q. test scores and when you consider Neppe is from South Africa then it becomes a bit creepy. So then they had a second I.Q. society journal publish another one of their "unified field theory" articles. So besides their self-publishing the books, as far as I can tell, and then Neuroquantology, which has several more fringe academics, then obviously all this research is on the edge of acceptability.

That's fine with me - I was just curious where they are coming from and obviously the big plug of essential oils by Close is a big plus for me. I'm glad to report I've been having success with my coconut oil/apple cider vinegar and essential oil anti-mold treatments! The internal tingling has dropped significantly down. It's pretty amazing considering I've had that internal tingling for over 15 years.

When people learn about the model of Neppe and Close they are quick to put it into perspective. Those interested in these type of ideas are quick to say well "Tom Campbell" has a better model that is easier to understand or what about this Arthur Young model, Laszlo model, Goswami, etc.....but Neppe and Close have anticipated such a reaction, as they got the same comparisons in their interpersonal dynamics. So they compiled an analysis of criteria that compared all the competing spiritual science unified models, with theirs of course getting the only perfect score.

It's a pretty funny tactical move but also works well to force people to take notice. What I found fascinating is, as the wife of Close emphasizes, it is his mathematical model that he calls the "Calculus of Distinctions" that is the foundation of the argument.

Basically he starts with the reason Fermat's Theorem can't be  proved - because only when it's extended to three dimensions does it then provide the necessary symmetry to be proven. So then reality starts from this "sphere of awareness" of the three dimensions of consciousness that expands into the three dimensions of time and three dimensions of space for a total of nine physical dimensions.

Now I had never thought about Fermat's Theorem in terms of symmetry and noncommutative harmonics but it also gets into Godel's Theorem of incompleteness and the true meaning of infinity. Neppe and Close answer this with a process of "indivension" (new term) based on this triadic vortical paradigm. Suffice it to say they are working on a new book to further explain this, but make the claim that their model is falsifiable in terms of modern science, explaining the standard model of physics, along with dark matter, dark energy, etc.

So the point being that the anomalies in galaxies and electrons are explained once "gimmel" or consciousness is taken into account. Now my take on their model is that essentially it is a classical math attempt to deal with the inherent quantum limitation of reality - the time-frequency uncertainty. In fact if we just replace consciousness with time-frequency uncertainty or Fourier uncertainty then I think we find the answer. The key is that their three dimensions of time enables quantum relativity to allow reverse time as precognition and antimatter, with a vast order of infinity they call "extropy" - beyond "negative entropy."

So indeed Neppe and Close emphasize how the real point of quantum physics is that is basically overrules classical math of calculus so no longer does "zero" exist since there is an inherent limitation of the mathematical process - there is the inherent time-frequency uncertainty, which is really this noncommutative phase-space. This is really the secret they discovered in Fermat's Last Theorem. So they are incorporating that new limitation and foundation of quantum physics as the consciousness factor in their mathematics.

The problem is then they go on to say their math is symmetric and therefore explains why there is more matter in the universe than antimatter - and so why life exists, etc. When in fact, once again, what gets ignored by their "Unified" model is the ecological crisis and vast social injustice inherent to Western science since Plato and the very definition of symmetric math based on the lie of wrong music theory. At one point Close and Neppe group together Diophantine, Plato and Pythagoras as if there was no difference essentially - when as I have pointed out real Pythagorean philosophy has been lied about.

But they have produced a series of "explanatory" videos that actually don't explain to much. haha. more videos here.

Then there is a series of interviews with Neppe again not explaining too much.

So Close creates a basic math unit of the volume of the electron as the standard "1" source of three dimensions. The math from what I can tell uses some fudge factors - rounding - and is closely tied to the problem of a second parameter of time in quantum relativity. This is the exact same method that Julie Mortensen Brooks (pdf) used - and also that computer scientist I posted on - to convert Planck's constant into a general unit of time. I will have to look up their sources again. But the similarities in their attempt to convert quantum physics into a classical model based on the second parameter of time is quite fascinating.

Anyway Close has "hundreds of papers" posted on his blog - so I will check out more of them. But at least Neppe has several articles that give credence to real out of body experiences (not just some brain glitch) and also precognition and other psychic nonlocal phenomenon. I would say the "three in one" vortex model is very spot-on - as much as Western science can allow.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Murder of my Teenage Bunnyhopping Friend and the Women's Million March

All the circumstantial evidence points to my teenage friend having been murdered.

I learned of this from my sister last night who had a teenage coworker from Minneapolis post the news to his facebook. Last contact I made with this friend was when my coworkers wanted a pet dog. I knew from the interwebs she did dog rescue so I called her up. That was a few years ago - probably 2 years ago. She didn't recognize my name or didn't want to, as I'm sure the request for a dog went against the complicated moires of her "dog rescue" volunteer work.

She chased after me in high school. We met a "folk guitar camp." Actually the mutual friend who took me to "folk guitar camp" is still going there! You can see he went there last summer for a folk guitar reunion. He still plays the same music we played together.

So actually she was a counselor in the camp next to us - a camp for disabled kids. But my friend and I "escaped" our folk guitar camp and we got drunk with the counselors - actually he brought our female friend back. Actually she was his friend, and as they lay on the bottom bunk bed across the room from me, I was too drunk to realize I was singing too loudly:

Purple Haze In my Brain! Tibetan Buddhist monk chanting with the original qigong master on a cruise ship - play back from yesterday!

So the folk guitar camp raided our room - I had never drank alcohol before and so I had not had much to drink but the camp counselors didn't know that. haha. Then I got the rumor that one of the parents was going to sue the camp. I figured it must be my dad since he's a lawyer so I called him up right away and as I confessed to him, he had no idea what I was talking about. haha. He was livid though and drove out to pick me up and whisk me away and he "grounded" me at our cabin. During that time he then spent with my cousin, the same age as me, who grew up out of the city, as a conservative Christian. That cousin is now recovering or trying to recover from brain cancer while he remains founder of a commercial real estate company with a couple billion dollars in assets. Wow I didn't realize he bought a Bakken frack oil railroad business. 

Anyway as my dad was helping my cousin get started in real estate construction - my cousin and my uncle even built the garage at our cabin - and then my dad helped out some more - and so meanwhile I was babysitting at the recommendation of my church minister for a single lady who went to Nicaragua to visit the Sandinistas. So then as I continued babysitting her baby son, then my female friend from folk guitar camp showed up to visit me. I really didn't want her to barge in on my babysitting job but she was insistent and was flirting with me, but then she got caught by the lady I was working for. Well not directly but she realized what was going on and I didn't babysit anymore for that lady. haha.

But I remember already I was going into trance - from the music training - and so my babysitting was more about the "being" of the baby then the "doing" of the baby - something not well appreciated by most anyway. And my female friend - she had earlier invited me to her family's wedding - and so it was a big Mexican-American wedding in a nearby suburb. All I remember is that at one point we all did a big "bunny hop" dance around the round tables in the big conference room - it was a long line of people all doing the "bunny hop" dance.

It was hilarious and one of the best fun moments as a teenager.

So I guess Bunhopping is a Wedding dance. Hilarious.

No - this is definitely the song we used - Bunny Hop dance youtube

O.K. so then my female friend - when we were not talking on the phone - we would go climb trees a bit - as we did a folk guitar camp. That was our first event together. But then one night, as I drove the orange Spider fiat -

A great car for teenage dating - overhead cams, five speed. I think ours was also the "turbo" model.

Then we had this crazy idea to steal a "Drew Ave." street sign.

I think I brought the step ladder in the fiat. But that venture didn't go very far. haha. As you can see the houses are pretty upscale on that street.

So anyway then we went our different ways - as we were just flirty friends. But I ran into my female friend years later - like 15 years later - and I was on a street corner waiting for a bus. She was coming out of the corner bar, hailing a cab. She offered me to join her in the back of the cab.

Then she shared how she had been an exotic dancer downtown and even Prince had asked her out on a date - so she had gone on a date with Prince! Then we proceeded to kiss in the back of the cab.

So I was pleased to see her art work has an emphasis on trees.

She had become a high school art teacher and she owned a house - a nice small house.

her art website.

I remember when we had talked on the phone, then her first daughter was a baby. She had sent me the baby photo.

So as I have emphasized on this website - the male warmongering rapist modern human dilemma is from the psychophysiological problem of ejaculation addiction. It is quite dangerous.

I was watching a cable show - oh on rich executives sent to jail - and how the term used by friends in jail is - "friendly extortion." So even the people who befriend you in jail only do so to "extort" your assets.

And so it is in the real world - the man she married, she had known only a month, was homeless, no job, had a history of abuse it turns out, including the very act that she was killed by. And so she was a victim of "friendly extortion."

I saw the same thing happen in my own family. It is a dangerous situation. Consider El Salvador - the most prominent business of that nation now is extortion. The females are targeted. The war-mongering ejaculation addiction rapist male is the real deal - it's becoming mainstream culture with Drumpf as president.

 So finally now people who have never protested before are forced to hit the streets to practice their Bill of Rights democratic process. Even my mom is going to "march" for the first time in her life!!

My nephew is going to march for the first time in his life!!

He's in D.C. with a Carnegie-Rockefeller imperial nonprofit job.

So this should be interesting. In my opinion the biggest problem of modern times is the inability of modern males to control their lower body. In my opinion if a female wants to be lewd - that's her choice - as long as she is not touching my body, she can dress the way she wants, do what she wants, and it's my problem to learn to control my lower body. haha.

But the modern male chimpanzee warmongering rapists don't see it that way, as Drumpf made well known. And the word is that Drumpf has some kind of "leak" fetish by females. I would say that this is projection by Drumpf, a psychological projection, of his inability to control his own "leaks" of his lower body. Whereas my female teenage friend taught dance and massage therapy at religious health centers.

She was an inspiration for all of us. I remember when I saw her working at the local coffee shop that I liked to visit - it was just down the street from where the Replacements had started and practiced - just off Lyndale Avenue.

My friend lived a full life where she pursued her dreams. Unfortunately male violence is too easily underestimated - the perv predator "Number 1" males are experts at pretending to befriend and "seduce" people - scheming to dominate - when in fact they are controlled by their ejaculation addiction and the instinct and movement center.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

submission to Neuroquantology

UPDATE: Editor replied to submit via website. I replied that I tried but the website had no submission link and so posting on my blog is enough.

If they reply and want to publish the below then I'll delete this blog post.
Opinion and Perspective:
Pythagorean Music Theory as Applied Quantum Biology Research

By Drew Hempel, MA

Meijer and Geesink, have validated an "algorithm of life" model based on the rational number harmonics from Pythagorean music theory: "…a stability of conformational states of waves is attained at a minimum energy, when the frequencies fit with the first harmonic (1:2), and fit somewhat lesser, but close to the second harmonic (2:3), and somewhat lesser with the third harmonic, etc. This means that the initial value problem can be solved...." (2016)

The model, while accurate, overlooks the fundamental noncommutative phase-space as the initial solution of the value problem. Mathematician Alain Connes has similarly proposed a "universal scaling system" based on a "quantum music of the spheres" theory. Connes:

a “universal scaling system”, ... this discrete scaling manifests itself in acoustic systems, as is well known in western classical music, where the two scalings correspond, respectively, to passing to the octave (frequency ratio of 2) and transposition (the perfect fifth is the frequency ratio 3/2), with the approximate value log(3)/ log(2) 19/12 responsible for the difference between the circulating temperament of the Well Tempered Clavier and the equal temperament of XIX century music. It is precisely the irrationality of log(3)/ log(2) which is responsible for the noncommutative nature of the quotient corresponding to the three places {2, 3,∞}

Mathematician Luigi Borzacchini made such a Pythagorean examination in his analysis on the origins of Western science from incommensurability, a fundamental paradox of Western math, arising from music theory (2007). It is by turning to nonwestern philosophy, as the origins of Pythagorean philosophy (Kingsley), that the solution to this crisis of both Western science and its "deep pre-established disharmony" (Borzacchini) for life as quantum biology can be solved.

"The 'demusicalization' of the theory of proportions by Plato is shocking." (Borzacchini, p. 281 of his academic article on the topic, "Incommensurability, Music and Continuum: A Cognitive Approach").... "...this 'removal' seems really astonishing!"

So what Borzacchini is revealing is what he calls the "negative paradox judgment" whereby incommensurability, as the origin of logarithmic irrationals, is discovered in music theory ratios, but without the visual physical evidence of geometry.

"However, I think I can prove that in the Platonic Academy there was a trace of this earlier approach, with a tight connection between music, numerical means and similarity, and without any reference to geometric figures, such as square or pentagon." Borzacchini, again, is revealing a cover-up: "Why these silences? And why this sudden and radical change?" (hiding the secret musical origins of western science!). "Why this sharp change? I think the first reason was that the musical proof was only negative, whereas the geometrical approach allowed the effective construction of incommensurable magnitudes."

So similarly Alain Connes in his noncommutative geometry has rediscovered this fundamentally nonvisual source of reality in the noncommutative time-frequency realm as proto-consciousness. To quote again his lecture on the quantum music of the spheres:

"Our brain is an incredible ....the receives moments of space of the photons we receive and manufactures a mental picture. Which is geometric. But what I am telling you is that I think ...that the fundamental thing is spectral [frequency]....And somehow in order to think we have to do an enormous Fourier Transform...on geometry. By talking about the "music of shapes" is really a fourier transform of shape and the fact that we have to do it in reverse. Alain Connes, 2012

So that proto-consciousness is inherently nonlocal because it is noncommutative. How can this be explained using Pythagorean music theory? There is a very simple harmonic empirical fact that is covered up, since Plato and Archytas, as Borzacchini revealed. It is only by covering up this empirical fact was commutative logarithmic "classical" physics able to be established. And so this cover-up continues, unless a proper understanding of Pythagorean music theory is applied again based on noncommutative phase-space.

“Orthodox Pythagorean theory recognizes five consonances: fourth, fifth, octave, twelfth, and double octave; and these are represented by the multiple and superparticular ratios [n + 1 : n] from the tetrad. The number 8 obviously does not belong to the tetrad.” André Barbera, "The Consonant Eleventh and the Expansion of the Musical Tetractys: A Study of Ancient Pythagoreanism," Journal of Music Theory, 1984.

Yet in 2016, Meijer in his appendix uses 9/8 as a Pythagorean ratio. In fact that ratio is from Archytas and Plato, not from actual Orthodox Pythagorean philosophy. Borzacchini insists that a "cognitive" analysis is needed to properly understand the origins of Western math from music theory: 

"Anyway I stress that such a flaw was not a limit inherent in the musical-arithmetical approach, because a rigorous proof could be built with the techniques of the VIII book of the Elements, and without reference to geometric similarity....The first is that incommensurability was not the result of simply technical philosophical or mathematical problems, but rose instead from the basic anthropological and political questions of the (not only Pythagorean, but tout court) ancient Greek culture, where music and the relationship between musical modes and state played a role that today for us is difficult to understand, in any case were the essential ingredients of both society and culture.The second is that there was between Archytas' and Plato's schools a sharp rupture causing a shift from musical to geometrical incommensurability, so that we can find nothing about the geometric approach in the extant Pythagorean fragments, nothing about the musical in Plato or Aristotle."

And so what is the secret? In music theory it's called the "Phantom Tonic" – the Perfect Fourth is actually not in the harmonic series of overtones, but is in fact an undertone as the origin of noncommutative phase-space. The Perfect Fourth is the geometric symbol "F" as 2/3 undertone but has to be doubled as 4/3 so that it fits in with the Archytas equation based on commutative logic of arithmetic mean x harmonic mean = geometric mean squared. So the subharmonic had to be silenced since it was empirically true but noncommutative.

“Any who doubt that the musical ratios are all of greater inequality, i.e., that the antecedent or first term in each is greater than the consequent or second term, should consult Archytas DK 47 B 2. This Fragment requires that the ratios be of this form if the assertions about the three means [arithmetic, harmonic and geometric] are to be true. Accordingly, the ratios assigned to the octave, fifth, fourth and minor sixth, must be 2:1, 3:2, 4:3 and 8:5, and not 1:2, 2:3, 3:4 and 5:8, respectively, as Mosshammer and others would have them.” 
 Alan C. Bowen, "The Minor Sixth (8:5) in Early Greek Harmonic Science," The American Journal of Philology, 1978.

This secret of noncommutative harmonics – noncommutative time-frequency resonance – was not rediscovered until quantum physics analysis of Fourier Uncertainty. So it’s been stated then that using “F” as the new root frequency for doubling the octave you still get – close to, but not quite the doubling of the octave of 100 hertz as C. Let’s check the Hertz: 132 plus 66 = 198 Hertz. Yep it's almost the same as 200 Hertz. It’s two Hertz off – exactly the same difference as the error of time-frequency uncertainty with the truth of the “infinite spiral of fifths.” 

Physicist Iori Fujita: “But even Δt is 1.000 sec, the bandwidth remains about 2 Hz.”

There’s another way to explain this Fourier of time-frequency uncertainty principle that clarifies things. http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/uncertainty.html 

“If the frequency difference is one hertz (one vibration per second), then you hear an interference beat every second.... But you probably found that, when the frequencies differed by 3 Hz, you needed (very roughly) about a third of a second. When they differed by 1 Hz, you needed more time. So, roughly speaking, if the frequencies differ by Δf, then you need a time of 1/Δf to notice.” 

It's been demonstrated that quantum uncertainty actually originates from noncommutative time-frequency resonance which then enables quantum entanglement. This principle was known in nonwestern music theory, since again for the overtone 3/2 the geometric ratio is G to C while as the undertone 2/3 the geometric ratio is C to F. So you have the same number value with different geometric ratio so that G=3=F as a noncommutative phase-space at the same time. 

That is the secret quantum entanglement source as the "hidden momentum" of photons from phonons. So then in Taoist alchemy training, the meditation is based on the infinite spiral of fifths with 3/2 as yang and 12 nodes applied to the body. Each cycle of the 12 notes of the scale then causes a nonlinear spiral of energy frequency, so that it's not just a trance repetition but a creation of quantum coherent biophoton energy. This is called "turning the light around" to access this hidden momentum phonon source as "yuan qi" energy.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Eccentric Experiments of Nicolas Rouleau, protege of Persinger and Quantum phase-shift proto-consciousness and Dirk K F Meijer

Experimental Demonstration of Non-Local Connectivity Between Fixed Halves of the Same Human Brain Which Was Not Evident for Brain Sections of Different Origins

This link to the pdf - is a test of brains - dead brains - separated from 1 meter up to 4 meters apart - using the Theta brain wave Schumann resonance -  7 hertz, based on the "action potential" of 1 microsecond wavelength ultrasound frequency of the neurons at waking consciousness. 7 hertz was considered the resonance frequency and modeled to be tied to the quantum hydrogen "magnetic moment" of the proton-photon-electron energy of the Universe, the magnetic flux background as the proto-consciousness.

It's quite amazing to me that Persinger and Rouleau don't cite Puharich, considering how similar their research is and Persinger himself responded to me that Puharich was "greatly underappreciated."

But the idea here is that - evolutionary speaking - the left and right halves of different brains but the same areas in those brains, are going to be more strongly connected in terms of quantum entanglement, that is non-local signalling.

So the fact that their experiment showed the nonlocal "excess correlations" as quantum entanglement, whereas the non-matched brain areas did not, demonstrates, that the proto-consciousness of the universe is tied into the dynamic evolution of life, built into the physical structure itself.

Their paper admits this experiment may seem "eccentric" as they admit regarding more experiments on dead brains - with light emissions. the list of eccentric experiments of Nicolas Rouleau
When Is the Brain Dead? Living-Like Electrophysiological Responses and Photon Emissions from Applications of Neurotransmitters in Fixed Post-Mortem Human Brains

So the idea here is that Persinger is arguing, along the lines of the Actual Matrix Plan via Puharich and Oliver L. Reiser, that the human brain size and evolution, inherently resonates with the cosmic quantum entanglement of the Universe and not only that but more so, human technology via electromagnetic signals, is enhancing this "global brain" evolution with the ionosphere.

So the argument is that there is a "neutral" hydrogen band of the Universe which is enhanced as spiritual entanglement with the cell phone technology developed, creating subharmonic "beats" that will cause a global group brain consciousness of humanity.

Also then Rouleau has developed a "toroid" cerebreactor - much as I posted in my conspirachi blogbook - that is potentially able to create the nonlocal signals for brains at a distance, providing a means for the Actual Matrix Plan to be better activated.

Finally it is the same "phase shift" that is asymmetric between the left and right side of the brain that is considered the crucial driving force of this evolutionary change of the whole universe on the quantum level as spiritual evolution.

When the ratio of the phase shift was applied to the Aharanov-Bohm equation, the time required for a photon-related electron to be within a cerebral magnetic field was the same duration as a single orbit of an electron and a photon’s traversal latency across a neuronal plasma membrane. We suggest that the peak photon decoherence between the two cerebral hemispheres may reveal a neuronal-quanta substrate to the conditions associated with consciousness.
So we can see that the similarities with my own focus on the asymmetric drive from quantum consciousness - is being modeled and tested in their research.

 Persinger, et. al, rely on the same "quantum relativity" model of consciousness, with the inherent asymmetric resonance - and Persinger et. al. considers that the gray matter of the brain is more connected with this proto-consciousness.

Persinger also thinks that the new emphasis on "gaming" creates a more right-brain dominant consciousness better enabling this brain-machine quantum entanglement consciousness to develop.

So the fact that brain cancer has greatly increased due to cell phones does not seem to be a concern nor the electromagnetic pollution from wifi, nor the lack of critical left-brain dominant self-aware thinking.

So then the similar research of Dirk Klaas Fokke Meijer to Persinger has made the connection even more apparent:
 tentatively designated as “Algorithm of Life”. The particular spectrum of frequency bands indicate that nature seems to employ discrete eigenfrequencies or standing waves that match precisely with an acoustic scale, with frequency ratios of 1:2, and closely approximated by 2:3, 3:4, 3:5, 4:5 and higher partials, allowing the discrete frequencies to be expressed in scalars.
 The natural resonance harmonics that I have focused on.

Phonon Guided Biology. Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception Are Mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Discrete Eigenfrequencies

pdf link Dec. 2016

"These frequency patterns, based on quantum transitions obey to frequency ratios of 1:2 and approximate partials of 2:3 (Geesnik and Meijer, 2016)....are responsible to stabilize cells or improve viability of cells...."
 The authors go on to state how this enables a geometry of a torus that can also explain the right-left brain asymmetry - as "rotational information flux."

Based on the material presented in the present paper, the following novel axiom/biological principle might be at stake: nature makes use of a specific set of eigenfrequencies of electromagnetic waves as well as of quantum states, that exhibit frequency ratios of 1:2, and closely approximate 2:3 and 3:4 and higher partials, that can be expressed in scalars.
Yep - real novel! I've been promoting the same concept online for 17 years. haha.

Here is discussion of this Pythagorean Scale quantum biology research.

So then that author - wrote a Dec. 2016 pdf on quantum hearing and consciousness

Pitkanen is still clinging to classical physics whereas Meijer has realized the secret of the natural number harmonics from the Pythagorean Tetrad. Dirk K F Meijer University of Groningen, Groningen Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Internal Medicine (General Medicine) PhD

So Meijer, in contrast to Persinger's group, emphasizes how man-made signals go against the natural resonance harmonics! Their hope is "man-made" technologies could be redesigned to be in harmony with the Pythagorean ratios.

Big Black Triangle Craft and Luke Airforce Base

My last 2 work shifts - as the "flexible" mandatory overtime - were made known to me by a coworker asking me for transportation, as he had mentioned my first night of working how his car had broken down. It was out of my way - I had to leave work an hour early to pick him up - and he explained how broke he was, so I didn't ask him for gas money. The first night he was very tired, bought some Excedrin, at the gas station where I picked him up at, and this made me suspicious (that he was still on Meth). He had deep pock marks on his face and the "burn out" look and my energy just went into him the whole drive. I had to keep downing tea tree oil as he saying "shit" to indicate my off-gassing smell - and since my body was still not purified enough. I had more than one meal of meat - and so - that was our trip to work.

He explained he was from Arizona but had lived here in Minnesota the past seven years (since finishing high school) - and he had been homeless in Arizona. So on the drive home he told me more of his story - how he had married a half-Native American woman, from Minnesota (and she could get a house on the reservation but their two white kids would get hassled too much), and then he had returned to Arizona after he had gotten into drugs and was homeless. But he said this former U.S. General had gotten him off drugs by letting him stay at the General's house while the General provided methadone, etc.

The 2nd night of me driving him home - well I asked him the General's name - because I didn't really believe his story. He had told me the General had PTSD and flipped out on him violently, so he had left. He couldn't remember the General's name but he said the General had even taken him to the U.S. Air Force base where he had been stationed. He remembered it was Luke Air Force base. So then I asked the coworker if he had heard about this big black triangle secret military craft. Nope he had not.

At 26 years old his face is like the lady's on the right.

This got me curious. I knew from my previous research that the big black triangle craft were seen around air force bases. I told the coworker about my research - about the local sightings, my own sightings, the amazing secret propulsion, and also the insignia on the craft seen, that is was a "near orbit" craft from the space center. So now I wanted to know - was this craft seen near by Luke Air Force base?

 Sure enough more confirmation that the big black triangle craft is a top secret military craft:

I saw this object while driving on the 303 Highway near Phoenix in 2006. I noticed the vehicle ahead of me suddenly came to a stop in the middle of the highway that forced me to slam on my brakes. I thought there was an accident ahead in middle of the road wondering why all the cars Ahead of me all came to a stop. So I got out of my car to investigate but I was stunned with what I saw up above us, was this triangular shape object with lights at its ends, hovering quietly, swiftly and maneuvering at speed and turns where no rotary or fixed wing aircraft can. I also realized we were driving close to Luke Air base, which came to my conclusion that is one of our black programs craft. The similarity I read here is that this object is always sighted close to an Air Force base.
July 28, 2014 at 10:44 am
My unit saw the TR3-B during the Gulf War in 1991 while inside Iraq. Was the large one bigger then a football field. It passed slowly over our position and was completely silent was maybe 500 feet off the ground and I remember the hair on my forearm standing up like static electricity. When we returned to our FOB and were debriefed. We were all told that it never happened and we weren’t to talk about it. That response made me realize it was ours and they were not pleased that we had witnessed it.
And yet - the appearance is that the "UFOS" (read aliens) are "visiting" Luke Air Force Base: Yet if they are top secret - it's very likely that the "need to know" by the typical jet is compartmentalized:

8.  MILITARY JET/UFO INTERCEPTION ATTEMPTS - We have to date identified four such events (there may be more) that clearly <>point to the conclusion that the Phoenix Lights UFO incident of March 13, 1997 was certainly no secret "black ops" or classified <>military exercise as many people would like to believe.  A woman who lives next to Luke Air Force Base in the west part of the <>valley surfaced to report that at least 6 pairs of jets and as many as 8 were "scrambled" out of the base on the night of March <>13th, something she could never recall witnessing before.  One researcher called Luke AFB and asked someone who was out on the <>flight line if anything was seen by base personnel, and, unofficially, he answered that "they" were all over the place. The response from Luke spokesmen and their response to FOIA requests indicate that they were receiving phone calls about the lights, but never scrambled any jets to pursue them.  Witnesses say different.  Here are the witness reports:

A)  Crown King at 5:30 p.m. - A formation of 3 huge "Vs" were seen hovering over this pine-topped mountain and were soon joined by a diamond-shaped or triangular craft which appeared "out of thin air" (at first seen as an amber light).  As the four objects were hovering together, two jets were seen to come low from the south (from the direction of Luke AFB) at which point the UFOs went into a "stack", collapsed upon each other while going "into a ball", then totally disappeared!  This would be called a case of high strangeness.  Finding nothing there, the two jets circled the Crown King area and returned in the direction of the base.  Similar disappearing acts of formations of "Vs", one over Lake Mead that afternoon and on March 27th over Elmont, New York were reported to Village Labs after seeing the article published in USA Today.

B)  Central Phoenix at 8:15 p.m. - A pair of F-15s were dispatched from Luke AFB to attempt an interception of one or more of the Vs approaching or entering the valley at that time. This was reported to NUFORC by a ground crewman at Luke who stated that the aircraft were equipped with gun cameras and that one of the pilots had to be helped out of his plane because he was so shaken by his encounter.  A cursory check revealed that Luke AFB no longer has F-15s in its inventory and only has the F-16 aircraft.  However, at one time both were maintained at Luke.  Could these F-15s have been visiting aircraft?  There is still some attempt to locate the civilian witness who corroborated this story.

C) North Phoenix at 9:30 p.m. - One of the witnesses who had earlier witnesses with his wife the giant wide-angle triangle reported that when he was later at home, he saw in the distance what appeared to be the return of the triangle, this time with only three lights on, one at each corner.  As the UFO hovered near the Deer Valley Airport in northwest Phoenix, he saw two military jets approach the triangle, with one jet seen to pass one side of it and the other seen to fly up under it, veering down at the last moment to avoid midair collision.

D) Luke AFB at 10:00 p.m. - (The original Event 4 - the first aircraft/UFO encounter to be reported).  A truck driver who had been watching two unusual amber lights move ahead of him to the south for fully two hours as he drove down I-17 from Camp Verde, reported that as he neared his destination, a materials plant near Luke AFB, the two UFOs seemed to have stopped their movement and were hovering.  Once at the plant, while waiting for his truck to be unloaded, he stood on a pile of materials to watch what were now seen as two identical, toy-top like amber orbs (like hot air balloons without hanging baskets) having a white iridescent sheen and a band of red pulsating light, with the nearest to him being one to two miles distant right near the runway at Luke.  Suddenly, two F-16s, followed by a third, "blasted out of Luke with their afterburners on full", made a steep bank directly over the witness and headed straight for the
nearest UFO.  At the moment the lead jets were about to close on the UFO, it shot straight up and disappeared "in an instant" as the jets passed right through the very spot where the object had been hovering.  The second UFO also vanished, as it was no longer hovering in the northwest.
So then consider that when one of the air force jets "intercepted" the big black triangle craft - the person was transferred to Greenland!
A Luke ground crewman later confirmed to NUFORC that the driver's account was true.
He also stated that upon returning to the base runway, one of the pilots had to be helped from his cockpit. He was visibly shaken from what had just happened.
According to Peter Davenport of the NUFORC one of the more intriguing reports was submitted by a young man who claimed to be an Airman stationed at Luke Air Force Base, located to the west of Phoenix in Litchfield Park.
He telephoned the National UFO Reporting Center at 3:20 a.m. on Friday, some eight hours after the sightings on the previous night, and reported that two USAF F-15c fighters had been “scrambled” from Luke AFB, and had intercepted one of the objects. though the presence of F-15’s could never be confirmed, the airman provided detailed information which proved to be highly accurate, based on what investigators would reconstruct from witnesses over subsequent weeks and months.
Two days after his first telephone call, the airman called to report that he had just been informed by his commander that he was being transferred to an assignment in Greenland. He has never been heard from again since that telephone call.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Full time focus on fixing my energy

So we had "mandatory" overtime but with a flexible schedule, meaning you never know when you're going to work overtime - and so I terminated that temp job since I needed to do the fasting with the antifungals to focus on fixing the candida issue. It seems to be getting better - if I had just one meal a day plus the antifungal essential oils - thymol and tea tree oil - and also eating lots of coconut oil and vinegar with my food - so this seems to have helped. But when I am strong on ketosis - having fasted for 12 hours - then the internal tingling is strong with the parallel anaerobic bacteria going up the front of my body and out of my skull. haha.

I've had this problem since soon after I did my enlightenment training - I would say a few weeks afterwards. So it was some kind of change in diet or overusing my energy or both that caused the problem. The qigong master who befriended me said definitely that the energy is going up the front of my body and that is what is going out of the skull - and people take my energy that way.

So he said the only way I can fix it is to do 2 hours of standing "moving yin and yang" a day - which is a lot. That will take a lot of focus - with the goal being to recharge the jing energy of the lower tan tien, the connection of the "bubbling springs" to the Ocean of Qihai - yin qi vessel - below the lower tan tien.

Or else I could maybe do 6 hours of full lotus a day for a year - as that is what Wang Liping says would recharge the jing energy.

But first I'm going to do an anti-fungal fast. I did only coconut oil for one day and the results were quite dramatic as I reported - lots of nausea, stomach cramps and then yellow spigot opened up from out of the intestines. I looked it up and sure enough the "Yellow" is the candida from the coconut oil kill off - the caprylic acid. So that was very encouraging.

But unless I extend the fast - then each time I eat normal food then I just feed the mold again. So it should take at least several days if not a week fasting on antifungal food.

I'm not looking forward to that as the coconut oil easily becomes inedible. haha.

But at the same time I am very curious to see what the results will be as I reported before I fasted 5 days while working heavy physical lifting - and I still had the internal tingling with the energy going up the front channel.

I get that internal tingling from eating food - and then get the internal tingling when someone around me sucks up my energy - and then get the internal tingling again after fasting for 8 hours.

So the question is - does the candida cause the internal tingling or is the internal tingling simply the qi energy reacting to low on energy.

Only full time focus on fixing my energy can figure this out.

Since I need to focus on healing myself then I am not available to send out energy to others.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Enlightenment Healing: Original qigong master Q & A

His facebook has him answering questions.

One of the key points he makes is that sitting meditation opens the energy centers while the standing moving meditation builds up the energy for the centers.

So this point then leads him to go onto the key focus on kidney energy that needs to be protected using the hand mudra, during meditation also.

What I have been describing is that when the third eye opens up then the spirit-qi creates a holographic interaction so that when eye contact, with energy from the pineal gland-heart-Emptiness, is made, then people react from the level of their own spirit-qi intentions.

By holographic - a key point is maybe you have noticed, at least I do, that when the same situation arises then a person will react in the same way, just as a holograph will create a 3D image when the angle of refraction of light - the phase change occurs and the holograph then "plays back" that image. The person will say the same thing, or react with the same gesture, essentially acting as a real holograph.

Borges - the great fiction writer - had an excellent short story I read based on this holographic life theme.

But one of the main holographs I have identified then is what I call - or as primatologists call it - "female display behavior" in reaction to the qi-shen light, as it activates the vagus nerve energy.

So then when we are "awake" with our eyes open then the qi-shen is constantly recording and imprinting the jing energy of others around us - and holographically then storing it internally - unless this energy is emptied out and "returned" to the Emptiness.

How is that done? As Gurdieff pointed out the key secret is the "shock" of the I-thought - the "shock" of logical inference of the source of the I being the Emptiness or formless awareness.

Otherwise our mind as psychic energy which is still qi-shen energy - easily gets caught up into even the astral realms. As Ramana Maharshi points out even spiritual masters will just be caught in the astral realms.

In fact the truth of reality is the Emptiness itself that can not be seen but only listened to. So our eyes work on the subconscious level, holographically recording and imprinting the images as jing energy blockages. Only through meditation and qigong training can we then reverse the blockages.

So then in terms of qigong training - the "moving of yin and yang" standing active exercise is based on the Tai Chi of listening to the source of the energy.

The sitting meditation relies on visualization as "turning the light" back around - and so this means to reverse the intention of the information. As qigong master Yan Xin says, the energy intention is "bidirectional" and so any energy interaction can be reversed.

That is the secret of the "phase change" of light back into the Emptiness as the "yuan qi" or "hidden momentum" of light from superluminal phonons that are actually creating a spacetime vortex as formless awareness.

So then if this process is successful the kidney energy is built up as filling up the lower tan tien with "yin qi" energy. I did this when I was 29 years old as I had been mainly chaste my whole life - and was mainly vegetarian - vegan - and so was doing intensive qigong training while receiving the energy healing from the qigong master.

So then I was able to "open up" the third eye center as my "enlightenment experience" as the original qigong master called it. But as Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality states, after that first enlightenment experience, there is much confusion.

And so then I overused my own kidney life force energy doing "free" tantra - based on the motto of the original qigong master that he no longer uses:

The more you heal others, the more you heal yourself.

He doesn't use that motto anymore!! haha. But in fact he is correct. It's just that as the qigong master who befriended me explained, it can take a long time to heal the energy blockages that develop, as it is taking him a long time to heal his injury of the knees.

So it is indeed true that the more we heal others, we also heal ourselves, but only in the sense of that neither me, nor anyone else is actually doing the healing or being healed, but instead it is the Emptiness itself that does the healing, and so the more healing we do, the more we realize this truth of the Emptiness being in charge. We then learn to have to submit more and more.

So then the original qigong master ironically says the best way to treat fatigue is to stand up and do more active moving meditation - "moving of yin and yang." This is very difficult for people to believe and yet I have explained the secret of that exercise. Yet even for me when I am very tired I prefer to sleep in full lotus. haha.

So at least standing with the knees bent is something I do at work for 8 hours more or less non-stop and so hopefully that will help rebuild the kidney energy. But guess what? That just means I do more healing of others.

For example I often "absorb" people's lower emotional blockages - so that even a coworker touched me today - because I absorbed his anger. I had a 17 year old female touch me at my last job - why? Because again the qi-shen energy proves to be irresistible.

It reminds me of when I used to send out energy while in full lotus - and once I was in this restaurant I frequented and the young mom who worked there was very happy that her toddler daughter so much enjoyed playing with me. So I was sitting alone reading but her daughter went out of her way, walking around a wall to the other side of the restaurant, to bring me toys. So then her mom, being Muslim, then used her religion, with the amazing sophisticated skill that females use - called Metis - she pretended to argue with me about her religion, when in fact I had a big smile and was sending her energy the whole time. I had to use mouthwash as I did this - those listerine tabs that have thymol. haha. But as she did this, standing in front of me sitting in full lotus, her toddler daughter was grasping onto my feet in order to get a qi bliss charge up. haha.

So the original qigong master early on remarked how doing the qigong training makes people attracted to us - but - he even said until we get the 2nd chakra opened up, even the same sex will be attracted to us. And so as Gurdjieff pointed out, in the West, the monks are too emotional, and so don't get past that point of the lower "yin qi" energy.

In other words to open up the center or 3rd eye is not enough since the lower tan tien is the "cavity of spirit-vitality" - and that is the foundation of the energy that guides the 3rd eye energy. For example a person dying will have their third eye open up near death but that just means they are becoming a ghost, as they don't have enough healing qi in their bodies anymore. As Master Nan, Huai-chin said, even a spiritual master, will not be able to empty out their mind at the last breath of life, without the qi, if their body is sick. Indeed Master Nan, Huai-chin died of sickness and so we can say that he lost his personal spiritual mastery. Yet at the same time he embraced the formless awareness of the Emptiness. This paradox is covered by previous Ch'an Masters who would die from the bodies being physically sick and yet while they remained alive their minds still had access to the emptiness.

That is the difference between a Number 5 person and a Number 6 person in terms of Gurdjieff's categories based on Mahayana Buddhism. So then a Number 7 person is someone with the golden immortal body, as the original qigong master says, he knows masters like this that stay to meditate in the sacred mountains of China, developing their golden aura of the "yang shen" bodies. In other words the qigong master who befriended me is a Number 5 person. I'm a Number 4 person. The original qigong master is a Number 6 person and the masters he knows who stay in the mountains are Number 7.

As the qigong master who befriended me stated, the key factor for going into the Emptiness is the kidney energy - and so only after the lower tan tien is filled up is then real Emptiness achieved, as the Tai Chi or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Having the third eye open and doing "psychic" or yin qi healing is a siddhi of the ego whereas only by building up the qi energy can then the ego as the 7th level of consciousness get emptied out, through the heart-mind. That is the real spiritual healing that the qigong masters do. That's the difference between shakti and siddhis. Shakti is enlightenment healing energy from the Emptiness.

The qigong master who befriended me said he had to learn this - at first his third eye was fully open but he still approached healing through his mind as the ego. Now it is the Emptiness that does the healing, not him, and that is the key difference between being just a qigong master and practicing Enlightenment healing. He did a deep "sabbatical" of 2 month meditation retreat during which he had his deep heart enlightenment awakening that really changed his healing focus of intention. He did that right before I met up with him again after we had been apart for eight years.