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Saturday, February 25, 2017

John C. Didier: Squaring of the Circle as inversion of heaven and earth in Bronze Age five element alchemy

So this 1907 book on "Occult Chinese" philosophy describes how Buddhist stupas are based on the same five element theory as Taoist, but as an extension of the Vedic-Persian Indo-European four elements of alchemy. That fascinating Chinese Occultism book was written by the publisher of "The Monist" philosophy of science journal by Paul Carus, a German-American living in Chicago.

Then this 1941 book  follows up that Pythagoras said Earth was a square with four.

David A. Palmer gave a talk on youtube stating that the Turtle in China is based on the shell as a circular heaven while the base of the turtle shell is square as Earth.

So then the stupas also have Earth as a square - or rectangle - a cube in 3 dimensions, as the base.

The "jewel in the lotus" of Buddhist tantra padmasana tummo meditation is then modeled in the stupas with the lotus being the Lunar crescent air and the jewel is the ether as the fifth element.

I had never heard of this connection before between the stupas as based on the same elements of Vedic-Persian cosmology...and just as Pythagoras was a blacksmith alchemy initiate - so too is this alchemy of the elements based on the blacksmith training that also went on in Africa.

And so in Egypt, as I have mentioned from Morris Berman, the power of Set, the Crocodile as the water element has to be "absorbed" for the alchemy power to be achieved - and this Set Crocodile is then the alchemical N/om Snake energy that original came from Ethiopian alchemy which originally came from the Bushmen culture.

So Pythagoras means "snake-master" and as I documented - the ancient greeks knew this was the life force energy - the semen-spinal fluid connection that "feeds the brain." I had posted it online in the Conspirachi book that I removed - but then another researcher posted this info also - James L. Kelley
In Homer the presence of the aion or life-fluid in the body (but especially in the sacred sheath or spinal column) kept the flesh from rotting, and the crushing of the spine led inevitably to the body’s decomposition. Other ancient Greek texts refer to the aion leaving the body in the shape of a snake, which may have influenced the Orphics and the Ophites in later times.
[4] That “sweat…and the fluid of the joints, are one and are the stuff of strength, vigour, appears…to have been part of the earliest Greek physiology, which also assimilated with these the cerebro-spinal fluid and the seed” (Onians, Origins of European Thought, 191).
So through the stupas we can document a Bronze Age alchemy connection from Egypt, Western Asia and into Greece via Pythagorean Philosophy and then from India into China via Buddhism but even a more ancient Taoist connection via the five elements.

As I referenced in detail - the Actual Matrix Plan expose was based on math professor Abraham Seidenberg studying the ritual origins of geometry in Vedic culture as mass sacrifice by insisting the circle be squared - so that the female lunar energy be conformed to solar male energy. So this was around 3000 BCE but then became the basis for centering the wheels of chariots for chariot warfare. This chariot Bronze alchemy culture spread into China via the Shang Dynasty. So then Professor Seidenberg published a series of articles in the journal Folklore with a Lord - I quoted them extensively - promoting the "separation of heaven and earth" as the squaring of the circle via mass sacrifice as "illumination." It was clearly Freemason propaganda.

Professor John C. Didier now gives us the details in a series of research articles - or books - On this Bronze Age connection from Indo-European culture to China pdf link Vol. 1

Didier details how indeed at first the rectangle square was the sacred Polar region aligned with the sacred ruler of the land. And we can infer this is through the alchemical kundalini energy just as in Egypt the Djed column is the spine of Osiris - and in ancient China the Emperor spine is the pole that reflects the heavens with the skull having the Pole Star point - as the Bindu Chakra as I revealed. Professor David Pankeinier has strong commentary on Didier's research here

  So much for Didier’s utterly bogus claim of priority in being the first to visualize a square in the Chinese sky....To date (10/2016), neither Professor John Didier nor Professor Victor Mair, though proven wrong, has had the common decency either to apologize or to repudiate their published falsehoods.
So Didier details how this changed so that the square rectangle moved from this heavenly Pole region signification and instead Earth became the square - just as David A. Palmer points out about the Turtle.
 Review of Pankenier's book
  For example, an intriguing tentative hypothesis about the astral significance of the graph di (the 'Supernal Lord' associated with the north celestial pole) involving polar alignment methods evokes correspondences with Seshat's eight-rayed emblem for the Egyptian 'stretching the cord' ceremony and the Roman surveyors' groma (pp. 109-111).
This switch occurred around the same time as the Greek Miracle of irrational number development. So around 400 BCE - now the Earth is the square and the ancient pole star alignment with the alchemical ruler was lost as the secret of alchemy training. Or at least kept more hidden, again as the secret of the alchemy training. No longer the exoteric principle of rule.

By the 5th century B.C.... the old polar rectangle simply no longer mattered ....
The trouble with projecting this paradigm of earth-square and heaven-circle back to the time of Confucius and Zhuangzi is that, despite an interpretive tradition lasting some 1400 to 1800 years that has dominant thinking about ancient Chinese cosmological constructs through the present, in their time the square did not represent earth; it still vestigially symbolized heaven and the magic derived therefrom (or inherent therein)...the old celestial pole star....

So then in Volume II he argues that the 5400 BCE Dragon and Tiger clam shell burial of a leader - was really based on this Polar Region rectangle-square alchemy secret.

I have not read all the details of his analysis but it's definitely fascinating!

Then Volume 3 goes into the transition to the Square now meaning Earth instead of Heaven.

Now if you recall - I discovered recently that the Heart originally was the Earth point - and so in alchemy - we know when the lower tan tien is filled up as the foundation fire - then the Yuan Qi manifests but in reality this is a spacetime vortex energy as negative entropy. So just as the Cosmic Tree is reversed with the brain as the roots of the tree and the legs as the branches and the Soma Amrita is the kundalini water energy that "feeds" the roots - in the Harmony of Heaven and Earth there is a reversal of spacetime entropy since water is now above fire, and so the Sun as the Jewel is below the Lotus as the Moon. Professor David Pankenier comments on Didier's research in Pankenier's Astrology and Cosmology of Early China book

So in reality - the reason the Mystic Valley can not be said to be in any physical location is because it is in the 5th dimension as the noncommutative phase-shift of negative entropy phonons that are superluminal - retrocasuality. So the Shen goes under the Jing to create Qi - the fire under the water in the Bronze Age triple cauldrons - and the steam is the qi.

the three "tan tiens" then merge into a unity of jing-qi-shen as the alchemical pill - that is the ionized lecithin resonating with the bone-collagen-water creating qi and shen.

As I recently posted it is only when the shen is "turned around" as the point of light - called the point of origination in Mahayana Buddhism - that there is this phase-shift into the 5th dimension. So that light is at rest mass - as infinite frequency energy and zero time - but really as the inherent complementary opposites of shen and jing to create the Yuan Qi. This Yuan Qi can not be seen but can be listened to.

So we can see how this Bronze Age alchemy secret was spread from IndoEuropean culture in Europe in Norse mythology, as James L. Kelley notes - and so too does Barbara Walker in her encyclopedia. So notice this is the secret origin of the "Womb-Tomb" term that Camille Paglia uses as the basis of the 4th Eye. So then the 4th Eye really is this Bindu Chakra secret of the Pole Star from the Eco-Feminist tantric alchemy of the Bronze Age:
 The symbol commonly opposed to the cross, as the witches' object of worship; in pagan tradition, the Great Mother's cosmic womb. As the "pot of blood in the hand of Kali," the cauldron signified cyclic recurrence, as opposed to the patriarchal view of linear time.
Shakespeare followed the traditional pattern in associating the cauldron with three witches, since, from its earliest appearances in Bronze Age and Iron Age cultures, the cauldron stood for the Triple Goddess of fate, or wyrd in Old English: the three Weird Sisters.1 The Egyptian hieroglyphic sign of the threefold Creatress, mother of the sun, the universe, and all the gods, was a design of three cauldrons.2 The Norse god Odin stole his divine power from three cauldrons of Wise Blood in the cave-womb of the earth, where he entered in the shape of a phallic serpent and beguiled the earth-giantess by making love to her. 3 Then he drank the magic blood from the cauldrons and became a shape-shifter, turning himself into a bird to carry the precious blood back to other gods. This myth was based on that of the Aryan sky-god Indra, who also drank the Goddess's ambrosia from three cauldrons, the three wombs of Kali's trinity.4 Indra stole the elixir by allowing himself to be swallowed by a vast serpent representing female sexuality (Kundalini). He too turned into a bird to carry the elixir to other gods. In nearly all mythologies there is a miraculous vessel. Sometimes it dispenses youth and life, at other times it possesses the power of healing, and occasionally, as with the mead cauldron of the Nordic Ymir, inspiring strength and wisdom are to be found in it. Often ... it effects transformations.
The cauldron that effected transformations was the same as the womb that churned out rebirths, changing shapes each time. In Babylon it was under the control of the Fate-goddess Siris, mother of stars. Her cauldron was the blue heaven, where she stirred the mead of regeneration. "Siris, the wise woman, the mother, who had done what was necessary. Her cauldron is of shining lapis lazuli. Her tub is of pure silver and gold. In mead stands jubilation, in mead sits rejoicing." 6 Lapis lazuli was the blue heaven stone prized for its power to cause rebirth. The Papyrus ofNekhtu-Amen said an amulet of lapis lazuli stood for the heart (ab), source of mother-blood; therefore the amulet was inserted into a mummy to generate a new heart for the
Barbara Walker

And so then this same alchemy tradition spread into Burma even via Buddhism from the IndoEuropean Bronze age culture:

The king had inherited supernatural powers from his father Zawgyi, (a proficient alchemist), and his mother, a naga serpent dragon princess. They found the rock at the bottom of the sea. With the help of the Thagyamin, the king of Tawadeintha Heaven in Buddhist cosmology, found the perfect place at Kyaiktiyo for locating the golden rock and built a pagoda, where the strand was enshrined. It is this strand of hair that, according to the legend, prevents the rock from tumbling down the hill.
And what do we realize - that the secret of the Burmese pagodas is really the five elements of alchemy from Bronze Age culture.

In Japan this Five-Element Pagoda alchemy is more explicit

William Clarke Hudson II provides us more details on the actual Neidan alchemy training

He investigates the claim that Dragon-Tiger alchemy is ancient sex tantra.

So as Hudson points out the heart is the furnace and the lungs the bellows, the kidneys the cauldron. So to visualize the shen below the jing, the fire below the water, is to put the gem in the lotus - the heart below the kidneys to activate the alchemical process. pdf John C. Dider "Systems of Thought and Belief" in "Facts About China" book - good overview

Friday, February 24, 2017

Strong MisAnthropic Principle, Pt. 4: On Entropy and Retrocausality

 Jack Sarfatti posts on retrocausality - is it real? 

Now he is "debating" Nick Herbert - both of them believe in quantum non-local consciousness but as quantum physicists a lot is dependent on philosophy. Herbert agrees with Ellerman - retrocausality is not real. Sarfatti on the other hand argues that superluminal signals, while obviously not real, as per mainstream science, are actually symptomatic of retrocausality. Sarfatti calls this retrocausality - the "post-quantum" model since it's based on relativity as much as quantum physics.

But notice the example Sarfatti gives - a CIA remote viewing results on Chinese nuclear testing. Ironic since the original qigong master has shared how he has retroactively stopped nuclear terrorists - with the help of angel spirits.

But the fact that this issue is being debated in mainstream quantum physics is pretty mind-blowing! Retrocausality? As Ellerman points out the common error about retrocausality has to do with the specific experimental set-up interpretation. The quantum superposition wave function is not just a mathematical abstraction - so it is a real nonlocal signal that exists - unless the detector is installed into the experiment. So the "delayed choice" paradox appears to be retrocausal - but that's just because it assumes that the quantum wave function is just an abstract "Hilbert space" of mathematics and not a real quantum non-local reality!

So there are several paradoxes going on here - for example medical doctor Robert Lanza chastises the "delayed choice" experiment - he says - of course it demonstrates retrocausality! But Lanza actually embraces the mainstream Copenhagen Intepretation that reality does not exist until someone is "observing" it - in the experiment! This is then a strict acceptance of the quantum superposition, not as a real formless awareness, but instead as a real mathematical abstraction, therefore retrocausality has to be real, as per that experiment.

I used to read quantum mechanic philosophy books. What amazed me was how difficult they were to understand - and not just because the writing style was opaque or the drab descriptions of experiments were boring - but rather because the scientist writing the book really did not understand what he was talking about!! haha. So I read quantum mechanics consciousness books by - Nick Herbert, Henry Stapp, Fred Alan Wolf, Bernard d'Espagnat (he was my favorite), and others still. I then have corresponded with Professor B.J. Hiley and Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson and I took the introduction quantum mechanics course from Professor Herbert Bernstein. Oh yeah I read Lee Smolin's book on quantum cosmology - he also was a student of Herbert Bernstein.

So here is an interview of a "behind the scenes" description of quantum physics consciousness philosophy - by mainstream quantum physics! (see below) Again it is very amazing that mainstream science is forced to consider what consciousness means! A lot of mainstream scientists dismiss quantum consciousness as just a New Age subject - and typically these scientists are "skeptics" and then the mainstream quantum physicists literally believe they are "creating" reality by doing quantum physics. In other words - they are changing spacetime perception by developing quantum entanglement technology. This is what Robert Lanza dreams about - that future humans will literally be able to travel through the 3 dimensions of time at will - and somehow change our past, retroactively, etc. because only this formless consciousness beyond spacetime will be real. It is a Singularity Matrix reality.

So for example Lanza emphasizes how John Wheeler (oh yeah I read his biography also!) - Wheeler argued that indeed the past of the Universe was not yet determined until scientists on Earth perceived it. This implies that the physical make up of the whole universe depends on scientists on Earth. It's an absurd argument on the one hand - on the other hand it's a confession that our perception of the Universe is completely the subjective whim of scientists and that the "constants" of science will change, etc.

So I gave a quote I discovered from the "transactional" view of quantum physics - that follows up on Roger Penrose's critique of Stephen Hawking about the quantum information paradox of black holes. So the transactional view realizes that the entropy of information that we perceive in the Universe as a whole - gravity, black holes, noise as heat loss, - it is all dependent on our biological perception as linear time. So what Roger Penrose states is that until a new quantum physics is developed that takes into account the inherent asymmetric "arrow" of time based on entropy, then the quantum information entanglement of black holes can not be solved.

What the "transactional" solution to this is to state that at each "collapse" of quantum non-locality back into classical western science there is literally a reboot of the whole Universe as a whole 4D spacetime. In other words classical mainstream science follows the Block Universe based on relativity of the light-cone. In that view everything is happening at the same time but is perceived at different times due to our different locations in space and so 3D space is very real, but the signal is limited by the speed of light. But then there is another "mainstream" science view called "presentalism" - which means that everything in the Universe is literally happening at the same time, in the same place, only that place is non-local quantum entanglement. This is what in quantum entanglement is called the fourth dimension of space.

So what the transactional philosophy is relies on a twist of presentalism - stating that with the quantum entanglement technology developed we are then "collapsing" the spacetime of the whole universe and therefore changing the entropy of the whole universe. Now the problem with this, as quantum physics B.J. Hiley has pointed out (since our correspondence) in his 2016 papers - that because the foundation of reality is actually noncommutative then there can not be a one-to-one correspondence between quantum momentum and position and classical momentum and position. The mainstream view of science just restricts the quantum noncommutative resonance to the quantum superposition but then assumes once the wave-function collapses then a classical correspondence can arise.

So the real issue here that Professor Hiley has encountered is that Western classical physics has entropy built into it, that the mathematics inherently creates entropy as the "arrow" of time based on the irrational numbers from incommensurability. In other words there is no "pure" Western math, at least not in terms of symmetric mathematics. And so retroactively - this means that quantum physics consciousness has exposed that the entropy of gravity as an illusion, as the "shadow" projection, as Hiley calls it, from quantum non-local reality, is an error - a deep pre-established disharmony, as math professor Luigi Borzacchini called it. I realized this in high school which is why I rejected Western math - except of course taking quantum mechanics in my first year of college. I took some math as was required for my undergraduate degree and I tested in the 92nd percentile out of high school in math so I knew the basics well - but I disagreed with Western math on principle.

I had discovered the noncommutative phase-space by studying music theory, the secret origin of Western math! Just because I took logic and philosophy seriously I already was questioning Western science from the get go and realizing that the entropy inherent to the ecological crisis was built into the math. I even told math professor Joe Mazur this and he said my math-music research was impressive and I should submit it for publication. But since I included the quantum consciousness implications then it was rejected without comment. haha. That was over ten years ago.

So here is that quantum physics professor interview:
In Bohm's 1952 papers, the pair of them, he notes the nonlocality. But I think somewhere he says, "Well, we hope we'll be able to find models in which the non-locality is removed." He also knew that it was something disturbing. Well, Bell's great contribution was there is no way of removing the nonlocality, if one wants to be in agreement with the predictions of quantum mechanics, and one also satisfies EPR's sufficient condition for an element of reality, namely the ability to predict with certainty the value of a certain property without disturbing the system in which that property is inherent. If you have those two, there is no way of doing so without some action at a distance.


Is there anybody else we ought to mention? Was [Jean-Pierre] Vigier somebody of interest in this early pre-Bell period?


Yes. Vigier was a friend of Bohm's. They did a paper together. And he was also a student of de Broglie. So he was a clear link between de Broglie and Bohm, and it's possible that de Broglie's renewed interest in hidden variable theories was due to Vigier. That's a real possibility. You know, that's a piece of information you could find by a letter. Vigier is not a shy and modest man. If he is the one who suggested it to de Broglie, he will tell you.
So it was Vigier who was a student of de Broglie and he argued for retrocausality to explain de Broglie's superluminal pilot wave - but de Broglie rejected the suggestion. Or maybe that was Costa de Beauregard - who also embraced parapsychology experiments based on quantum physics.

But again it is quite fascinating that mainstream quantum physicists really did and do debate what does consciousness really mean in terms of quantum physics.

As professor B.J. Hiley points out - most physicists are still in denial. As I have just pointed out in this blog post even Robert Lanza's supposed embrace of quantum consciousness is still based on the Copenhagen Interpretation! So then it leads to a "multiuniverse" retrocausality - that not only can't be falsified but it is based on a kind of solipsism of the science. In fact we can realize that Western science as a whole is based on solipsism.


As this vid show - a physicist who shares the same office space with  Stephen Hawking is an expert on Arctic Ice - Peter Wadhams - and he states we are in a crisis of "entropy" - that the methane gigaton burst could be in a year - and when that happens we have a rise of 2 degrees Centrigrade almost immediately - causing worldwide collapse of human civilization.

Entropy of very real from Western civilization!  Back to that interview with Shimony
 We sent one to two men who had written a sort of semi-popular book on de Broglie's point of view, Andrade e Silva and Lochak. There weren't very many people who were interested in the problem, but we knew they were because of their little book.
That book is what really got me interested in the de Broglie Law of Phase Harmony!
  Therefore, even though quantum mechanics is nonlocal in the sense that the outcome over here depends on an outcome over here, that is the violation of locality that is innocuous because it doesn't enable you to communicate superluminally. I said there were three people independently that proved that quantum mechanics does not permit the breakdown of parameter independence.
So that was in the early 1980s - but it was not until 2011 that quantum biology nonlocality based on quantum coherence consciousness was accepted by science! I was promoting this view on the most famous "science blog" by professor PZ Myers - a materialist Darwinist in Minnesota - so I got banned from all the science blogs in 2006. haha. But five years later I was proven right - at least in terms of quantum physics.

The qigong angle is based on the secret noncommutative phase-space from music theory that was expanded as nonwestern alchemy science originating out of the original Bushmen human culture! that requires anthropology, and of course experiential training. I had challenged PZ Myers to go test the qigong master in Minnesota for himself - instead he just ridiculed the news story without personally knowing anything about qigong. haha.

So the David Palmer has a more recent book about religion in China that is fascinating - and so basically in the Great Leap Forward in the 1950s under Mao, qigong was seen as anti-bourgeois and so Marxist since qigong was the folk medicine and not the Western bourgeois medicine.

And then when the mass famines happened in China from the rapid and wrong Westernization of farming in China - just as in Russia - the countryside had to feed the cities at too fast a rate and the wrong applications of technology, etc. and so then people turned back to Buddhism because it was believed that it was the rejection of Buddhism that now caused China to be plagued by literal "hungry ghosts" of the famine.

So then with the failure of the Great Leap Forward, then qigong that previously had been embraced by the Communist Party Elite, was now seen as too elitist and so attacked and rejected as a throw-back to aristocratic waves of traditional culture - based on family dynasties, etc. So then during the Cultural Revolution qigong was attacked.

It was not until after Mao died that then qigong began to make a come-back - through the practical testimonials of people who had healed themselves of serious disease. Since in the 1950s qigong hospitals had already been set up - once again qigong began to be tested and researched and soon scientists claimed they had a completely materialistic explanation of qigong energy. That way there would be now fear of qigong causing a fall back to the aristocratic traditionalism of the past.

But then by the 1980s qigong increased in popularity and mass healings by qigong masters soon threatened the control of qigong by the Chinese government elite. So then the skeptics came in and denounced qigong as fake, except for just a few schools that allowed qigong for minor self healing "complementary" medicine to Western medicine. But nevertheless of the two biggest schools - Yan Xin and Zong Gong, the Zong Gong school focused on training in qigong healing abilities - external qi - using the traditional Taoist cave meditation for the advanced training level. Even though that school was ruled illegal - they did certify and train qigong masters, including the "original" qigong master I took classes from.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"The whole process is ruled by Spirit....It's movement in 'non-doing' is called Original Spirit."

Physics professor B.J. Hiley says there appears to be an "inner energy" as the quantum self force that is non-local and noncommutative phase space. There is "no" photon until light is emitted or absorbed by a particle, and so the origin of light is from this "inner energy" non-local non-commutative phase space.

This is the secret of the "movement in 'non-doing" in Taoist alchemy - otherwise a mysterious paradox.

 "The whole process is ruled by Spirit....It's movement in 'non-doing' is called Original Spirit."
Wang Mu, Foundations of Internal Alchemy.

 So the other night I was reading this pdf - Empty Vessel - that has an excerpt from Wang Mu

I had stated previously how "turning the light around" accesses the Yuan Qi source energy - the infinite potential when time is zero - and yet it is not really zero time since the phase-space is noncommutative and non-local. As Hiley emphasizes - there is no photon when time is zero. haha. So then the Yuan Jing is when new matter is created from the high energy electromagnetic field colliding but in fact it is the virtual antimatter and virtual photons that creates this new matter.

And so the "spin" of matter is the inherent quantum consciousness as the superluminal noncommutative phase-space. Not just normal "real spin" - but the imaginary spin of 4D spacetime. As I stated in the last blog post the lust of the heart is at the speed of light and then immediately subconscious as a trigger via the yuan qi protons. In fact this "lust" is triggered in the non-local field. Once I even had a precognitive "O at a D." Pretty strange since it happened "twice."

But as Hiley stated - the classical electromagnetic field that is commutative symmetric math is actually a "shadow" parallel to the noncommutative phase-space that is the nonlocal quantum inner energy. So then the "abstract" Hilbert space is no longer valid since it assumes you can translate into the classical math via the Poisson bracket -as a one to one correspondence. Nope.

So as Wang Mu states if the Yuan Jing "moves" it separates from the Yuan Qi and then becomes the "common essence" - the ejaculation. So as I stated or made the claim in the last blog post - the Yuan Jing is actually this Psi-Plasma of the superconducting proton-proton energy while it is the "spin" coupling of the protons that is superluminal as the antigravity negative entropy inner energy or Yuan Qi. So then the proton pump afters the protons of the heart via the vagus nerve and it is exactly then via the vagus nerve that the yuan qi energy is then deconverted from Yuan Jing into "common essence."

So then I discovered this 2016 quantum biophysics consciousness book

2016 book Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach

Roman R Poznanski, Jack A Tuszynski, Todd E Feinberg
World Scientific, Aug 23, 2016

That cites Sidharth on the noncommutative phase-space source of the mass of the photon.

So, as per Paul S. Wesson and the fifth dimension, along with several other researchers, there is something very mysterious about light!! Wesson realized this and said it was spiritual even though he personally was not spiritual. haha.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Subconscious Emotions is the Superconsciousness of Light

Zen Gong Buddhayana book link thanks to a reader for that.

So in "advanced" qigong alchemy training there can be no thoughts of lust - which means silence or what I call the Sigh-Lens. From my experience when the qi builds up what that really means is there can be no visualization of the female lust - as the qigong master who befriended me confessed: I can not look at a female without feelings of lust.

What this really means, again from my experience, is that when the qi is built up then any light interaction with the female - at the speed of light - triggers the pineal gland, where the Yuan Qi emanates - to shoot down the spine, via the sympathetic nervous system, triggering the deconversion of qi in the lower tan tien into the subconscious message of ejaculation.

That means - unless that holographically stored spirit energy is "turned around" as spiritual light - that the energy must be "bi-directional" - or else the intention is subconscious as a sympathetic nervous system "discharge" of energy. So the lower chakra is the color red in most of the chakra systems but in Taoism the heart is red as fire - as the dragon. We also know that the red dragon refers to menstruation energy - and that females are yang internally.

So what this means is that qi energy is stored up through the parasympathetic nervous system via the right side vagus nerve from the reproductive organs to the right side of the heart and this is why "over-excitement" as the emotion of the heart also means emotional love or lust along with lust also being ejaculation for males.

So as I just posted - the proton pump to treat too much acid from too much sympathetic nervous system cortisol stress - also causes atrial defibrillation of the heart. We then know from Bentov's book on the Stalking the Wild Pendulum - that breath retention causes the aorta going into the legs to resonate with the heart so that a standing oscillation of ELF waves is created, thereby opening up the strong alpha-theta brain waves as the "kundalini" energy. We know from Professor Shin Lin - that holding the breath after exhale dramatically increases oxygen to the brain. We also know that the heart is stopped by yogis from over-activating the vagus nerve to the right side of the heart and from Taoist Yoga that the right side of the heart is the source of the "yuan qi."

We know that lust causes the loss of yuan qi - and so what this means is a conversion of the right side of the heart energy into the left side where the shen is stored. The shen goes out of the eyes, and holographically - as quantum entanglement - "instantaneously" - interacts with the visual image and the energy it contains - and then this causes the heart shen to trigger loss of yuan qi via the pineal gland.

So we know that until the Sun and Moon energy are alchemically harmonized - after the lower tan tien is filled up - then the right eye is the Metal passion lung energy which is the root source of the yuan qi energy as jing energy. We know also that with proper intention then the pancreas feeds the lung energy to restore the yuan qi - and this is done through deep reverse breathing as only the pancreas has nerves doing directly to the spine sympathetic nervous system.

So then the subconscious emotion of lust at first triggers this sympathetic nervous system loss of stored up Yuan Qi that originates out of the heart, goes up to the pineal gland and then is sent down the spine to immediately send the message to ejaculate. This intention has to be reversed and can only be reversed through the deep breathing that restores that emotional passion energy of the lungs from the pancreas.

So lungs=heart=reproductive organs= red dragon. We know that typically the blood coagulates in the lower body and so again only the strong reverse breathing will then pump blood up to the pineal gland via the kidney energy adrenaline, which then doubles the adrenaline levels via the pineal gland as positive feedback.

Cortisol as ejaculation stress does not have positive feedback - so a person increases their dopamine and then cortisol, burning out the energy of the body. But deep reverse breathing does have positive feedback of adrenaline - so the dopamine can then double the adrenaline levels of the pineal gland, causing an extreme sympathetic reversal to the parasympathetic qi energy.

So as I stated yesterday - the yin qi is then the build up of the electrons via the antioxidants - and so at first the increased carbon dioxide in the brain increases the pH of the blood so that the breath reflex is not triggered by the brain. This is what enables the breath to be held after exhale for such a long time. With each cycle of the tummo breathing, visualizing the red fire in the lower tan tien, then the vagus nerve energy is activated even more to store up more proton yuan qi energy.

It is said then that seeing light internally in the brain is just from the build up of the lower body pressure of blood and cerebrospinal fluid in the brain - and that the light is a byproduct of the reactive oxgen species - the oxidation of the energy from the blood being used up. But when the breath is held after exhale then the oxygen in the brain dramatically increases and so the increased pressure also induces increased collagen ionized of the neurons, thereby splitting the water oxygen and hydrogen. So then you get increased yin qi from the electrons and also "yuan qi" from the protons.

As I posted before Fran de Aquino argues that it is this superconducting energy resonating with the ELF waves that causes virtual photons to be captured as antigravity energy and I have argued this is also the effect of the de Broglie superluminal phase waves.

So then the bidirectional intention is literally "turning the light around" by also reversing the entropy of spacetime itself through the superluminal phase waves that are the spin-spin resonance of the proton-proton superconducting yuan qi energy from the collagen pressure in the brain. We can increase this pressure simply by mental focusing - on the Bindu Chakra - as that is the brain's self-attention without conceptual thinking.

But it is the visualization as biophotons that have the higher frequency of light energy - so at first the light is red as fire but then as the body increases the parasympathetic serotonin energy via the internal orgasms of the vagus nerve from the increased collagen resonance - then the light is blue. As Gerald Pollack argues it is the ultraviolet light at high elevations that splits the water causing glacial water to have this secret healing energy to it for longevity. Similarly melanin splits the ultraviolet light to create the superconducting proton energy as yuan qi energy.

It turns out that animals, including worms, rodents and pigs (one of the closest animals to humans physiologically), have recently been found to be capable of taking up chlorophyll metabolites into their mitochondria, enabling them to use sunlight energy to 'super-charge' the rate (up to 35% faster) and quantity (up to 16-fold increases) of ATP produced within their mitochondria. In other words, a good portion of the animal kingdom is capable of 'feeding off of light,' and should be reclassified as photoheterotrophic!
The truly groundbreaking discovery referred to above was published last year in the Journal of Cell Science in a study titled, "Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP", [contact me for the full version: sayerji@greenmedinfo.com] which I reported on recently, and which completely overturns the classical definition of animals and humans as solely heterotrophic.
So then at first the liver energy is yin qi because it is red heart emotional lust energy but the liver turns from the anger lower emotion to wisdom as green photon energy - and it is the green that like the black of the melanin - is then able to directly turn sunlight into yuan qi energy. This is why Milarepa has his skin turn green when he was not in samadhi - all he ate was high chlorophyll stinging nettles. It's now know that to protect from sun burn eat looks of fresh chlorophyll and to cleanse the blood eat lots of chlorophyll.

So then as Gabriel Cousens advocates - it is the fresh food that has more biophoton energy stored in it and it is the pigments that then enable this conversion better by the body, now proven, and the pigments, just like plants, are able to do so without creating the oxidation free radicals - so it is just pure proton energy for the mitochondria from the sunlight.

So we are told from alchemy that Yuan Jing is created from Yuan Qi and by turning the Yuan Shen around - as spirit meditation - then you create more Yuan Qi which then creates more Yuan Jing. So we can infer that the Yuan Jing is actually this superconducting proton-proton "psi-plasma" as Puharich called it. It charges up the lecithin as ejaculation - and this is also why the deep reverse breathing will then restore the proper charge - by reversing the sympathetic nervous system discharge, pumping it back to the heart parasympathetic storage.

The Yuan Qi comes from the negentropy of the reverse spacetime - the karma of past lives - the generational energy - and so - it is formless awareness that is informational but also energy. This is why, for example, if someone has the intention to get healed and then makes an appointment to see a qigong master - it is possible the person could get healed before they even go to the actual appointment! Effie P. Chow has talked about this - and other qigong masters say as you get closer to the qigong healing then you feel the energy more. So it is difficult for us to believe that a qigong master is actually creating a spacetime vortex - as from the 5th dimension - creating negentropic dark energy - but this is actually what Fran de Aquino documents as "psychic mass."

So this is why visualizing light is so crucial to the meditation training because it is only that higher frequency of energy with less physical mass that is then able to access the superluminal phase wave as negative entropy or reverse spacetime phonon energy - the Yuan Qi energy.

But also in psychic tantra what happens then is that the frequency of the light taken in from the mutual climaxes is then the lower frequency red light which limits the ability to go into the Emptiness. This is why the qigong masters say they don't practice tantra since the energy taken in from the female is actually an energy blockage - holographically. In Mahayana Buddhism, as Bill Bodri points out, then only the realm of bliss can be emptied out, along with the lower realm of form. So in my experience what this means is that at first the dopamine of lust gets converted to increased serotonin and then to increased oxytocin. This means at first the right side vagus nerve empties out the jing blockages then clears out the left side brain conceptual thought - which then increases the serotonin and the left side vagus nerve down to the heart. As this serotonin energy increases then the deep right side vagus nerve to the heart is accessed as increased oxytocin energy.

So at that level this is a holographic interweaving of the heart energy - no longer as lust - but just as over-excitement love with activation of the yuan qi. But if there is any physical separation from the person then the energy easily is deconverted to strong lung blockage as sadness - at heart break - because the person sending out the qi energy is sending out yuan qi energy from the heart, but the energy taken in is the yin qi energy via the perineum. So the perineum actually pulsates as the yin qi energy is taken in.

This is why the perineum is crucial as the secret gateway of the 2nd chakra - and most people live subconsciously at the perineum level. A "number one" person consciously lusts after people to steal their life force energy - through ejaculation addiction that just stays in the dopamine-cortisol levels. So they "think" that they are in control of their left-brain intentions to steal someone's energy - but in fact the number one person is controlled subconsciously by the Yuan Qi-Yuan Shen biophoton interaction. As soon as the eyes interact the Number 1 person has that ejaculation message sent and so they are constantly loosing their energy via ejaculation. As soon as it builds up then they ejaculate and they have to feed off other people's energy - pulling their frequency down.

This can actually cause physical sickness to people because as science now proves by the deep reverse breathing through kundalini energy the vagus nerve increases so that the immune system is better activated with the symptoms of stress and inflammation dramatically reduced - no fever, no nausea - and so the immune system can fight off the illness while the body does not seem to be affected. But with a number 1 person - it pulls down other people's frequency to their constant dopamine-cortisol levels, spiking the cortisol levels and thereby causing sickness.

So then when the Yuan Qi is activated as the middle tan tien - this is actually the Emptiness as a spacetime reversal and then reveals the spirit sickness of people having holographically stored up lower frequency blockages and reverses those biophotons blockages. This is what the qigong master who befriended me did when he healed my "nether regions" - with strong yuan qi vibrated all through my nether regions - and he could actually then see the holographic female energy. After it was released then I felt "lighter" and the stored up memories were gone as emotional blockages.

So then when people die they usually still have those stored up emotional blockages that then tie the energy more to the Po Spirit on earth with less of the Hun spirit as the green liver wisdom energy to go to heaven as increased yuan qi energy. So we are told then that the heart is the positive spirit while the qi of the liver as negative as yin qi - but this is before the alchemy training. After the alchemy training, the kidney energy as positive yuan qi is built up through the lower tan tien which then enables the liver to also have the yuan qi energy as green wisdom energy. This is why Master Nan, Huai-chin says that it is very problematic to practice meditation in modern times as it just causes too much "righteous anger" - that is literally the liver qi being deconverted back down to the sympathetic nervous system ejaculation energy.

So for example when I sat in full lotus reading and then I made eye contact with this big Native American dude and immediately my liver got hot and was burning - and I could sense that he was getting very angry. So I made sure not to look at him and I sent out energy to him by "flexing" the pineal gland - as he sat behind me. Slowly the burning hot in my liver went away so then I knew I had cleared out his anger blockage. And I continued reading while in full lotus. Then he walked up to me from behind and simply said: thanks.

Most people would never verbally acknowledge that kind of healing - so that was very amazing for him to thank me! haha. I was even more shocked at what had transpired. I just smiled at him and I was using tea tree oil because - that kind of healing is still just the psychic yin qi energy. I did not realize I was pulling it up the front of the body via the left side vagus nerve. Whereas it is the right side vagus nerve that is the deeper yuan qi energy that goes down the front of the body to the right side of the heart. You can have the "mindfulness meditation" which is just left-brain focus to suppress or inhibit the negative thoughts that cause negative emotional blockages - and so that works by the left side vagus nerve going down to the heart. But it is limited in power without the alchemical yuan qi from the right side vagus nerve.

And so at first when the yin qi energy is filled up - this is then the first manifestation of the "yuan shen" as the "positive spirit" of the third eye opening up - this light can be seen externally and is from the yuan qi of the heart being activated - but it is not until the yin shen of the organs are then converted to increase the yuan qi energy that the golden immortal body develops - as the yang shen, via the yuan qi of the right side eye. The left side eye is the liver energy as the yin qi energy is filled up and the right side eye is the yuan qi energy as the metal passion of the lungs is filled up.

So that at first the light of the Tai Chi is just bright white and can be seen externally - but it needs to be increased in intensity and this is very difficult - going from a number 4 person to number 5 as Gurdjieff calls it - to fully open the third eye. Instead, as Master Nan, Huai-chin points out, most people in modern times, "fall back into worldliness" through "heroic overexuberance" by using the actual spiritual powers that start to manifest. Since it is the spiritual ego that uses those powers then the energy level falls back to just the psychic level using the yin qi energy. And as the Yuan qi energy continues to be deconverted to yin qi, then the "positive" vitality of the body is used up and the person has to rely more on negative vitality from food to restore their energy - or to feed off the yin qi energy from other people. This is called the "hungry ghost" level - but if the light is turned around with proper intention to get the energy from the Yuan Qi then the Yuan Jing can be restored again. This is called the "clear light" of the yuan qi since it is actually from the virtual photons that can not normally be seen - the white hole of reversed spacetime.

As the yuan qi energy develops then the aura seen externally is able to perceive more colors and eventually the golden aura will develop.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Professor Gerald Pollack on the difference between Yin Qi and Yuan Qi

I added a quote from Richard Fenyman to the "Idiot's Guide" article - the quote is from Gerald Pollack on the hidden charge in coherent water or EZ water.
yuan shen is "positive spirit" from before birth as essential positive nature.
yang shen is from the yin shen converted by the yuan qi with the yuan shen into the golden light immortal body.

So this is why the Sun is Heaven as Yang Shen of the left eye even though the liver as green dragon is yin qi or negative vitality of essential nature. The lower tan tien is filled up with yin qi first but then it manifests as "positive spirit" or "absolute void" that can be seen as light externally - white light externally outside the body. But then to build up the golden light the positive vitality or Yuan Qi is build up internally from the virtual photons as the "negative spirit" of yin shen of the internal organs of the body. So this is why the right and left eye are both yang energy as Yuan qi And Yuan Shen but at first when the eyes are open the Sun and Moon do not "mingle" because the yin qi energy has not been built up yet. So at that stage the yin qi is the left eye as the green dragon energy even though the eye is the sun as yang shen and the dragon is the moon as liver yin qi energy. The right eye is the moon as Yuan Qi energy even though the right eye is passion as lung yin qi energy that is the yin qi energy of the upper body that is the sun.

proton-proton spin coupling.
The spin is the ziiterbegewung or superluminal phase wave.
It creates an antimatter charge as  Yuan Qi phonon energy - antigravity.
The superconducting proton-proton energy is what causes joints to not squeak - so it's literally antigravity that buffers the joints!
The superconducting proton-proton energy is what causes negative charge of water droplets to be attracted together, condensing into clouds, and finally creating lightning energy!
This is the secret of the "zapping" charge - the positive yang from above - the heart - means the negative yin from below.
Yuan qi is created from the "purification" of the jing via the sublimation of jing into the pineal gland where the density of collagen neurons is much greater in the brain than any where else in the body.
Potassium is also positive charged and so aligns with the heart proton energy via the vagus nerve.
So the increased vagus nerve energy is then stored up Yuan Qi energy that has been purified whereas ejaculation and lust activates the sympathetic nervous system as ejaculation.
So Earth yin qi is negative ions but as the water is condensed under pressure in the collagen and the bones it causes the piezoelectric splitting of water so that yin qi and yang qi are formed.
The alchemy texts clarify that the yin qi and yang qi needs to be separated through the proper small universe cycling as purification of the jing energy.
Now we know the secret of how and why!
The yogis and qigong masters and bushmen master healers can stop their heart, as proven by science, to be from overactivation of the vagus nerve - too much proton Yuan Qi energy. Because this is done harmonically with the spacetime vortex of the superluminal spin, this Yuan Qi can then guide the Yuan Shen spirit light but also restart the heart.
Increased vagus nerve activation from deep reverse breathing actually increases the stomach acid for better digestion. Whereas "proton pump inhibitors" to treat too much stomach acid from too much thinking as cortisol sympathetic stress end up causing heart problems by lack of proton vagus nerve energy to the heart. On the other hand too much stomach acid can

paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF), classified as vagal, adrenergic, or mixed.
Can be treated ... without surgery due to....overactive vagus stimulation from vagus nerve implants:

After treatment with proton pump inhibitors, the frequency of AF has been reported to decrease in patients with oesophagitis.5,8

So also anaerobic bacteria feed on the protons, as the large intestine is positively charged, as Gerald Pollack points out.
So the Earthing or "grounding" of increased negative ions causes internal tingling sensation as the neutralization of the free radicals of oxygen. Similarly increased anaerobic bactera that feed on sugar also cause increased internal tingling from the "yin qi" neutralizing the anaerobic bacteria and the free radicals created by sugar oxidation.
And so when the Yuan Qi energy is stored deep in the lower tan tien - in an inner tan tien - what this really refers to is the proton-proton energy aligned with the small intestine.
This is called the "cold storage" of the qi - and is actually a reverse spacetime vortex of the lower tan tien as a "star gate" where you see the light in the lower tan tien when you go into the Emptiness, as the original qigong master can see.
So then in the first stage of alchemy - fire under water - we are still building up the "yin qi" energy whereby the lower tan tien is the "cavity of the dragon" aligned with the yin qi green dragon of the liver. We focus the shen spirit of the green dragon under the water and by building up the yin qi energy, we also bring out the yuan qi in the water.
The water path is then when the heart is actually the secret "earth" as the yuan qi source of the proton-proton energy from the heaven cloud proton charge of lightning. So we literlally bring the proton charge of the heaven cloud energy down to earth via the water as a spacetime vortex - gravitomagnetic energy or the spin-spin superluminal phase wave of the proton energy.
So in the "deeper" cold storage of the lower tan tien we are dealing with the increased pressure of the water as yuan qi energy, just as when water is colder it is more dense, and so has this secret antigravity charge energy, as Victor Schauberger figured out. This is also what P.P. Yupapin refers to as the body being cold - while the frequency is "subzero" really as reverse spacetime. So you get negative frequency as the noncommutative phase-shift of spacetime or quantum entanglement of the biophotons. The light has been split into "imaginary mass" by the pressure or "cold storage" piezoelectric charge.
This is why during "immortal" or "embryo" breathing the bones get soft and literally pulsate with qi energy, just as with a baby.
This also explains how in the advanced tummo meditation, the oxygen levels by the Tibetan monks were shown to drop by over 60%!! This means the heat they created also created oxygen from splitting water. Professor Gerald Pollack explains how hydrogen eating bacteria in the deep oceans live off this splitting of water energy, along with oxygen needing life.
This also explains why at first the microcosmic orbit is along the exterior of the body which is considered to have a net negative charge by Pollack and also by the "polarity" theory but then when the central channel is opened up, as the "Santiago-Glenn Morris' school argues - this is the vagus nerve activation as kundalini energy. I cited the Dao Qi medical doctor alchemist also stating that the vagus nerve is the "real" small universe channel going down the front of the body.
So that is the "purification" of the yin qi energy as Yuan Qi energy from out of the third eye, where the pineal gland manifests the yuan qi energy or "positive prenatal vitality" from arising out of the right side of the heart.
This is why vagus nerve implants are put in the left side of the neck and not the right side, since stimulating the right side of the vagus nerve to the heart could cause the heart to stop. haha. But again since the Yuan Qi energy originates from the "spin" of the proton as the superluminal de Broglie pilot wave - there is quantum coherence from the 5th dimension of reality as the phase-shift of spacetime.
So as Dr. Pollack points out - the water itself is negatively charged - again this it the yang jing or yin qi energy. But when that gets charged up, it does so by producing a superconducting proton-proton energy, identified by Dr. Puharich. This proton-proton spin-spin coupling is then the Psi-Plasma or proto-consciousness of the Universe and is created by Phonon-Hydron based on the ELF subharmonics of ultrasound. So we know then that the qigong masters emit strong infrasound ELF waves, 100 times stronger than the typical heart magnetic fields - just as the Schumann ELF resonance is also 100 times stronger than the typical heart magnetic field. So that is how Heaven is brought down to Earth - with the lungs as the bellows creating the proper Yi or Intention (the pancreas has direct sympathetic nerve connection to the yang governing spine energy.
So as P.P. Yupapin emphasizes in standard "mental concentration" samadhi what is happening is you bring the left brain focus down to zero time which then increases the frequency to infinity as the light is turned around via right brain visualization. But this level of visualization is still the "spiritual ego" whereas when you rely on the noncommutative phase-shift as the Emptiness, then you are capturing "virtual photons" from the spin-spin of the proton-proton energy. So when the light is turned around, this is because of the increased pressure of the collagen, as the ultrasound overtones of internal listening, and this electromagnetic piezoelectric energy is then the "yin qi" energy that captures the water into the collagen. This causes the water to split giving off light, but the light has virtual photons from the proton side of the water split as "delocalized protons."
So that is why it is the yuan qi protons that are the source of the virtual photons that are then "captured" or "harvested" as superluminal phonon energy from the positive ion proton charge. As a parapsychologist investigating Yan Xin at one of his early "public" qi-emitting lectures reported - that Yan Xin was "cool" to the touch - his hands were not warm but rather cool. haha. During that qi-emitting lecture, by the way, a person in a wheel-chair, sitting in the front, was able to get up and walk! But the parapsychologist was still skeptical - especially by the "cool" hands of Yan Xin. haha. Now we know why Yan Xin's hands were cool to the touch,
extracts of Pollack's book. pdf

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Secrets of the Fifth Dimension Revealed

Secrets of the Fifth Dimension Revealed
By Drew Hempel, M.A.

I grew up very curious in a very multicultural integrated city in the U.S. I studied music intensely, did intense radical progressive activism, traveled to people "living off the land" in Alaska, Morocco, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico and New Mexico. In 1997 I had a "close encounter" with a big black equilateral triangle craft that I could have hit with a rock, but I didn't dare take my eyes off it. I had already begun researching paranormal Fortean phenomenon but now I doubled down. I began qigong meditation in 1998.

To finish my master's degree I did "self-directed" research through the African Studies department in nonwestern philosophy, studying qigong spiritual healing from a Chinese qigong master at http://springforestqigong.com In Fall of 2000 I "left the Matrix" as what the qigong master called my "enlightenment experience."

In 2001 I published my "Actual Matrix Plan" expose anti-copyright online. Then I sat in full lotus several hours a day while reading one scholarly book a day, working part-time at an environmental nonprofit. Then I "tested" the qigong full lotus enlightenment against strong psychedelics. Then I "discovered" the "O at a D" psychic tantra mutual orgasm experience. I didn't realize I was making a mistake in my alchemy training. I was using up my fifth dimensional energy.
Soon after my activist friends were "pre-arrested" having their cell phones tracked, before the 2008 National Republican Convention, I then biked out of the city, permanently. First on went on "bike about" on my old three speed to the immigrant Theravedin monasteries. I was going to become a monk but unfortunately I discovered the monk at the monastery house I stayed in was a "fake" monk! So I began restoration ecology work with hand tools on our ten forest acres - as a forest hermitage and helped out with my extended family.

It was not until I returned to really study the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality that I figured out the problem in my training. But the qigong master who befriended me in 2013 had already detailed the problem when he did a long-distance reading of my energy blockages.

He had healed my mom long-distance while he talked to me on the phone and she was asleep. She had barely been able to walk for months, but the next day she had tons of energy. The day after she walked a half mile just because she wanted to. A week later I let her know the qigong master had healed her and he confirmed he had to send her energy several times in order to permanently heal her. It was easier to heal her while she was asleep but I had never even noticed when he told he had been having a "conservation" with my mom! haha. A spirit conversation!

See he can see out of his skull in four directions at the same time, and he leaves his body at will. He befriended me for two years and now teaches and heals through http://guidingqi.com But still I needed more research to be able to translate my experiences with him back into Western science. Then finally I discovered the Fifth Dimension and things made sense.

People don't want to take the Fifth dimension seriously because as Westernized materialistic people we don't know anything about it. But science is starting to take it seriously. Astrophysics professor Paul S. Wesson focused on the fifth dimension because mathematically it very accurately solves the singularity problems of unifying quantum physics and relativity.

One of the physics researchers where Wesson had done his research, University of Waterloo, just published the results that show for the first time - the physical universe as a whole is literally a 2D hologram since the Big Bang. Now anyone who has done strong psychedelics can understand this experientially and so the hippy reference to the Fifth Dimension starts to make sense. How does it all fit together?

But here is the deal - the Fourth dimension of space is quantum entanglement itself as the nonlocal reality that creates three dimensional spacetime. So the two dimensional hologram has the third dimension contained in it as phase shift and then the "amplitude" of space as three dimensional wavelength is actually frequency as the opposite phase in reverse time. Physicist Jack Sarfatti gets into the paranormal implications of this but to have mainstream corporate science agree that, in fact, the whole universe is a hologram is a new thing, as of this year.

I realize that probably makes no sense but the thing is that light in special relativity has no "reference frame" and so has zero time, experiencing zero (or infinite) space, as the fourth dimension of space. It's when general relativity kicks in that quantum entanglement gets real interesting. So there is a lot of debate about what quantum entanglement means, in terms of cosmology, so much that George Musser, journalist for Scientific American, wrote a book on how Spooky Action at a Distance is changing our whole view of reality.

For example the only physics course I've taken was in my first year at Hampshire College and it was quantum mechanics. The professor who taught that course discovered that his quantum entanglement research had been classified by the military as top-secret and now his research is being utilized for quantum entanglement space satellite signals. His protege was Lee Smolin. So the key secret to the Fifth Dimension is that although light does not have mass, light does have relativistic momentum and the momentum is due to the noncommutative phase-space fifth dimension.

What does "noncommutative phase-space" mean you might ask? By the way that professor emphasized everyone should take quantum mechanics as their first physics class otherwise the classical physics course in high school causes mass mind control.

It's quite ironic that this secret of light is hidden in music theory but most people don't realize it. Pretty much everyone likes to learn some music theory since most people like music and a lot of people want to play in music bands. But there are secrets to music theory that actually are the foundation of Western math - as math professor Luigi Borzacchini revealed in his 2007 publication on incommensurability, music theory and the continuum.

Borzacchini says his math analysis of music is a "cognitive" approach because Western science has a "cognitive bias" against understanding these secrets of music theory. But as I started this article out, I was very curious and focused on intense music training as a youth, and I performed a classical piano concert in high school, memorizing a Bach concerto, Mozart, Brahms. I also performed in a roots reggae band at the same club where Prince got famous - 1st Avenue. I played every other kind of music and finally got into the secrets of trance dance spirit healing music.

So noncommutative phase-space is confirmed to be from nonwestern music theory by one of the top mathematicians in the world, Alain Connes, who writes on the "music of the quantum sphere." Essentially the secret can be boiled down to this formula: [2,3, infinity]. It's just that simple. Well not quite. I'm leaving out some music theory details. He calls it the simplest example of a "universal scaling system" that unites relativity with quantum physics because it is noncommutative. But why and how?

O.K. so I'll get into the music theory aspects that I realized in high school. Western music theory rejects the subharmonic Perfect Fourth but it is the noncommutative phase-space, at the same time as the overtone harmonic of the Perfect Fifth. In other words F=3=G. If C is 1 and the octave is 2 then F=3=G. Doesn't make sense yet? This "phantom tonic" was covered up by doubling 2/3 as 4/3 as the new Perfect Fourth. Again most people never think about what this really means but I was very curious.

Well Connes might be a top mathematician (he got the Fields Medal) but he doesn't know as much about music as I do. So he loves Chopin for example and practices it on piano and he writes that the future human civilization will be like orchestration - based on quantum consciousness technology. Since I did orchestration training I know exactly what he's talking about. He says you will need to transpose multiple different scales of phase-space (the different clefs) that also have different frequencies of energy all at the same time (in your head). Trust me, orchestration training, where you perform on piano, all the different instruments of the orchestra, at the same time is definitely a brain twister. I did that training in high school privately with a former music professor.

But to go back to math professor Luigi Borzacchini, when you really study music theory you realize that the secret of noncommutative phase-space of 2,3, infinity is already modeled in nonwestern music trance training. How did this secret of alchemy get lost? Pythagorean philosophy Ph.D. Peter Kingsley says that Plato and Aristotle consciously covered up the real truth that originated from the East. Borzacchini says the music harmonic truth cover-up by Plato is, I quote: "astonishing" and "shocking."

Borzacchini admits that the foundation of Western science is a "deep pre-established disharmony" that guides the evolution of science. I had discovered this deep disharmony as the Actual Matrix Plan, called the "music logarithmic spiral." But that still leaves the secret science of the fifth dimension from noncommutative phase-space to be revealed.

By the way a physicist Charles Madden contacted me to publish my master's thesis but after he kept asking me questions, he finally admitted actually it was his wife who really wanted to publish my master's thesis as a book. That got me to investigate his book on music and fractals and I realized the error in my master's thesis. I had made the New Age claim that the Tai Chi was a symmetric logistics equation. But as Madden points out the yin-yang Tai Chi symbol can not be a fractal since the math is not symmetric - the math is noncommutative.

So it's like this - the fourth dimension as I said, is quantum entanglement. Just last year the journal Nature published results stating that indeed 3D space arises from this 4th dimension of space that is non-local quantum entanglement as 4D spacetime. George Musser says listening to music is like the experience of this fourth dimension of space. You have different wavelengths that are discretely separate as different frequencies but co-existing in the same time. But he uses music as a metaphor and yet admits it's uncannily accurate.

Other quantum physicists have also admitted there is a close relation between music and quantum consciousness - like Nobel physicist Brian Josephson (who asked me what I thought of his music compositions) and quantum physicist Manfred Euler. Quantum biologist Dr. Mae Wan Ho calls this quantum universe connection, "quantum jazz." The secret is because our hearing can distinguish phase-space between the right and left ear in the microsecond wavelength which is ultrasound harmonics. So when we hear that high pitch ringing in our ear - that resonates the ultrasound which in turn resonates the microtubules of the collagen of the neurons that access quantum consciousness.

And so black holes are actually "worm holes" via quantum entanglement as the 4th dimension of space. Stephen Hawking now says that information is not lost as increased entropy of the Universe but instead the information that goes into a black hole then radiates out via a wormhole that is entangled at the same time with the energy.

But the new information is scrambled in spacetime via the fifth dimension as that noncommutative phase-shift. Hawking says you would have to be able to "predict the future" to know what that information is. And so even though there is the acceleration of the Universe as dark energy, the new research of Erik Verlinde is being confirmed that in fact dark energy is actually negentropy or negative entropy information as quantum entanglement.

The funny thing is that our human hearing actually "beats" the limitation of Fourier time-frequency uncertainty that "scrambles" the future for the linear quantum operators. When we listen to the phase-shift between the right and left ear, we translate between time and frequency so that the phase is synchronized as quantum consciousness.

And although there are different variations of this dark energy, leading to the appearance of "dark matter," the overall energy and entropy of the universe is zero. So previously the "holograph" had been limited to black holes but now, the evidence indicates that, since the Big Bang, and in all the spacetime in between, reality is all quantum entanglement. It's important to realize that our perception of dark energy and gravity as entropy are inherently tied to our perception of linear time as biological life. Or I should emphasize - left-brain dominant biological life.

This is a deep mystery that Roger Penrose has analyzed. He disagrees with Hawking about the information being preserved in black holes due to a quantum entanglement worm hole. Penrose says that time is inherently asymmetric because you can not have different levels of quantum vacuum. There has to be some totally new type of quantum physics developed, Penrose says. Penrose, along with Dr. Stuart Hameroff states, that our perception of linear time is literally due to the gravitational or relativistic collapse of the quantum entanglement wavefunction of light. Hameroff states that music is the best metaphor to understand this - that proto-consciousness of the universe is a "noncommutative" scalar wave that guides this collapse of the quantum wavefunction. But Hameroff emphasizes that in fact it is not Western music that models this quantum consciousness - it is the nonwestern music of noncommutative time-frequency resonance. He and I have corresponded.

Dr. Robert Lanza argues that this quantum entanglement fourth dimension really is consciousness as the true source of our Self and in that quantum entanglement source there is no time and space, just as light experiences no space and no time. We know from quantum biology now that we actually emit biophotons out of our eyes and that biophotons guide the energy and reactions in our body. So just as with photosynthesis, when there is no "collapse" of the wave function, then there is proto-consciousness of the Universe that is self-aware and experiences the future at the same time as the past. This is often called superposition of wave-forms at zero time, but in actuality it is quantum entanglement. It enables a zero loss of energy in that super-position entanglement state. But all of this is still the fourth dimension - the question still remains, for example, where did the Big Bang come from?
CIA mind control researcher Dr. Andrija Puharich, who, contrary to claims otherwise was not just an M.D. but also a physiology Ph.D., developed a model of how humans resonate with this proto-consciousness of the universe. He called it "Psi-Plasma" and he collaborated with a philosopher of science in what I called the Actual Matrix Plan - essentially a U.N. connected techno-spiritual mass mind control samadhi superconducting quantum gravity plan for Earth. Professor Michael Persinger responded to my email stating that he agreed Puharich's research was "greatly underappreciated." That was over ten years ago and since then Persinger has continued the model that Puharich developed.

Puharich relied on the research of physicist Louis de Broglie who in 1924 analyzed Einstein's relativity in terms of quantum physics, discovering the Law of Phase Harmony. At first it was dismissed but just in the past few years the pilot wave or superluminal phase wave is being corroborated by experimental evidence. What astrophysics professor Paul S. Wesson focused on in the last year of his life, 2015, apparently aware of his death, is that the superluminal phase wave of de Broglie has to be real for the unification of quantum physics and relativity. He published several papers focused on the de Broglie superluminal phase wave from the perspective of the fifth dimension. When the photon is a "point" at zero time, the speed of light is squared for any particle with mass, and the photon itself arises out of a nonlocal oscillation phase-shift of the time-like fifth dimension.
Wesson was very clear that this fifth dimension, even though he was not spiritual, did fit the claims of spirituality. And so, he wrote, if one is "so inclined" a spiritual interpretation was valid. He even stated it is quite "remarkable" that this fifth dimension model works mathematically and the description of it completely fits with spiritual phenomenon (like paranormal powers, i.e. telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, healing at a distance, etc).

So for example Michael Talbot's popular book The Holographic Universe was read by the qigong master I studied with, and the qigong master said yes that book is an accurate description of reality. Then I corresponded with quantum physics professor B.J. Hiley, collaborator with David Bohm. Hiley has emphasized that most physicists are still in denial of the actual non-local consciousness source of reality. So when time is zero, before any measurement is made, then quantum entanglement is real. But time, as Professor B.J. Hiley responded to me with corroboration, is noncommutative to frequency. That noncommutative phase-shift of time-frequency got covered up since the beginning of Western science from Western music theory!

It was de Broglie who realized, based on the Pythagorean "law" that time is inverse to frequency that there has to be "two clocks" for quantum physics to fit with relativity - there has to be a superluminal phase wave from the future. In other words for quantum physics energy is stronger at higher frequency and inversely smaller time but for relativity then as energy goes in higher frequency towards the speed of light, time gets bigger by slowing down. A direct contradiction that goes back to the music theory of Pythagorean philosophy. It is solved by the fifth dimension as noncommutative phase-space. Something the ancients knew but it was kept secret as the "negative judgment paradox."
So the quantum physics professor I studied with, Herbert Bernstein, he also worked at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton which was also tied to the Actual Matrix Plan I discovered. Now Professor Bernstein actually emphasizes that quantum physics entanglement technology is literally changing our spacetime reality. It's a kind of "applied" version of the Copenhagen Interpretation as a radical humanist spiritual vision. According to Professor Bernstein, reality literally does not exist until humans, using high technology, make those quantum entanglement measurements - a paradox that is at the root of the Greek Miracle.

I actually had a math professor, Joe Mazur, encourage my music-math research, asking me to submit it. But when it was rejected without comment he recommended I try an "Indian history of science" journal. But this paradox is found in Vedic philosphy as well. He then published a book on "The Motion Paradox" that still exists in science, despite claims that calculus solved the problem that Zeno raised in Greek philosophy. Professor emeritus Mazur is now working on a new book on the paradoxes of the perception of time, and he told me he will have a section of music.

Now all of this is very abstract but essentially the well known advaita yogi master Ramana Maharshi actually emphasized that the Self as formless awareness is not the spiritual light yet the Self is accessed through the spiritual light. So what does that mean? It means that the fifth dimension is exactly this formless awareness as the noncommutative phase-shift that bends spacetime. So light does not have mass but when there is a phase-shift of light, the momentum of light is based on relativized mass, not inertia mass. As physics professor Raymond Chiao has pointed out - from the perspective of light you would experience being in two places at the same time! This is how precognition is possible but as Kurt Godel emphasized, you can not have any personal desires to have time travel. So that solves the paradox of retrocausality.
A vision of the future as real precognition is like a dream except that the precognitive vision dream is more real than being awake! The perceptions are more vivid then being awake. Psychologist Dr. Christina Donnell has a good book on this, "Transcendent Dreaming" and  she practices Tai Chi and takes ayahuasca with the shamans in South America. When this spirit light is strong enough then the spacetime vortex as negative entropy is so strong - the phonons as the antigravity pressure energy - that telekinesis happens. That is the fifth dimension at work via "yuan qi" or called "shakti" in Vedic philosophy. So this is why Ramana Maharshi emphasized you can never see the Self but you can listen to it as logical inference - he said that "Mouna Samadhi" was the highest level of Samadhi. His top student, Poonjaji, experienced the "yang shen" or bilocation of another physical body of Ramana Maharshi - but even that was not "seeing God."
So when western science started to develop with the Greek Miracle by Plato and his collaborator Archytas - the cover-up of nonwestern music theory seemed very simple. But the coverup of nonwestern philosophy as yoga "incubation" meditation hid an ancient secret. This secret of the fifth dimension was the central focus of the original human culture, the Bushmen, from before even human language evolved! As Dr. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas notes, the same music was found in closely related Bushmen cultures with slightly different language. Those first Bushmen tribes have been proven by DNA analysis to have first separated over 100,000 years ago and yet biologically all modern humans are from the Bushmen tribe. Dr. Bradford Keeney and his wife Hillary have detailed - the Bushmen traditional culture centers around spiritual trance dance training that realizes healing energy through peaceful love consciousness.
And so Dr. Victor Grauer traced the spreading of Bushmen music around the world - all human cultures use the 1-4-5 music intervals, the Octave, Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth. It is hard-wired into our brains at birth - the Perfect Fifth has the strongest neural resonance in the brain because it is the closest harmonic to unity of time-frequency resonance - 1:2 as the octave. Music science has revealed that when we listen to music it is right brain dominant while the timing is left-brain dominant. Our corpus callosum then integrates the motion of our body as dancing with the emotions of our body via the vagus nerve.

For example the "chills" from music is the vagus nerve activation that increases dopamine in the brain. But on a deeper level this vagus nerve then increases serotonin. This is the secret of the N/om - the boiling energy that goes up the spine and turns into electromagnetic healing energy via the pineal gland. This is better known as kundalini prana or qi energy. Even Pythagorean philosophy documented this spinal fluid that feeds the brain and is tied to our life force energy.

We have lecithin in our cerebrospinal fluid and when ionized - the pineal gland receives the increased serotonin in the blood via the vagus nerve activation of deep quick breathing while trance dancing. The increased pressure of the collagen of the brain neurons and the pineal gland piezoelectric force then acts as a spacetime sensor of energy - enables telepathy for example. Energy is sent out of the brain in four directions or long distance via quantum entanglement.
So science has proven that females activate the vagus nerve at orgasmic climax and the oldest human ritual is the Eland Bull Dance singing a song from before human language evolved. The dance is for how females are precisely synchronized, as a group in Nature, with the lunar cycle and so at the New Moon, the trance dancing heals the pain from bleeding and reveals the secret pineal gland psychic energy that is strongest the full moon. So the males trance dance at full moon while the females sing which sends out the female N/om energy into the males.

The male trance dancing all night then transforms that emotional energy of the females into the !Kia third eye laser-love-light healing spiritual energy. The males need to train through trance dance or Tai Chi to increase their "staying power" as this impersonal erotic energy. The Bushmen healers can smell cancer as rotting flesh, can see dead people as spirits hovering around, and also, if need be can leave, their body for long distance communication with animals, etc. The Bushmen original culture was very pure - so the original training was called Tshoma or Choma, a month of the males isolated, fasting, when in puberty and the life force hormone energy at its strongest.
This advanced healing astral spirit-energy stage is called the cosmic Ostrich Egg experience as the full blown kundalini awakening and in fact goes beyond death - as the Bushmen reveal. So then spirits of dead people can be healed. See the right side vagus nerve is our ancient unmyelinated reptilian vagus nerve, as the "freeze" reaction of playing dead. Contrary to the CIA Stargate Actual Matrix Plan propaganda, the "reptilians" in control of modern humanity are actually from left-brain dominance cutting us off from our N/om energy.

Stan Gooch got into this mass mind control from left-brain dominance in his Total Man psychology opus and Gurdjieff called the reptilian control of modern humans, the Kundabuffer. It is like when you first wake up, the very first breath is often while the brain is still in R.E.M. brain waves, so your theta brain waves resonate with the heart as a waking quantum entanglement perception. Then the second breath you are in waking beta brain waves of left brain dominance.

So from extreme trance dancing there is an opposite extreme of the vagus nerve reaction to the heart. But since the dancing is synchronized as alchemical harmonic transformation of energy, then the healer can exist in spirit form outside their body even though the heart stops beating physically. Even the qigong master I studied with described how his heart stopped for two hours once but he was walking around fine and his body still breathing deeply. It's just that the qi energy from beyond spacetime was powering his spirit and that power is from beyond the heart. That is called the 8th level of consciousness in Mahayana Buddhism.

The qigong master who befriended me once left his body while he sat next to me in the car. I realized he was quiet and suddenly I felt this strong electromagnetic buzzing deep on the right side of my heart. He said he didn't want to listen to me rant about politics and so he left his body. He wanted to find out if I was speaking from the heart. He said that I was. So it is that heart opening that is the "real" enlightenment experience beyond death - called "emptying out" the 7th level of consciousness in Mahayana Buddhism.
So it's difficult for people to believe in these abilities but the training is very strict and requires controlling your dreams as well as your conscious subconscious perceptions via the spirit biophoton information that is holographically stored in the body. Then via the pineal gland you can transmit qi-shen or spirit-energy out of the pulsating eyeballs. A person had read me online and then visited the qigong center and the qigong master called me up, saying I "already knew" this person and he needed a place to stay. So I left him stay for a couple nights and I was sitting next to him in full lotus on the couch. Suddenly he said - why are your eyeballs pulsating! He was the first person to notice something I experienced but was not sure other people could see it. haha.

So our sympathetic nervous system is activated whenever we have lust via the heart energy going out of our eyes and then causing our pineal gland to shoot qi down the spine to activate ejaculation, subconsciously. The semen lecithin stores up the qi energy charge and it is the lecithin that is the myelination of the nerves in the brain. So that is why qigong masters are so rare since sympathetic nervous system triggering is subconscious for males that leads to ejaculation at night during sleep.

But for females the energy stays in the parasympathetic nervous system only the emotional energy can get overwhelming. The dopamine bliss from lust switches to serotonin at climax and with continued climaxes the oxytocin increases via the right sight vagus nerve to the heart. That's why females were the original shamanic healers, from having this lunar synchronization and this secret has gotten covered up since ancient times. But each of us biologically can "reverse-engineer" our left-brain dominant language consciousness to resonate with the fifth dimension as the cosmic ostrich egg or Tai Chi Emptiness also called Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

From a strong ayahuasca experience it's called the chrysanthemum but the difference is you don't rely on the pressure of the collagen-water resonance. Instead you rely just on the increased serotonin interaction with the lecithin of the neurons for the cosmic rainbow vortex. In traditional ayahuasca training then also celibacy and a no salt/no sugar/no caffeine/no spice diet is required - training in isolation in the jungle.
In Taoist Yoga the cosmic ostrich egg vision is called "immortal breathing" because the whole body fills with electromagnetic energy - the skull gets soft and pulsates with qi as do the centers of the hands and feet. Taoist quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho figured out how this works - coherent water resonates with collagen, the most common protein in our bodies, and the charged water from the piezoelectric collagen, then traps the charge in the collagen, thereby splitting the water and emitting light. That is the secret alchemical source of the biophotons and also the superconducting proton-proton energy as qi or prana of the fifth dimension - negative entropy as reverse spacetime dark energy.

The paranormal biophoton research debates whether the coherent biophotons are just from oxidation chemical reactions or something deeper but quantum biology has now proven that quantum entanglement is from coherent synchronization. Quantum physics assumes that entanglement is from random statistics but that is just a classical projection, a symmetric math bias projected onto the quantum coherent formless consciousness. The order arises from the "time-like" fifth dimension as a phase-shift that we can not see but can logically infer. Paul S. Wesson said scientists need to get over the "bickering" about whether the fifth dimension actually exists.

If you leave your body as spirit biophoton energy without enough qi energy surrounding the body then this is like the difference between special relativity and general relativity. You will experience a spacetime vortex and get dizzy if you don't have enough qi energy to power the spirit when it leaves the body. That is why the spirit energy is surrounded by qi in the "lower tan tien" which is actually the small intestines, as the original human culture also called the small intestines the strongest source of N/om in the body.
So the fifth dimension is from the virtual photons and the magnetic moment of the protons when water is harmonically split as sonofusion. I guess in plasma physics this is what Hannes Alfven referred to as the antimatter "cosmic tornadoes." Dr. Andrija Puharich figured this Psi-Plasma sonofusion secret out, also from water, calling it "Phonon Hydron." Again the fifth dimension is phonon or superluminal sound energy as negative entropy called "Yuan Qi" in Taoist qigong alchemy training (aka neidan or neigong). P.P. Yupapin, the Buddhist physicist also modeled this secret of Buddhist samadhi from the Law of Phase Harmony of de Broglie.

But it is Paul S. Wesson, the astrophysics professor, who realized that not only are the de Broglie superluminal phase waves real - as the phase-shift in the fifth dimension - but the fifth dimension better explains the origin of matter-energy and spacetime in the universe. Ramana Maharshi stated that the whole physics universe is ultimately an illusion because it's not permanent. Only the fifth dimension as formless awareness is this eternal "noncommutative phase-space." So as a near-death experience reported, an angel explained to her, the light you see in the Universe is not God, but the "breath of God." Amazingly all the senses can be perceived long-distance through the fifth dimension, as more real than being awake, and this includes visions of the future. The qigong master can smell over the phone. haha.